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Autumn Equinox Forecast


The autumn equinox indicates the energetic trend for the next 3 months. It occurs on Saturday, Sept. 22.  It’s a beautiful time of year when the Sun moves into Libra, a planet ruled by Venus, that brings beauty, balance, and light. 

Overall, the chart presents challenges with a T-square (Sun/Mercury, Saturn and Chiron) and the continuation of the Mars/Uranus square. More importantly, it presents divine guidance and insights through beautiful trines, which give encouragement and mystical help. (For many, life may have felt heavy and/challenging in the past few weeks, but this chart provides energies to rise to the next level of personal/spiritual development.)

The Sun is in the last degrees of Virgo but will soon move into Libra, the sign of balance, beauty, and art. The Sun (life, light) and Mercury (communication) in Libra are conjunct (closely placed), amplifying our ability to access the higher mind through both logic and creativity. Sun trines Mars (action, male), which activates the proper use of physical energy through action, thought, and word. Sun’s square with Saturn (karma) activates motion between our memories and patterns of the past and our desire to create a more positive future. (We’ll move between the 2 states.)

Moon (emotions, inner self) is beautifully placed in Pisces, a water sign. The Moon trines Venus in Scorpio, allowing positive, feminine emotions, which aid in finding the flow in life. Moon sextiles Saturn (the past) and Uranus (sudden change, awakening), bringing together the two aspects of life in synchronous way. Moon conjuncts (close to) Neptune in Pisces, and this heightens the ability to glimpse the unseen world, intensifies night dreams, and increases artistic ability and insight.

Mercury (communications) sits in Libra, encouraging reflection and balance. It trines (harmonious) Mars, encouraging proper, enlightened action that encompasses thought about all sides of problems and issues. Mercury squares (tension) Saturn, asking for consideration of old karmic debts and patterns, which can cloud perception and depth of thought.

Venus (love, relationships) is placed in Scorpio; it intensifies all emotions about relationships of every type. (Passion is wonderful when it is correctly directed.) Venus squares (tension) Mars, increasing the possibility of misunderstandings in relationships and necessitating the pause, generated by clear thought. Venus opposes Uranus (sudden change, awakening), inciting strong thoughts, emotions, and possibly actions based on old patterns – or realizations, which can give grace to recognize and release them. Venus trines (harmonious) Neptune (mysticism, idealism), opening consciousness to ideals and ideas based on intuitively perceived information.

Mars (action, male) sits in Aquarius, emphasizing thought, fixed perceptions, and connection with humanity. Mars squares Uranus (sudden change, awakening), which can accelerate tendencies to act and/or speak strongly about personal beliefs and feelings. It can also teach us to hold back and consider the validity of perpetual responses – and create new perceptions based on universal truth.

Jupiter (good fortune) is in Scorpio, a magnetic, intuitive water sign. In this position, Jupiter urges us to find the truth behind repetitive situations to find good fortune in life. Jupiter trines (harmonious) Neptune, encouraging and accentuating the importance of intuitively seeking answers behind the “veil”. The aspect also gives hope and encouragement to seekers.

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) is beautifully highlighted in this chart. The Moon conjuncts (close) Neptune, intensifying our ability to perceive the mystical world. Venus (love) and Jupiter (good fortune) trine Neptune, indicating our most desirable answers can be found through meditation, beauty, and the contemplation of love. Jupiter (good fortune) and Neptune (mysticism) are sextile Pluto (subconscious). The aspects hint at ease with finding subconscious or hidden truths more easily than usual as we continue on our spiritual quest.

T-Square with Sun/Mercury, Saturn, and Chiron

Sun (life) and Mercury (thought) are opposite Chiron, which encourages looking at old wounds when focusing on improvement in life. Jupiter trines (harmonious) Chiron, creating ease with the process, and Saturn (karma) squares Chiron, indicating the need for more integration of the wounded self.  Sun/Mercury square (tension) Saturn, which creates conflict between life/higher mind and patterns/circumstances based on the past. Sun/Mercury square Chiron, pointing to old wounds, which require clearing. Saturn opposes Chiron, intensifying the presence and feelings of the past, which were associated with the initial pain. (Positively speaking, T-squares exert pressure that can lead to clearing blocks and obstacles.)



