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The New Moon appears on June 18 at 12:37 am ET. The New Moon is the time of void when we contemplate stillness. The New Moon is a wonderful time to contemplate releasing old patterns and creating a plan for the cycle of the waxing moon. (The New and Full Moon mark cycles of cosmic frequencies, which can be applied to create growth, creation, and change.)

The New Moon is followed by the Summer Solstice on Wednesday, June 21, and the New Moon is exactly opposite Galactic Center, providing many opportunities for growth, insight, and universal connection with the lunation. The four elements—fire, air, water, and earth—are balanced in this chart.

The Sun (life, light), Moon (emotion), and Mercury (thought) are in Gemini, symbolized by the twins, which focuses on duality, mentality, and social pursuits. The sign is versatile; it marks the duality between the lower and higher mind. The pursuit of the higher mind leads to illumination.

Sun (life) and Moon (emotion) square Neptune (illusion, mysticism), which clouds the mind. Squares with Neptune heighten the necessity of operating with intuition as opposed to logic. Sun square Neptune may cause confusion, tiredness, or lack of focus with work, and other people may act in a deceptive way.  Moon square Neptune heightens emotions and confusion, but it confers creativity and artistic ability. Squares with Neptune can draw our attention to the beauty of life—as well as conferring a slower pace.

Mercury (mind, communications) is placed in Gemini, which sharpens and quickens thought. The mind becomes rapid, active, and responsive. Mercury sextile Venus (love, beauty, abundance) gives positive thoughts and emotions, enhances charm, and relieves tension. Mercury sextile Mars (male, energy) gives a strong sense of purpose, determination, and a desire to fulfill dreams. Mercury square Saturn (limitation, karma) encourages overcoming limitations and obstacles—as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation.  It’s an opportunity to tap into the higher mind while overcoming lower thoughts.

Venus (love, abundance, beauty) in Leo places attention on the desires and feelings of the heart. Venus is passionate and dramatic in this position, and desire for personal fulfillment is heightened. Venus conjunct Mars (assertion, energy) balances male/female energy; it heightens charisma and gives ease with communication between the two sexes. Venus square Jupiter (expansion, good luck) brings happiness, opportunities for socializing, and fun, but it distracts us from work. Venus square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) heightens the need for personal independence, freedom, and novelty, which can be disruptive in relationships.

Mars (assertion, overall energy) in Leo is enthusiastic, creative, playful, and bold. It heats up ambition, confidence, and pride. Mars square Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) brings confidence, enthusiasm, boldness, and a desire for accomplishments; however, it’s important to avoid too much optimism and lack of realism. Mars square Saturn (karma, limitation) causes frustration with pursuit of goals.

Jupiter (expansion, good luck) in Taurus encourages putting ideas, desires, and concepts into physical form. Jupiter offers expansion of consciousness but asks for sharing it through a tangible form. It encourages the expression of ideas and philosophy through a physical format.  Jupiter sextile Saturn favors expansion of ideas and desires. It offers growth through new sustainable systems and organization.  Jupiter square Pluto (subconscious, transformation) gives a desire for success and growth through resourcefulness and personal insight into subconscious blocks. By focusing on inner transformation, it’s possible to break through limiting patterns and create greater success.

Saturn (karma, limitation) sits in Pisces, and it’s retrograde until November 4. Saturn retrograde slows completion of plans and desires, temporarily. It’s wise to contemplate the reasons (emotional, spiritual, physical) for delays and to overcome it through persistence, determination, and new ideas/resources.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) is placed in Taurus, an earth sign, and it affects electronics (think AI, internet, etc) and the earth. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and it may indicate a time of contemplating the beauty of nature and the harmonic rhythms of the earth. It could also speak about the need to use technology in a wiser way to create time for communication with the spirits of the earth. Uranus trine Pluto (underworld, transformation) brings a strong desire for success and change.

Neptune (illusion, mysticism) in Scorpio rules the sea and water, including the astral field that connects everyone on an emotional level. One of current challenges, associated with Neptune, lies in the levels of consciousness such as mass consciousness, which is a pool of lower thought and emotion, and higher consciousness in which we connect as a group to the Divine. Neptune sextile Pluto (subconscious, transformation) encourages spiritual growth and study of philosophy and metaphysics.

Pluto (subconscious, transformation) in retrograde traveled backwards into Capricorn, which relates to the power (or lack of power) of world leadership and global ambition.

Venus (love, beauty) and Mars (overall energy, assertion) trine Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating a period of growth and understanding. It relates to developing self-confidence, owning our desires, and believing deeply in the self—and the intuition that comes from the heart.




  1. Belinda A Frank

    This is terrific energy

    • Julia Griffin

      Yes, Belinda, I agree. It’s lovely to have support from the planets.


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