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The New Harvest Moon appears on Thursday, September 14 at 9:40 pm ET. It’s a special moon, commemorating the time of harvesting fall crops—or reaping the fruits of our labor.

The New Moon is powerful with a Grand Trine between Sun/Moon (life, emotion), Jupiter/Uranus (good fortune and sudden change), and Pluto (transformation).  Grand Trines bring harmony and good luck; they also support manifestation. Five planets are involved in the trine, and they are placed in earth signs, suggesting the importance of focusing on how we want life to look and feel in the physical world.

Currently, Mercury (thought), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (restriction), Uranus (sudden change), Neptune (illusion, mysticism), Pluto (subconscious, transformation), and North Node are in retrograde.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon form several trines–the most harmonious aspect in astrology–with Jupiter (good fortune), Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), and Pluto (subconscious, transformation.) Sun/Moon oppose Neptune (illusion, mysticism), and this aspect can cause confusion and an inability to see reality clearly.

Sun (life, light) is placed in Virgo, a sign of discernment, practicality, and sometimes healing. It rules the sixth house, which concerns work and daily activities. Moon (emotion) is also in Virgo, amplifying the qualities of the sign. Sun (light) trine Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) brings growth, prosperity, and opportunities for success. Moon (emotion) trine Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) heightens feeling of optimism, happiness, and self-understanding. It helps with finding the more positive aspects of life.

Sun (light, life) trine Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) increases intuition, insight, and the desire for adventure. It encourages the development of individualistic qualities and original creativity. Moon (emotion) trine Uranus (sudden change) aids with making domestic changes and escaping routine. It increases reception to change and new ideas.

Sun (light, life) and Moon (emotion) are in opposition to Neptune (idealism, mysticism). In short, it’s a bit like heavy fog. It’s impossible to see in the distance, and we must navigate with our intuition. Sun in opposition to Neptune increases confusion, deception, and distorted perception. Moon in opposition to Neptune increases emotional sensitivity and causes difficulty with perception of a person’s true intentions. This aspect can cause nightmares and intense dreams. Both aspects heighten creativity and the imagination.

Sun (light, life) and Moon (emotion) trine Pluto (subconscious, power, transformation). Sun trine Pluto gives intensity, drive, and ambition. It aids with research and deep investigation into subject matter. It gives a positive power to change, influence others, and clear problems. Moon trine Pluto deepens emotions and feelings, particularly in relationships. It also gives psychic protection, helps with boundaries, and perceiving/transforming the shadow of the self.

Mercury Moves Direct on September 15

Mercury, planet of communication, travel, and the mind, moves direct on September 15 after three weeks of retrograde motion. The feeling of confusion, the experience of slow internet, problems with electronic devices, and general frustration will end soon!

Mercury is placed in Virgo, an earth sign known for its practicality and organization. Mercury trines Jupiter, which heightens optimism and good luck. Plans should be balanced and examined with an eye on personal focus on spirituality and inner growth. Mercury opposition Saturn brings serious thinking and self-criticism. The aspect suggests the importance of examining boundaries and rethinking them.

Venus and Mars

Venus (love, abundance, beauty) in Libra brings awareness of the beauty in life, increases creativity, and encourages balance. Venus in Libra provides a beautiful lens for perceiving harmony in life. Venus sextile Mars (assertion, male) increases love, affection, and sexuality. It gives a wonderful balance with assertiveness and receptivity. Venus square Jupiter (good fortune, expansion) encourages extravagance and spending when discipline and moderation are more important. It expands social activities and positive feelings. It’s particularly important to eat well, exercise, and align with positive habits. Venus square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) exaggerates emotion, particularly in relationships, which can cause upset or impulsive actions. (Stay calm and meditate before acting.)

Mars (assertion, male) in Libra tends toward indecision. It seeks intellectual balance and seeing life from two points of view, which can distort the desire to take strong action.

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) in Taurus, an earth sign, emphasizes building physical structures in life and expression of gifts in physical form. Jupiter conjuncts Saturn (limitation, karma), and the aspect asks for moving beyond personal limitations, inhibitions, and restrictions. It seeks freedom and expansion on a professional level.

Saturn (limitation, karma) is placed in Pisces, a water sign that connects everyone in a sea of emotion. Saturn square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) creates friction, tension, and a feeling of limitation. It’s important to stay calm and balanced to avoid reacting to the sensation of frustration.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) in Taurus pulls our attention to the earth through floods, earthquakes, high seas, and other forms of planetary change. Uranus sextile Neptune (illusion, deception) brings a period of spiritual awakening and interest in philosophical matters.  Uranus trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) represents a positive period of self-transformation and growth.

Neptune (illusion, mysticism) in Pisces sextiles Pluto (subconscious, transformation) draws our focus and interest into spirituality, metaphysics, and artistic pursuits.

Pluto (underworld, transformation) is in Capricorn, which calls for revisiting many of the events, which occurred in 2020 and 2021.  It’s an opportunity for us to rewrite and review these old energies.




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