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The Cold Moon refers to the darkness of winter, the falling snow, and icy weather. In the Northern Hemisphere, the deciduous trees are bare, and the bright songbirds have migrated to a warmer clime. Nevertheless, the stars shine beautifully in the dark sky, and the moon’s light is luminous.

The Full Cold Moon appears on Tuesday, December 26 at 7:33 pm ET.  The Sun (life) is in Capricorn, an earth sign signified by the goat, which focuses on achievement in the outer world. Capricorn likes high places, and it is persistent, loyal, honest, and ambitious. Cancer is sensual, feminine, and emotional; those born under this sign are compassionate, nurturing, and intuitive.

Sun (life, light) in Capricorn conjuncts Mercury (communication) heightens clear thinking, concentration, and expression of thoughts and ideas. Sun trine Jupiter (expansion, good luck) gives a feeling of optimism, harmony, and faith. (It’s an excellent time to make plans for the upcoming year.) Sun sextile Saturn (limitation, karma) confers patience, perseverance, and strength. It aids with completing projects or working steadily with long term plans.

Moon (emotion) opposition Mercury (communication) may bring confusion to communications, particularly when emotions are high. (It’s wise to wait until feeling calm or to think carefully before expressing thoughts and feelings.) Moon sextile Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) gives good fortune, optimism, and heightened intuition, making it wise to share loving and positive thoughts/feelings. Moon trine Saturn (limitation, karma) is very helpful with details and planning; it gives emotional and mental strength.

Mercury (mind, communications) is retrograde in Sagittarius until January 1.  In one more week, the chaos will pass. While we’re waiting, it’s a good time to rest, revisit long term plans, and complete long-term projects. Mercury conjunct Mars (action, assertion, overall energy), which unites the mind and the desire to act; however, it’s best to wait until after the New Year for action with plans as Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury and Mars square Neptune (illusion, mysticism), which causes confusion with both thought and action. It’s difficult to identify the right direction as well as the right method of traveling through life. It’s wise to stay with the consistent structure of life while waiting for Mercury to move into direct position–as clarity appears and disappears easily with this aspect.

Venus (love, feminine, relationships) in Scorpio is passionate, stirs strong emotions, and likes deep relationships. Venus square Saturn (karma, limitation) can cause self-doubt and limit self-esteem, making it a good time to focus on our good qualities and valuing the self.  Venus opposition Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) heightens emotion and may cause erratic behavior. (It’s good to remember that emotions are not always real.) Venus trine Neptune (illusion, mysticism) opens the heart to beauty and artistic endeavors. It can also cause laziness and disappointment as it’s easy to become lost in the ideal of a perfect world or love. Venus sextile Pluto (underworld, transformation) adds passion, energy, and willpower to the forecast; it heightens creativity, expression, and intensity.

Mars (action, assertion) in Sagittarius, a fire sign, longs for independence and new experiences. It wants to act on new, bold plans and explore new alternatives. It can make life feel more exciting and meaningful; it gives energy to move through challenges.

Jupiter (good fortune, expansion) in Aries is encouraging, bold, and courageous. It asks for making the most of opportunities, trying new endeavors, and seeing life from a positive perspective. Jupiter sextiles Saturn gives good timing and opportunities, particularly with career and ambitions.

Saturn (limitation, karma) in Pisces may refer to growing consciousness of problems resulting from abuse of the earth, karmic retribution from the past Age, and awareness of limitation of past philosophies and religions. It can also indicate the need for inner growth, clarity, and greater awareness to find solutions and new points of view. Saturn square Pluto (underworld, transformation) brings change along with pressure to change for the better. Changes can include relationships, health, finances, or career.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) in Taurus involves the earth and acquisitions involving the earth. It can increase consumption of the world’s goods as opposed to regenerating a fertile earth.

A Mystical Time

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), Neptune (mysticism, illusion), and Pluto (subconscious, transformation) currently form aspects, which encourage spiritual growth such as study of philosophy, meditation, and finding a mystical teacher. The aspects ask for study and contemplation with an emphasis on awakening and understanding our true nature.


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