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New Moon/Solar Eclipse


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse appears at 12:13 am on December 26. Eclipses bring surprises and change with an undulating on-off energy that will pervade Christmas Day and the days following the eclipse. Typically, a New Moon moves consciousness into the void for contemplation, but the aspects of this chart bring high, spiritual energy into play. Sun (life) and Moon (emotions) are in Capricorn, a sign denoting dedication, persistence, and devotion often to the outer world and (sometimes) to the inner world.

Sun (life), Moon (emotions), and Mercury (thought, mind) conjunct Jupiter, planet of good fortune and expansion. Through alignment of life, emotion, and mind, we can find expansion and discover the heart’s desire. (Our true heart’s desires come from universal sources, and it’s particularly beneficial to connect with them at this time.)

Sun (life), Moon (emotions), Mercury (thought, mind), and Jupiter (good fortune) trine (beneficial and harmonious) Uranus, the planet of the quantum field and sudden change. It’s possible to receive gestalt thoughts, deep understanding of universal energies, or simply perceive the goodness of the One Light. It’s also important to think out of the box as Uranus rules originality and new ideas. (One caution lies with Mercury’s square with Neptune. Our thoughts may feel clouded and/or confused. It can take time to decipher intuitions and/or new realizations.)

Venus (love, relationships) in Aquarius squares Uranus (quantum field, sudden change), which can create over-reaction in relationships—or amplify feelings of heaviness. It’s important time to contemplate the good and valuable aspects of relationships as opposed to acting on irritation and lower energies.

Mars (action, energy, male) sits in Scorpio, which gives power and insight in taking actions and making decisions. Mars trines (harmonious) Neptune (mysticism, idealism), and the positive aspect can help in creating alignment with directions and intuitions from the mystical world.

Saturn (limitation, karma) and Pluto (regeneration, subconscious) will remain in conjunction for some time. This aspect is about shedding our outer self and discovering the light within through perceiving the darkness in life and illuminating it with truth.

The caution in the chart lies with aspects with the North Node in Cancer. We’re encouraged to take time to perceive the goodness in others and act in an empathetic manner whenever possible. It’s not a good time to say exactly how we feel; it can wait for a week or two until the stars change.

Several squares are formed with Chiron, the wounded healer. Sun (life), Moon (emotions), Mercury (thought, mind), and Jupiter (good fortune) square Chiron, indicating that we’re only beginning to perceive the patterns of the outer self. (Illumination and healing require time and insight.)


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

After the Storm

The solar eclipse on July 1 swept through like a tsunami, with wild energy. Likely, you felt the wave emotionally, for the eclipse was ruled by Cancer, a feminine water sign. Water rules emotions, so the current either lifted you higher into spiritual union or caused inner conflict to surface, like the debris on a beach after a storm.

The effects of the eclipse linger throughout the year. Your discoveries will travel with you—the seashells and seaweed return on the tide. It’s your choice whether you find the gift beneath the darkness or throw the seashells back into the sea. New Moon/Solar Eclipses offer a demonstration of our inner conflict—how life works or doesn’t work within us, and in the outer world.

The water sign of Cancer indicates both the shadow and the love of the mother, a highly personal form of love.  Imagine the beach at night. It’s difficult to discern the objects, and the crashing of the waves is loud. The next day, the sun is very bright. The seascape looks different, and the crabs, shells and debris have assumed another shape. Change comes from accepting the alteration of the landscape –the beach may never look the same, but the ocean remains the same.

Alchemy teaches “feeling” as a method of merging with the Divine. The mind and action cannot save us when the world is topsy-turvy. Instinctive and intuitive feelings connect us with a higher source, so we find alignment, as a compass to direct us toward the love and light. Or at least the right answer, which can only be found within the heart.

To fully travel the new world-scape, it’s important to discard old patterns. Look at them as baggage or burdens, which are no longer needed.  Surrender the old emotions around useless or repetitive patterns by throwing them “out to sea.”  The course to freedom begins by realizing no one can truly affect our thoughts or feelings or reality (in the big picture.)

The separation from collective consciousness and movement toward the expression of inner love will continue throughout the summer. Remember, you are a creator. The message is: your vibration alters your perception of reality. The seascape changes when you focus on the heart and love–the storm ceases, and the sun shines through the clouds.