  1. Beautiful, feminine energy is exuded through aspects with Moon, Venus, and Neptune. These three feminine planets are placed in water, soothing emotion through spiritual vibrations. Meditation, focusing on angels, and recording dreams can help with attuning to the mystical energies presented in the chart.
  2. Mars (male) square Uranus (sudden change, awakening) is the aspect, which brought irritated and angry feelings to the surface – and desire for action – throughout the summer. In this chart, it is softened by a trine with the Sun and Mercury. (Sun and Mercury send light and the wisdom of the higher mind to rowdy Mars, lord of action and disputes.)
  3. A T-square places intense pressure on our consciousness to realize the patterns caused by old wounds and karma. When we realize the truth about the hurt and pain in our past – which is energetic at its root – it’s possible to change how we experience life. This shift provides freedom for growth.
  4. Neptune (mysticism, idealism) is beautifully placed in the chart. It can connect us to the creative imagination, spiritual ideals, or simply the loveliness of the world.
  5. The elements (fire, air, water, and earth) are fairly well distributed with a lack of fire, but the energy should feel much better than earlier in the month. The difficulties in the chart are met with equivalent, positive, and spiritual forces. (The universe supports us through the next shift.)




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Equinox Energy – Almost Time to Move Forward


The equinox occurred on March 20. We’ll feel the energy for the next several weeks. (Chart is based on the moment of the equinox.)

With the beautiful, spring-like weather and planets placed in interesting designs, we can contemplate beauty, the dreams of the higher self, and it’s almost time to take action to create a better life. With five planets in Aries, which is appropriately symbolized by the ram, we feel the “push” to initiate action, but it’s best to wait a week or two to think about ideas thoroughly because the planets in Aries co-join the disruptive square with Uranus/Pluto.

When combined with several planets in fire, Uranus can feel combustive and can bring sudden change. It’s wise to create a strategy based on the desires of the inner self—and slowly move into this plan with a “cool” head. Along with this, we are clearing karma from the past age, past lives, and releasing trauma (Neptune, Chiron, and South Node in Pisces.) These feelings, sensations, and opportunities will extend into mid-May.

It’s important to know it’s a time of adjustment. Our feelings may change on a daily basis. We may feel life more strongly than we have in the past because of awakening. Everything feels intense when the light becomes stronger. We also feel more of the darkness and angst because everyone is becoming more intuitive. (This is also part of working through the karmic past.)

The Sun (life), Mercury (communications), Venus (beauty, love), and Uranus (quantum field, sudden change) are placed in Aries. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac when life turns in the new cycle of the year. Aries is ruled by Mars (assertion and action), and it’s a passionate fire sign, which can awaken our feelings to expand and alter the course of life. (It would be perfect except that their energy aligns with Uranus in Aries, which can make energy move in cosmic—or very strange—directions.

Mercury affects all forms of communications including internet, transportation, emails, and conversations. Mercury in Aries hastens the process in a brusque way. (Mercury rules air, and it prefers clarity and time to think deeply. Mercury in Aries simply wants action.)

Venus, the ruler of love and beauty, is also placed in Aries. She is passionate and can be compulsive with this placement. With Venus retrograde, it’s important to realize love may feel as if it is fading or aspects of life are not so exciting. It’s helpful to remember that we are loved by the universe, and love will return to our lives in a renewed form.

Mars (assertion, male energy) is placed in Taurus, an earth sign governing possessions and material goods. It also gives connection to the earth and nature, which is useful with this volatile chart. This is a calming position that helps in finding grounding and seeing the beauty of life.

Jupiter (good fortune) sits in Libra, the only air sign in the chart. Air lends clarity to thought; it helps to separate passion and beliefs from the mind. (For example, I believe this because I was raised in this way. Maybe, it’s not true.) Jupiter in Libra also helps in finding beauty, balance, and grace on the walk of everyday life.

