Full Strawberry Moon on June 14

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The Full Strawberry Moon on June 14 is powerful. It’s a super moon, meaning the moon is closer to the earth than usual, and its energy will feel intense. It’s called the Strawberry Moon because it’s the time of the year when berries ripen, flowers bloom, and life feels sweet.

 The Native Americans tell a story about the Strawberry Moon.

Long ago, the first Man and First Woman had their first fight and decided to part. First Woman journeyed far away from the Man.  The Man soon missed her and wanted her back at his side. He prayed to the Great Spirit, and the Sun answered him by sharing an image of Woman on her path. First Man began to follow her tracks, but he was far behind.

The Sun helped him to find First Woman. She walked past the blackberries and blueberries, so the Sun made strawberries grow around her–and she stopped to pick strawberries. She was pleased by their taste and sat down to pick more. As she tasted their sweetness, she forgot her anger. When First Man found her, she shared strawberries with him. As they ate, First Man and Woman remembered the sweetness of their love—and never parted again. It’s how strawberries became a symbol for love in Native American culture.

Many positive aspects continue with this moon, including the desire to achieve, put ideas into form, and resolutely create the fabric of our dreams. Aspects with Neptune (illusion, mysticism) may temporarily cloud our vision, but many positive energies give a push in a the right direction.

Sun (life, light) sits in Gemini, an air sign ruling intelligence, social interaction, and versatility. Gemini encourages higher, rapid thought and connection with the higher mind. Sun trines Saturn (limitation, karma, time), which rewards hard work and makes it easier to achieve long term goals. It also tends to lift heaviness associated with difficult tasks. Sun square Neptune (mysticism, illusion) decreases vitality, motivation, and confidence. (Notice the opposite energies in the two aspects. It’s possible to visualize and focus to create what we want.)

Moon (emotions) in Sagittarius is optimistic and adventurous. It helps in focusing on spirituality, finding new adventures, and staying spontaneous. Moon trine Mars (assertion, male energy) gives courage, boldness and initiative. Although it intensifies the overall energy, it also heightens vitality and physical strength.

Mercury (communications, thought) in Gemini increases intellectual ability, which includes rapidity of thought and speed of communication. It increases decisiveness and aids with the skill of observation. Mercury sextile Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) gives faith and confidence when making future plans. The aspect also helps with attention to detail, clarity, and logic. It also aids with visualization. Mercury square Saturn (karma, limitation) emphasizes the importance of making financial and business plans with a trusted consultant. Discipline and right action are needed with the Mercury/Saturn square. Mercury sextile Neptune benefits creativity, rest, and spirituality. Under this influence, intuition becomes more pronounced. Mercury trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) favors deep thought, investigation, and self-analysis.

Venus (love, beauty, relationships) in Taurus is beautifully placed. It’s possible to create through the impulse of love—and put desires into physical form. Connection with nature is amplified, increasing our perception of beauty and form. Venus squares Saturn (limitation, karma), creating a temporary feeling of inhibition or insecurity. Venus conjunct Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) may bring positive change with love and finances. It can also create sudden changes—both difficult and pleasant. Venus sextile Neptune increases sensitivity, intuition, and inner connection. Venus trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) is an intense and passionate aspect, deepening relationships and magnetism.

Mars (assertion, masculine) in Aries supports new beginnings, right use of will, confidence, and the ability to act. It also promotes physical strength and vitality. Mars conjunct Jupiter confers self-confidence, strength, and the ability to successfully begin new projects. It brings good luck to these endeavors along with courage and optimism.

Jupiter (expansion, good luck) in Aries may act as a respite from the heavy emotions of the past year. It focuses on boldness, action, creativity, and powerful beginnings. Think of action, stimulation, and boldness. Think of expressing your gifts in a creative, new form.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius favors hard work, persistence, and discipline. When retrograde, it’s a period of reviewing the aspects of life in which additional work, patience, and effort are needed. It’s useful to look at life and discern the areas that require change.

Aspects are particularly good for inner healing with positive aspects with Chiron, Moon, and Mars. Moon (emotion) trines Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating the importance of harmonious emotion, particularly in relation to the quest (with moon in Sagittarius). Mars (assertion, male) conjuncts Chiron, encouraging the importance of taking right action with courage and strength.


  • Overall, it’s a strong forecast with powerful energy. Mercury (communications, mind) in Gemini clears the mind and speeds thought. Venus (love, relationships) opens the heart to beauty, nature, and love. Mars (action, male energy) in Aries is bold, determined, and strong.
  • As a super moon, the Full Moon will feel intense. Plan to meditate, make plans that relate to positive change, and enjoy the loveliness of early summer.
  • Sun (life) and Moon (emotions) square Neptune (mysticism, illusion), which can cause life to feel temporarily cloudy or uncertain. Call on the inner self by meditating, taking action in the direction of immediate plans, and ask for clarity.
  • Mercury (thought, communication) and Venus (love, romance, beauty) square Saturn (limitation, karma). Seek help with financial plans and act with clarity. Use the strength developed from hard work in the past. Make an effort to overcome insecurities and limitations. (See yourself easily achieving what you want.)
  • Moon (emotions) and Mars (action) make positive aspects with Chiron, the wounded healer. By altering perception and action, we can heal old patterns and wounds.
  • With a focus on dreams and wisely using the vitality, given by Mars, we can make substantial steps on the spiritual/physical path.


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