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Words from the Wolves About Manifestation

We come from the mountains, the deep woods, and the hidden, holy places to convey our message to you. Today, we talk about manifestation, which is your ability to create in the physical form.  It is the expression of the desires in your heart that were put there by the universe.

The desires are not random; they relate to the beauty of your being, the true sound of your voice, and your hidden gifts. Like many things, it is something that you must commit to.

We commit to seeing a better, happier life with harmony between humans and animals—and all of the natural world. We know you have incredible abilities to move the planet through your love and light. But this begins with expression of desire in your own physical world, which expands outwardly and touches all beings in your sphere.

Every desire is composed of a frequency. Abundance, health, success are all particular frequencies. Your personal frequency in these areas can differ slightly – as can your experiences -but it is basically the same for everyone.

If you hit the frequency, you begin to create it. You must repeat it again and again for the earth’s vibrations (and the people upon it) are relatively dense at this time. You must want the desire with all of your heart. It must be beneficial, creative, and expansive.

Any desire to manifest in a higher way is based on reaching a higher frequency, vibrating with it, and bringing it into form through repetition and focus. It is part of how you grow in the physical and spiritual world. Every time you overcome limitations and obstacles in life, your consciousness expands.

Your growth in consciousness is relayed to others who are working on the same desire. As more people reach it, the message is conveyed through intuition. This opens a pathway for creation in the physical world through higher vibrations.

Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that people have forgotten their abilities of manifestation. For those of you who are creating, you are acting as pioneer in the frontier of spirituality. Every small thing that you create brings the world closer to realization of this gift.

A Few Techniques

  1. You can begin with desire, want, or need. You should have a very strong feeling about your desire—and you must be willing to work for it.
  2. You must see and feel your desire as though it has already occurred. It is not “just” a visual. It is like stepping into a forest or a room and experiencing all that is there. Notice the details and memorize them. Stay open to changes, too.
  3. Use the power of nature to illuminate and activate your dreams and desires. Sit outside, meditate, and let nature become a part of your work. Nature corrects our minds and bodies by connecting our spirit to the earth.
  4. Raise your vibration however you can. It’s different for everyone, but stay with positive thoughts and words.
  5. Change your actions. Everyone, who is awakening, knows there are specific actions that bring alignment with the inner self. These actions result in joy and positive change.

NOTE: We, the wolves, hear many of you talking about the world. You wish for change. You can begin right away on this day through these simple techniques. If 100 people can create a change in their life, their collective energy can bring many positive changes in the physical world.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Creating Abundance


Everything is energy, and money is energy too.  Our spirituality and inner consciousness play a part in the abundance that we receive in life.  Our energy level and receptiveness to abundance affect it, as well as our expectations and beliefs.  

When we raise our frequency through meditation or a state of love (as opposed to fear or lack), it’s easier to find the steps that lead to the realization of our hopes and desires. Love, hope and faith are qualities that aid in creating higher forms of energy for the realization of dreams.

Manifestation is more than meditating.  When we hold a desire through conscious visualization, we create an image on the level of higher creation, of higher knowing. Our desired future reality is not present. It is invisible on the material plane. Initially it exists only as the particles of our being that have been projected into the future through our conscious focus. Over time the particles of energy coalesce to shape our future reality.

Thoughts, feelings and visualizations affect our experience of reality. By changing our inner visuals, we shape the future. By staying focused on the positive, we can change our present experience very rapidly.

Examples of positive thought/visual forms could include:

  • Review money positively in your mind.  See double the amount of money in checking or savings accounts, or see the balance increase in believable increments.
  • Notice worry and see abundance in their place. Negative energy attracts more of the same. Let go of thinking/feeling that bills take away your money. Imagine always having enough money for bills or money immediately flows in.
  • Use memory. Review times when money flowed in easily. Remember the feeling of ease and happiness.
  • See checks or payments flowing in. Recall the feeling of increasing funds. (With personal business, remember how others value and love your work. See others benefiting and gaining from your work.)
  • Increase awareness of happiness and goodness in your life.
  • Hold this thought: any expense equals the inflow of cash.
  • Imagine a wonderful surprise – money comes in whenever you think about it.
  • Send pink light or love to the money in your wallet, checkbooks and accounts.
  • Express gratitude for any money that comes your way. See small amounts as an indication that more money is already on the way.

The Process

 Each time that we focus on our desired future, we breathe life into it. Meditation clarifies the steps in physical reality and the emotional/mental sphere. It intensifies our ability to see, feel or perceive the steps. The steps involve the awakening of a new use of talents, gifts and soul attributes. Our focus on the manifestation exercise, and its ensuing steps, is part of the movement of co-creation, as the Universe is essentially developing parts of our soul personality that have lain dormant.

We have the power to partially create our desired future through meditation, and we may experience aspects of it during our daily life. When opportunities or encouraging words flow toward us, we may feel our desired future reality and truly believe that it will occur. (It’s also important to hold our vision when life appears to move in the opposite direction.)

As a manifestation comes more closely into being, (and we are all moving in that direction) we must take action. Spiritual work teaches us to take new actions, to express our soul personality in a new form. Expansion of our talents and abilities is the natural outcome of creating abundance through a spiritual focus.

We tend to exclude the most important steps while making for the parts of work and life that are less important. The funny part is that – deep down – we always know the next step to take.

When beginning soul work with prosperity, it’s helpful to meditate for a few minutes, to work with self-confidence and feel positive about our work. If there is confusion or a feeling of a block about the next step, it’s good to work in ten or fifteen minute increments and then put the work away. It’s important to praise ourselves whenever we take a step.

We should treat ourselves lovingly when we move toward change. Everyone lacks confidence, skill and knowledge at first. It’s how we begin. As we let go of self-judgment or negative thoughts, we move toward the mastery of inner skills which can transform our challenges into an exciting adventure.

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Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach 




Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach. She helps others to align with their soul and inner purpose.