Since the beginning of time, you hold the power of creation, the ability to move particles of energy, the fabric of the material world, into desired shape and form. By visualizing from the heart, you can create huge changes in yourself and the world.

Nature manifests daily. The ocean sings to you, wolves and coyotes howl, and the earth shows herself in a multitude of shapes and forms, which continually change. Change is part of life, but it is much better if you create through expression of beauty and the heart’s desire. In this way, you expand your life consciously. You find the path of energy that flows to the earth and stars.

By living in this way, you open your consciousness to change and new experiences. You surrender your point of view and see the world in a new way. You create a path to find greater intuition. You begin to believe that the universe can provide answers through contemplation and desire.

True manifestation leads you deeply into source where live becomes very real. Your senses become stronger, your emotions speak loudly, and the universe can flow through you. You know the truth in your heart. It is about creating a stronger connection with Source, the Universe, and the Earth. It is about becoming all you can be, which is hidden until you access your heart and listen to its quiet voice. (You stop pretending and start living.)

Could you share a short method of manifestation?

  • Sit outdoors and feel the earth around you. Ask for the wisdom of your heart. Feel the beat of your heart and feel the light of the universe within you.
  • Notice how this is a beautiful space, a wonderful place for your consciousness.
  • Choose one idea or desire. Concentrate on it.
  • Discern between negative ideas about it and how your heart desires. If your heart desires this, it should come into being. The universe is part of it.
  • Visualize it in detail and see it as already accomplished. Reflect on this often and repeat 2 times each day.

This is one of your greatest gifts—to see what you want and to create it.

What is power?

True power comes from connection with Source and the Earth, which happens simultaneously. It occurs through the inner self and the heart—it is alignment with all who you truly are.

Enlightened human beings have the power to change the earth, alter their lives, and create marvelous changes. But you can’t seem to remember the power or how to use it.

  • It begins with connection with nature, breathing in fresh air. Make time to align with a tree or flower. Feel the joy of the earth as a child would do. Know that you are alive—very alive.
  • Ask for the power of the earth to flow through you. Let go of your thoughts and ask the for the light of the sun and universe to flow through you. Contemplate the many currents of energy flowing through the air, the earth, and life. Ask the universe to connect with the currents that align with unique characteristics of you and your soul.
  • Feel the pulse of life and the correct currents of energy running through you. Savor the aliveness and open the door of understanding.
  • Your personal world and your outer world take shape in accordance with the currents of energy of your focus. Choose the currents that you want.
  • Slightly change the world around you. See rain if it is needed. Brighten the fall colors of the trees. Hear the birds more loudly. Use your senses to create the world that you want. See your individual world changing, altering to the pulse of your inner self. Feel the beauty, then come back into yourself.

Can power change the planet?

Absolutely—particularly if people became more disciplined with their minds and emotions. Emotions fuel the images and thoughts that flow into your life. Rather than seeing droughts, floods, and fire, one hundred individuals could focus on the perfect climate and health of the earth in their area. (When you look at image of anything, you amplify its energy.)

World change would come quickly if many awakened people understood that they could simply see another substance replacing plastic—or change the ocean by seeing it as clean. Your world would change if you stopped watching, reading, and meditating on negativity. People on your planet spend hours contemplating what is wrong or what they “think” that they want. It’s much easier to visualize or see that good (or the opposite) is already created. (The desired world has already come into being.)

How does power work with personal manifestations?

If a desire relates to the heart, it is happy and balanced when it comes into being. If the desired change involves an outcome that you want to tell everyone about—or if it involves changing how others see you—it probably does not come from the heart.

Desires that come from the heart are about love, goodness, and connection. They are about health and joy and higher vibrations.

It’s helpful to know that your life in many ways is the object of your focus. It doesn’t mean that your life reflects your soul, but it does mean it reflects the focus of your mind and emotions.
The action of focusing on particular thoughts and emotions creates aspects of your reality. (This is particularly true if people in your space hold the same ideas or thoughts.) If you create your life, it’s possible to change it. If many people hold the same thought and energy, it manifests more quickly.)

Every true manifestation involves courage and looking at yourself. It’s not easy, but it is part of the process. Through this process, you learn faith and trust in the universe. You find the path. . You must have the courage to change and to look at yourself.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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    This is very beautiful. Thank you so much!

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