Saturn (discipline, karma) remains in Sagittarius, continuing the emphasis on soul searching, personal discipline, and the value of the spiritual life. Neptune (mysticism), Chiron (wounded healer), and South Node (solutions, which are no longer applicable) are placed in Pisces, indicating the importance of working through the drama and karma of the past age.


  • Mars (assertion) trines Saturn, which can give insight in taking the right, disciplined action—particularly through deliberate, meditative focus.
  • Saturn (limitation) trines Uranus, hinting at progress and good fortune through spiritual discipline.
  • The cardinal cross can make life feel very tense. It’s helpful to know it’s only a feeling. It disappears when meditating and/or when connected to the inner self.
  • There is very, powerful energy for creating change. With focus, it can be employed to create big, positive shifts.
  • Continue to work with karma and negative feelings/thoughts. Remember that emotion can change through positive focus and effort.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Forecast: Spring Equinox 2016



Nothing is better than moving into spiritual energy, discarding patterns, and mitigating karma. It makes it possible to ascend into the qualities of our higher self—and leave the past behind. The planets offer this opportunity for the equinox on Sunday, March 20.

With lovely, spring-like weather and planets placed in interesting designs, we can contemplate beauty, the dreams of the higher self, and take action to create a better life. With five planets in Pisces, much of the emphasis is on emotion because Pisces is a water sign, symbolized by two fishes (emotions) swimming in opposite direction. If we can reconcile the opposites within the self (the light and darkness), it’s possible to move into a higher dimension or representation of life.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron are placed in the sign of Pisces. Mercury in Pisces can be a bit dreamy and slow, and it’s important to make the effort to communicate our visions and dreams. Venus (love, beauty, material pleasures) in Pisces is exalted, meaning it enhances the feeling of esoteric love in relationships and life. Venus and Neptune (mysticism, illusion) in Pisces can feel make life feel (briefly) exquisite before returning to the impact of dualistic energies.

One of the challenges of the equinox is dealing with very different energies. Pisces causes two conflicting emotions, beliefs, or thoughts to come into play—and the sun is on the cusp on Aries. Pisces and Aries are very different. (Aries is an active, male, fire sign with much mental energy, and Pisces is imaginative and dreamy. It prefers to rest and gently ponder.) Once again, we are asked to understand the diverse parts of the self and combine them in a new order.

There is a great deal of focus on karma in equinox chart. On reflection, it’s probably more about knowing what to leave behind than dealing with unresolved issues. Chiron (wounded healer) is also in Pisces. Chiron squares (creates tension) with Saturn in Sagittarius, hinting at the importance of seriously looking at our lives to clear old, limiting emotions and beliefs because they pull us down and away from the opportunity of receiving higher energies.

When we move into higher wisdom, we leave behind things like judgement, lower frequencies, and negative perceptions. (It’s important to point out that we often stop “receiving” them as well.) These changes often mark endings—and new beginnings.

Mars (overall energy, assertion) is placed in the same sign as Saturn (time, limitation.) When both planets are in fiery Sagittarius, Mars can give the power and boldness to move through karmic limitations (patterns) to create positive change. Saturn urges devotion and patience with spiritual teachings, and Mars can lend power in putting our inner vision into physical form.

Jupiter in Virgo (beneficial energy, good fortune) exactly squares Saturn (time, limitation, karma), underscoring the importance of aligning spiritual teachings with physical reality. Virgo holds mystical knowledge and practical information in the physical world.

Jupiter also trines Pluto (transformation, subconscious), which opens a doorway to stepping into a better, metaphysical/physical reality. In other words, we can transform our reality by clearing the subconscious and focusing on a more, positive life.


