My interest in Orcas began when a YouTube song was followed by a documentary on Orcas in captivity, which was heart-breaking. Nevertheless, I became fascinated by Orcas, which was followed by several synchronicities such as their attacks on ships’ rudders, the plan to free an Orca currently in captivity, and a wonderful song. (You can listen below.)

Wild Orcas*

*Note – Orcas are interchangeably referred to as dolphins or whales–although they are technically dolphins. Their size varies from 25-30 feet, and their weight is between 8,000 and 16,000 pounds. They have no predators, and there are no accounts of wild orcas harming humans. Actually, they sometimes save or help humans.

Driven by curiosity and notes from my readers asking about Orcas, I prayed for connection with the wild whales. I asked to hear them, feel them, and see their thoughts—to become One with them.

Suddenly, I am submerged in cool, blue water that feels like a different form of air. The slightest movement propels me through the water. By concentrating on a particular point, I can flow there effortlessly. Above and below me, I see through the translucent water; there are large rocks and seaweed near the edge of the bay.

Many Orcas swim near me, and I can feel their sonic language pass through my body. Their bodies are immense, and I feel their sounds bounce against the rocks and the edge of the water.

I watch the Orcas surface and breathe in the bright morning as they perceive the warm sun.  It is a different world for them, and they look around carefully before descending. It is alternately safe and dangerous. Below the surface, it is a safe for the whales to feed and rest.

Now there are more Orcas, and babies accompany them, swimming tightly near their mothers’ bodies. They make small sounds, and their mothers answer them. As they answer, I realize they speak of plants glowing in fluorescent colors, rock outcroppings, and areas where it is safe to swim deeply.

The mother orcas teach their children about the underwater seascape, and they talk in tones of love, which are soft and unique. The babies respond with their own sounds. The pod seems very peaceful and playful. They love this place with its own sounds, colors, and motion of the water.

I cannot completely understand their sounds although I can feel their meaning. I ask if the orcas can connect more deeply to me, so I can see and feel what they are saying. They link to me, and I ask if the whales have stories or myths. A mother Orca answers “yes”.

Immediately, I see their ancestors--the first whales with six and eight legs who walked on land and swam in the sea. The forests are immense, and there are deep pools of water. As time passes, the water becomes deeper, more oxygenated, and covers a larger space. The whales find it easier to swim than walk, and they choose water over land.

Time passes, the earth and formations of stars change, and the whales live peacefully in the large sea, swimming thousands of miles, resting and breeding on specific shores, coves, and bays. The pods have routes for giving birth, finding adventure, and having fun.

I can feel stories of hero whales that found new places to rest or wander, discovered great beauty, or found a new way of navigating the sea. There are stories about babies, mother whales, and feeding. They have stories about the stars for they feel them in the night sky as they navigate. Their perceptions and memories are vast.

I ask about the Orcas who bite rudders off ships but never injure passengers. They share the locations of the ships, which they regard as interference, and the whales make it clear. The ships or yachts stay in quiet places where they once rested during their long pilgrimages of navigation.

The ships take up their space–and toss garbage and human waste into the water. The whales are asking them to leave in the nicest way. It is fair to ask for their space, less pollution, and cooperation between species. It is fair to ask for care and consideration of the earth and sea.

They want to connect to humans in the same way that they are connecting with me. And they want you to know:

There is a way that we can hear one another, a method of cooperation that brings the earth into Oneness. If we could speak the language of the heart, the earth could be quickly cleaned, repaired, and made whole. (They ask if we would please hold this vision of peace on earth and in the sea, so we can all live together as One.)

Ode to An Orca

Spiritual synchronicities indicate traveling on the right path, and several weeks ago when I was taking a break from researching orcas, I saw an email from Lynn Wedekind, asking for a session.  She also sent along a beautiful song that she wrote and sang for an orca, Tokitae. You can read her words and listen to her music, which she is graciously sharing.

Click below to listen on Spotify (You will need a free account.)

Lynn says, This musical project was created to honor Tokitae, an orca captured from her home in the Puget Sound of Washington state in 1970, who had remained in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium ever since.

May the music serve as an opportunity for Tokitae’s voice to be heard and remind us humans that we have choices. There comes a time when the choices we made in the past no longer serve the present or future. What are our choices now, regarding these intelligent creatures who serve us by remaining in captivity for a lifetime?

I believe the time has come to choose freedom. By choosing freedom for Tokitae, we are choosing freedom for ourselves.

Tokitae crossed over on August 18, 2023.

Captive Orcas

There are 54 orcas in captivity (19 in three Sea Worlds), and it’s important to know their pod can recognize their voices and share visuals with them from 1,000 miles away. They know their children are suffering.  Please boycott these places and shows. Let’s visualize that whales are no longer captured, made to perform or breed, and raised in captivity, so they can remain free and wild.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.




  1. Jyoti

    Thank you Julia for sharing this wonderful story and very important request.
    In Peace and Love of the Whales and Dolphins.

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re very welcome, Jyoti. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


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