“Lady Midnight” by Christian Schloe

The New Moon appears on November 23 with good vibrations that are both pleasant and peaceful. It’s a lovely change after eclipse season—and excellent for Thanksgiving. The energy is also restful, aligning with the stillness of the New Moon. (However, the somewhat erratic energy of Mars retrograde continues.)

On the last Full Moon, the chart was filled with squares and oppositions, which are difficult and frustrating. In the New Moon chart, there are harmonious trines (think of a triangle) and beneficial sextiles. It marks a time of stillness, higher emotions, and greater understanding of ourselves and others.

Overall, the motion of the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius brings a happier source of energy. Sun (life), Moon (emotions), Mercury (thought), and Venus (love) are in Sagittarius, a fire sign ruling philosophy, the spiritual journey, and intellectual pursuits. Symbolized by the archer, Sagittarian energy is optimistic and expansive. Negative characteristics include outspokenness and exaggeration.

Sun conjunct (close to) Moon (emotions) benefits emotional balance and gives focus on feelings, the home, and relationships. It brings deeper areas of life to the surface for clearing and deeper understanding. Sun (life) conjunct Mercury (thought, communication) increases harmonious vibrations and emotional balance with a positive spin on relationships. Sun conjunct Mercury (mind) focuses the mind, encourages pleasant communication, and sharpens curiosity. Sun conjunct Venus (love, relationships) brings pleasant interaction with others, harmony in relationships, and graceful emotions such as compassion and joy.

Moon (emotions) in Sagittarius moves the energy from intense emotion to optimism. Moon conjunct Mercury (thought) heightens emotional sensitivity, moods, and intuition, and it benefits socializing as it gives warmth to encounters.  Moon conjunct Venus (love) improves our appearance, stimulates romantic and sexual feelings, and increases harmonious emotion.

Sun (life) trine Jupiter (expansion) brings good luck, abundance, and success. The aspect creates positive energy for wishes and desires. It amplifies faith and goodwill. Moon (emotion) trine Jupiter gives emotional understanding and warmth. It brings positive emotions and benefits relationships and gatherings with others. It denotes a positive mood and support from others.

Sun (life) trine Neptune (mysticism, idealism) increases sensitivity and empathy. It helps with realizing the steps necessary for change and growth. It may stimulate our desire to help others—and understand the importance of the spiritual path. Moon (emotion) trine Neptune (mysticism, idealism) heightens the imagination, sensitivity, and ability with artistic pursuits. It adds a pleasant, dream-like quality to life.

Sun sextile Pluto (underworld, transformation) aids with positive changes through the ending/beginning of cycles. Think of it as an universal light that illuminates the underworld—and can clear old patterns and give insights, which lead to completion and renewal. Moon (emotion) sextile Pluto (underworld, transformation) deepens understanding and love in relationships, giving awareness of the intensity underlying relationships. We may experience it as heightened passion or a deeper layer of inner emotion.

Mercury (mind, communications) in Sagittarius stimulates the mind, and it can be audacious and eccentric. The placement gives understanding of concepts and their meaning.  With Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury rules the mental sphere, and Venus rules the world of beauty, love, and relationships. When conjunct, they inspire artistic work, draw our attention to beauty, and help to ease the mind. Mercury conjunct Venus (love, relationships) delivers an opportunity for greater understanding of inner values as well as the inner magnetism, which rules our strong likes and dislikes—and the reason for this experience.

Venus in Sagittarius heightens matters of the heart, enhancing romance, and courting adventure. It increases generosity, emotion from the heart, and seeing the other person’s point of view. Venus in Sagittarius increases our desire for social activity and helps to create a sympathetic point of view with others.

Mars (overall energy including physical, male) in Gemini is retrograde and responsible for generating much of the strange energy. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and it rules electronics. When Mars in Gemini sits in retrograde, it can affect electronics and communication. Mars rules energy, and the same strange pattern may affect the mind and overall energy. We may feel tired, mired in mental activity (think of lists and problems), or feel overwhelmed. (We can see it in traffic, stores, and the combination of alternately feeling frantic or tired. It helps a great to focus on grounding, walking, and the lower chakras—yes, the lower chakras take you out of the mind and into the present.)

Mars trine Saturn (past, limitations) aids with following our passion, giving perseverance and strength to accomplish our goals. Mars square Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) increases energy for focus on the positive and heightens boldness with pursuing dreams. Mars square Neptune (illusion, mysticism) is almost exact (think stronger), and it makes life feel like Mercury retrograde; it’s difficult to focus the mind and find clarity with our path. It increases confusion.  It’s important to align with the heart, stay present, and use judgement when possible.

Jupiter (expansion, good luck) moves direct on the New Moon, bestowing positive, beneficial energies, and it remains in Pisces until December 20, the time of the winter solstice.. Jupiter conjunct Neptune (illusion, mysticism) underscores the unity, light, and connection between all of us—or Oneness.  Jupiter sextile Pluto (subconscious, transformation) aligns us with our inner power, heightening our ability to create change.

Saturn (karma, time) is placed in Aquarius, the sign of the New Age. Aquarius rules electronics, communications, and the power of the group. It can refer to the need to review the use of electronics. For example, it’s probably a wiser use of electronics to come together as One with higher emotions than sharing negative news and gathering personal information. Saturn remains square Uranus in Taurus, which rules the earth. Perhaps, we can use electronic connection to find solutions to heal and empower rather than damage the earth.

Neptune (mysticism, idealism, illusion) in Pisces connects us in a sea of emotion, which can become of sea of love, fear, or belief—depending on the placement of consciousness. Neptune rules water, and this may play a part in flooding, hurricanes, and droughts. (Indigenous people believe the weather responds to our thoughts, visualizations and prayers.)

Pluto (underworld, transformation) in Capricorn, the sign of the goat, is said to rule governments, the rise and fall of politicians, the collapse of aspects of society, and the New World Order. It’s definitely a time of change.

Chiron, A Time of Healing

Venus (love, relationships) and Mercury (mind) trine Chiron, the wounded healer, and the placements can mark a time of healing. Mercury trine Chiron gives the opportunity to look at and heal old wounds. The mind can make clear associations and find a way to release old thoughts and patterns. Venus trine Chiron helps in receiving love and emotional insights that can help with releasing old wounds and hurts. It increases self-esteem through finding self-love and receiving love from others.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


  1. Darlene Nadeau

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights and wisdom. This post lifts my heart and spirit And reminds me of being more fully present to the oneness and sending loving thoughts & visualizations.

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re very welcome, Darlene. Thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy the posts lift your heart and spirit!


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