  • Working with two opposite states is the theme for the year. It doesn’t mean all drama comes from us, but it does mean we react to it. If we can calm the emotional reaction, we can often find answers hidden beneath the surface. This is one of the important tests associated with the element of water (Pisces).
  • Mars (strength, courage, assertiveness) and Saturn are closely placed. They can give courage, resourcefulness, and strength when working through personal obstacles and challenges. (It’s how we alter karma.)
  • Part of personal evolution means leaving things behind. It’s a sacrifice—another Piscean quality. With Neptune in Pisces, we have to see the truth, which may mean seeing beyond our idealism or projection of positive traits on others. It can also mean rewriting our hopes and dreams.
  • Bridging between two sides of self—and handling diverse energies—can lead into unknown territory. You find more of the true self by improving your perception of the known (through visualization and appreciation) and discover insights and valuable gifts by exploring the unknown. It’s part of awakening, and it’s all good.
  • When we search our soul for answers, the universe helps. It hears and responds to the thoughts and feelings of a focused mind and a loving heart. This practice brings results when nothing else works. This is single-mindedness; it involves staying in rhythm with the universe—and listening with all of your heart with the hope of having and creating a better personal and outer world.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Weather: Mercury Retrograde



It’s a less temperamental week with the exception of Mercury moving retrograde. Sun and Jupiter are placed in Virgo, which represents the priestess, the virgin, and healer. On the down side, Virgo also rules digestion, health, perfectionism and details. Every sign has dualistic qualities; it’s part of life on Earth.

We will feel the duality of Virgo more than usual because it’s opposite Chiron, the wounded healer, which is placed in Pisces (sacrifice, confusion, spirituality, more feminine energy.) There’s an emphasis on improving our health and clearing old energetic problems (of course, the two are related) with opposition with Chiron.

Mercury (communication, the mind) moves retrograde (backwards) on Thurs, Sept 17. Mercury is placed in Libra, an air sign representing balance, beauty, and justice. Retrogrades tend to have a stronger effect when placed in air signs because it multiplies the “air” energy. (Thought travels through air, and both Mercury and Libra involve this element.)

Venus and Mars remain conjunct in Leo, emphasizing creativity, expansion, and fun. It’s a wonderful time for meeting with old friends, and this placement helps with male/female relationships. It’s interesting to note how male/female relationships tend to bring up old patterns—even when it’s fun. (Everyone is clearing something as we move into awakening.) They are also trine Uranus, which can create interesting, original ideas and plans.

Fortunately, Saturn moved into the first degree of Sagittarius—and out of the last degree of Scorpio–ending a somewhat dark cycle for many of us. Saturn rules time and karma; Scorpio rules death, birth, regeneration and the lower part of the occult. The last degree of Scorpio involves “endings”, and many of us have experienced difficult endings and losses during its reign.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a kinder placement with emphasis on truth and spirituality with an opportunity for higher vision. It’s a new beginning of a different karmic pattern for many of us, and it’s a wonderful time to seek truth and wisdom. (Think of the archer, his arrow, and the point of focus.)

The outer planets including Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron remain retrograde, slowing the motion of world change. (They also offer time for reflection.) Uranus remains square Pluto; the weirdness of the world continues as we grow.

Next week, we’ll experience the autumn equinox and an eclipse. Take time to rest now.


  1. Part of healing and good fortune involves clearing karma and seeing life differently. In this way, we join with universe, becoming more connected and whole. Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, so our feelings about what to clear or change may alter from day to day.
  2. Mercury retrograde is typically not a good time for travel, contracts, or moving forward with projects. It’s a time to rest and review. (I do think we should plan to rest and rewrite the paradigm. There’s no need for delays and problems with electronics in a higher vibration universe.)
  3. Mars and Venus are in an excellent position. They offer balance between the sides of our personality and insights into our patterns and beliefs about relationships. It can act as a creative, healing impetus.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change: New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Spring Equinox



It’s a heady forecast! Like spring, first love, or a new passion, it can bring impetuous, impulsive feelings with strange thoughts, or it can bestow the right energy for stepping into the new self. By understanding the emphasis of the planets, we can put it to good use–and harness the energy of a very interesting point in time and space.

The New Moon chart conveys endings and beginnings. The new moon is a time of reviewing and revising aspects of life; the solar eclipse helps with ending patterns quickly and walking in new “light.” The sun moves from Pisces, the feminine and emotional sign of the past age, into Aries, the male sign of new beginnings. On the spring equinox, the life force flows to the surface of the earth, giving birth through thousands of forms. It’s the time when everything flames into life.

