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At the moment, the skies remain gray, but the forecast offers space for breakthroughs with healing and inner understanding. As the last quarter moon disappears, it extends a time for creating change through self-reflection and sharing with others. If we truly want to move through old wounds to the clarity of light, it’s possible.

Truthfully, we are moving into an unknown frontier where energy behaves differently, and the world sometimes feels chaotic. Much of the impetus of the planets is about vibrating above the worldly roar by taking action discerned in the inner space of stillness. The earlier impetus of moving forward with many planets direct remains, but it requires more reflection and inspired action.

The New Moon appears on December 12 at 6:32 pm ET. The placement of this lunar cycle marks seven days of the deepest darkness when days are shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also a time when the Sun and Moon conjunct Galactic Center, the astrological source of love, light, and life–the universal source of goodness shines through the darkness.

The Sagittarius New Moon falls on the twelfth day of the twelfth month, and it is the last New Moon for 2023. The chart is balanced between fire (passion), water (emotion), and earth (grounding, vitality), but it lacks air (thought). When Mercury moves retrograde on December 13, it marks a time of contemplation that slows the pace of life.

The Sagittarius Moon encourages use of the imagination to find a better way forward. Problems can be solved by using imagination and open-mindedness to overcome confused thinking. It’s a wonderful time to know our intentions will manifest and to ask when they will.

Sun (life) and Moon (emotions) are placed in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, which represents long journeys, philosophy, and the quest. The ruling planet is Jupiter, which often provides help at the eleventh hour. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, life feels more optimistic and hopeful.

Sun (life) conjunct Mars (energy, male) increases energy, motivation, and self-expression. It heightens the desire to achieve goals and ambitions. Sun square Neptune (mysticism, illusion) lowers motivation and energy. This aspect may cause procrastination, but it also heightens creativity and imagination.

Moon conjunct Mars (energy, male) increases charisma and charm, but it brings impulsive emotional reactions.  The energy can feel restless or confusing. Moon (emotion) square Neptune (illusion, mysticism) brings confusion and clouds emotion. It may affect discernment and interfere with accurate perception.

Mercury (mind, communications) placed in Capricorn, a practical earth sign, is grounded and realistic. It contemplates the future before taking a step. Mercury will move into retrograde on December 13, which affects communication of all forms, the internet, electronics, and travel. Mercury retrograde slows life down substantially, making it a good time to rest and review. Mercury moves direct on January 1st, welcoming a positive new year.

Mercury sextile Venus (relationships, love, beauty) heightens creativity and optimism. It brings harmony with social events, home, and family. It can increase intimacy and expression of love. Mercury trine Jupiter (expansion, good luck) focuses on research, studying, and socializing. It’s a good time for making long-range plans.

Venus (love, beauty, relationships) in Scorpio is passionate, intense, and emotional. It can also act in a jealous, controlling way. It brings transformation in some shape or form to intimate relationships. Venus opposition Jupiter (expansion, good luck) gives a tendency for self-indulgence; it may interfere with the desire to work and achieve objectives. It’s important to stay focused on achievements—and balance social interactions with inner/outer commitments. Venus trine Saturn (karma, time) gives energy for better relationships and long-term investments. It gives clear judgement and steadiness.

Mars (overall energy, passion, male) in Sagittarius gives drive and ambition. It’s fiery, creative, energizing, encouraging physical exercise and study. It aids with journaling, creative endeavors, and assertion. Mars remains in Sagittarius through January 4.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) sits in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of abundance, earth, and pleasure. Jupiter in Taurus can bring good fortune and abundance, and the negative aspect of Taurus involves greed and excess. It’s interesting to note the many conferences on climate changes, which began when Jupiter moved into Taurus earlier this year.

Saturn (limitation, karma) is placed in Pisces, a water sign, and the ruler of the last Age. Saturn rules boundaries, limitations, and lessons. Saturn combined with water is elusive and flowing; it lacks sharp edges and clear rules. When Saturn is in Pisces, it’s important to make our needs and expectations known, or they tend to float without definition or strong form.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) in Taurus encourages moving out of our comfort zone. Uranus prefers change, and it loves “new”.  Uranus in Taurus can affect the earth, including sudden changes such as volcanoes, flooding, fires, and odd weather.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field sextile Neptune (mysticism, illusion), Uranus trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation), and Neptune (mysticism, illusion) point to a time that aids with spiritual study, intuitive insights, and mystical transformation.

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) in Pisces refers to humanity’s emotional pool on the subconscious and conscious levels. The emotional connection can lead to a sea of joy or despair, and it can lift consciousness to a higher or lower level, emphasizing the importance of detachment.

Pluto in Capricorn refers to the structure of countries and the world. In the past several months, the events of 2021-22 traveled back into focus. In 2024, Pluto will move into Aquarius, the same position it held when the United States became independent of England.

Sun (life), Moon (emotions), and Mars (overall energy) trine Chiron (the wounded healer), which offers an opportunity for moving more deeply into our psyche and healing old patterns.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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