The New Moon heralds a time of entering a new phase, new feelings, and new hope. Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus are in Aries, a fiery sign. Aries is impulsive, headstrong, and intelligent. It is associated with birth, passionate endeavors (which run on intellect and are not always balanced by the heart), and enthusiasm.With Mars conjunct Uranus–and both planets square Uranus–the energy tends to invoke emotion, particularly anger or upset.

The fiery forecast continues with Saturn in Sagittarius, implying a need to look at life with discipline and a philosophical attitude. Jupiter in Leo encourages creativity, fun, and positive drama. We can learn from both placements by using discipline to transmute emotion and drama into higher, more creative forms.

Additionally, there are trines among the fire signs, which bring balance and harmony. The importance lies in understanding how fire can take us through the flux of our lives and blast us into a new reality. It’s equally important to restrain emotions and outbursts for a week or so until the energy of the equinox passes–or we’ll waste the opportunity.

Secrets, written in esoteric language, are hidden in the chart. Other planets hint at better navigation through the ring of fiery beginnings. The ascendant (or inner self) is placed in Libra, which prefers balance and suggests deliberation before taking action. Mercury is in Pisces, encouraging spiritual connection in all endeavors (as opposed to acting on enthusiasm or impulse.) Venus sits in Taurus, indicating the importance of the connection with the earth while contemplating the beauty of nature.

When we connect to nature, we engage all of our being–the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. We also activate our lower chakras, which are can ground the fiery Aries energy (head), helping with much needed sensations of calm and peace. With Pluto in the foreground, we continue to clear the karmic shadow of the lower self.

With many planets in Aries, it’s particularly important to look for the next step in our personal transformation. (With all of the planets screaming “action”, it’s important to deliberate before taking concrete steps.) On the other hand, the universe offers the “feeling” of a new world, and it’s possible to step into the light if we stay focused on the inner self and follow the light, the thread of the invisible world, which energizes everything (magically) in the physical world.


1) Your inner self knows how to navigate through the shift. Watch emotions, meditate often, and take time to deliberate before making changes. Use the fiery energy for creative endeavors–and finding the passion to stay focused on the inner self.

2) The solar eclipse energetically marks a time of an oscillation in energy. It’s useful if we tone down lower patterns, let go of the ego, and reboot with a focus on the inner self. (Think of electrical power going on and off. Your focus determines where the energy goes when the system reboots.)

3) You have the power and light to manifest changes during this shift. Simply wanting and meditating on your higher self will help in creating a better, happier life. Ask for answers. Stay focused on the heart.

4) Focus on nature and the earth whenever possible. The earth is calming; it activates our spiritual visualizations. And earth holds many of the secrets of inner change.

Sabian Symbols

Sun sits in Aries 1, which symbolizes a woman rising out of the sea and embracing a seal. It can represent emerging from the collective sea of consciousness by taking on a new form. In metaphysics, this means embracing the highly individual nature of the true self. It represents leaving behind the past, moving beyond the womb, and entering land (or life.) Taking a new form involves leaving behind the past–and the comforts and security of that former life.

Moon falls on Aries 9, “A Seer Gazes into a Crystal Ball”, which denotes the development of an inner realization of wholeness. This symbol speaks of the combination of mental concentration and intuitive awareness needed to “read” spiritual information. Focusing on beauty, goodness, and happiness can lead to spiritual flashes and develop intuition. (Everyone is currently receiving flashes of the future. The reading and understanding of the information is up to us.)

Mercury is in Pisces 12, “An Examination of Initiates in the Sanctuary of an Occult Brotherhood”. This degree refers to passing through the tests of spiritual development. Certainly, our skills are tested with the squares of Uranus/Pluto, the challenges of the modern world, and through the perception of others’ beliefs about our work and abilities. In the end, we have to decide for ourselves. Are we living in accordance with our heart, or do we need to make changes and move into the light more deeply? (I think it’s a big question for everyone.)

Venus is in Taurus 4, “The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.” Gold is the substance of the transmuted self. The rainbow is the bridge between the lower (physical) and higher (spiritual) worlds. We encounter the rainbow vision of life when our personal worlds are connected through the meditation of the inner self. It’s an alchemical promise–a particularly beautiful one for this time.

Mars in 22 Aries symbolizes “The Gate Opens to the Gate of Fulfilled Desires.” It speaks of the conversation between the inner and outer self–a time of the heart speaking and expressing its wisdom. It is the promise of the “good” waiting when we open the door to the higher self.

Jupiter in 13 Leo represents “A Human Soul Whispers in Every Receptive Ear, Seeking to Manifest.” This degree could refer to the collective higher self, hidden desires, and the ability to bring them into manifestation–particularly as the energy changes.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive healer and coachJulia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.








Happy Equinox and a Cool New Moon!



Before moving into the astrological weather, I am very aware of an intense shift in energy, which occurred during the weekend.  In my perception, there is more light and a tangible shift in the quality of energy. The energy has a very subtle but strong vibration. It holds a quality of transformation. It’s easier to imagine the whole world moving into a higher frequency when experiencing it. Interestingly, it brings a huge emotional lift, and there is less thought. Our current level of duality dictates highs and lows with any perception of frequency. When the vibration is lower, we may feel tired or heavy (or notice the absence of the new happy vibration.) The vibration will strengthen if we seek it with an open heart along with a true desire for spiritual growth.

This thought plays perfectly into this week’s dramatic (and positive) forecast.  Monday, September 22nd brought the autumn equinox, the turn into the long night of the year.  September 24 ushers in the New Moon and Pluto will turn direct. The fiery trine between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus continues, emphasizing enthusiasm, energy, and creative success. Neptune and Chiron, conjunct in Pisces, encourage healing of old wounds for mass consciousness.

The New Moon is beautifully placed in Libra, bringing beauty, creativity, and balance in the sky. Unlike many of the former moons of the year, this one is lovely. The moon will align with Galactic Center, which can represent the quantum field, the symbol of light, miracles, and higher consciousness at large.

When the feminine touches the center of the galaxy, it can speak to us about recreating our identity and birthing a new reality for our lives. This placement can bring inspiration and encouragement—the impetus to reach out into the next realm and learn more about our soul.

Part of the motion of gaining light involves letting go of the lower self. For the past year, Pluto and Mars called the lower part of personalities in play, emphasizing areas of resistance to change as the darkness of the psyche. The underlying truth about our patterns and beliefs is helpful, but lower emotions are a trap. Pluto in direct position can help us move out of the River Styxx and into a higher paradigm.

The Grand Trine, placed in fire, will give the encouragement needed to make big changes. Mars gives energy to move forward with spiritual and creative dreams, and Uranus in Aries encourages new beginnings. Jupiter in Leo can expand all of it in a spectacular way. (Make sure your desires are aligned with your soul since this is an unusually beneficial aspect. The placement of the sun, moon, and Mercury in Libra can make thoughts come true more quickly than usual.)

Chiron and Neptune speak about healing our wounds on a personal and global level. On this note, it’s important to move through our wounds. We can imagine they never happened, or we’ve received the lessons but lost the memory. It’s important to consider relinquishing our wounds and create a new identity without them. Besides, when the light is strong, we won’t think about painful events. (Who would you become if your light level was higher?)

Uranus sits on Aries 16; its Sabian Symbol speaks of brownies, nature spirits, and the unseen world. It’s about finding the spiritual through connection with nature—and allowing help from the invisible world. Nature speaks to our soul when we allow it. According to the ancient texts, the elementals (fire, water, air, and earth) stand guard and aid us in creating our dreams. For those who can see clearly, there is a spiritual and physical world with boundaries, which overlap. Whenever human consciousness moves more deeply in the spiritual, the physical world reflects its beauty.

Notes and Tips:

1) The New Moon aligns with the Galactic Center, which represents “God” energy. When we align with the center of universal energy, a door opens—and energy pours from it. Think of it as a way to touch the quantum field. When we touch the quantum field—whether through prayer, shamanistic rituals, or our inner gifts—everything changes instantly.

2) Perhaps, we won’t connect with instant change, but we can ask for breakthrough moments, insights, and the special feeling of unconditional love. When enough people hold the same vibration, there is a ripple effect. The particles of thought become a wave.

3) The best way to bring change and enlightenment is through the matrix of the heart. Much of the experience of the past few months centered on the ineffectiveness of lower emotion. It doesn’t create anything positive—and it can link us with mass consciousness. The best way to catch the beautiful clouds of the new moon is through by focusing on the higher self and sending out love whenever possible.

4) Thoughts for expansion:  How would it feel if earth existed on much higher level of light and energy? How would I feel if my problems were solved by simply living at higher level of consciousness?


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Autumn Brings Heightened Awareness


The autumn equinox softly ushers in another time of change. In particular, it concerns the tone and frequency of energy. We can expect to see greater impact of our thoughts and emotions with others, more intuitive connectivity, and continuation of the quest to merge personal duality into wholeness. Wholeness implies understanding the mixed messages of the psyche and lifting them into a higher light level.

By living through experiences of heightened energy, our individual lives alter, which brings about change in the outer world. As the light level (and the light level of the world) heightens, our personal vibrations have more force and power. They travel at a faster pace. Everything is amplified and accelerated so we move into greater awareness and understanding of ourselves. As a result, the world mirrors us through a tighter, clearer lens.

Upcoming Changes:

1) Our understanding of ancient civilizations–their history and their wisdom–will grow as we move into greater understanding of spiritual law and learn how to apply this information in creating physical reality.  (Time is merging. The past appears through the discovery of pyramids and ancient cultures as science takes us into the future through speed-of-light technology. The real lesson involves staying present in the moment.)

2) More scientific discoveries to support the use of light, meditation, energetic healing, and visualization. Science tends to stay a step behind intuitive and spiritual work so we’ll probably create methods of healing, sending light, and preparing for events through seeing the future in a particular form.

2) Less hate, anger, and chaos in the world as we learn to create peace within ourselves (not in others.) Every effort to center in the heart helps everyone on the planet. Our daily meditation practices of sending light keep love circulating throughout the planet. When we send energy, it’s best to send light and love to the issue. When we are against “___”, we actually energize it with negative energy. It’s better to see it as non-existent or to create another format for the energy through the heart and mind.

3) Greater intuitive communication with others as individuals and in groups as we grow into understanding how emotions, thoughts, and projections are actually like making energetic telephone calls. Energetically, everyone receives what we think and feel. The amplification of energy speeds the process and makes the energy more forceful. (If you’re a light worker, it’s good to realize that everyone is working on becoming more of their true self.  Everyone has a certain amount of duality. Sometimes, people express it–and it’s more about inner struggle than an issue with you.)

4) Recognition of our personal “web” – Everyone has a personal web of influence. It includes the people at work such as clients, students, or employees and friends, family and even the people on Facebook!   In this web, we connect to many people, and they connect to many more. Our feelings or mood can vibrate through the entire web, eliciting strong responses (positive or negative). As we learn more about how group communication works, it will be possible to change a reaction or thought to provoke a more positive response from people in our personal web. (In other words, we won’t wonder why everyone is acting a certain way. We’ll ask how we can change ourselves to turn it around.)

5) Finding our inner power – It’s one thing to know we can help others, and it’s another to understand how we create our reality and how to help ourselves. What if we could use our power wisely to create for ourselves or we learned to use the “web” to lift situations up into the light? (I know many of you are already doing this!)

6) Deeper understanding of frequency – Frequency is alignment with a particular vibrational set of feelings, emotions, visuals, and belief, which is reflected in our field. Our frequency is what makes material reality behave or appear as it does in our personal life. When we raise our frequency, we tap into a better, higher reality. Chanting, meditation, energy and light work raise our frequency; however, I think there is a better, easier way. Perhaps, we’ll learn to call in by frequency by simply saying, “Universe, send the frequency of prosperity, success, health, love, and inner realization right now!”

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.