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Message from the Wolves


In this brief message, the wolves speak of the new world. I can only say that I learned the art of intuitive communication from them by following similar tips and words. Their words were true, and they never led me astray.

Our name comes from the root word, Lux—or Light. We are spreading throughout the world. We had no desire to become extinct or flourish; it is simply the state of the universe. As speakers of light and bringers of dreams, we have much to say.

The new world is here already, woven between layers of the old world and the substance you refer to as reality. It is like 3 landscapes interlaced. It comes in swirls like morning fog or gentle rain, which disappears in a few minutes. By afternoon, you barely recall the fog or rain.

The realities mingle and overlap like threads in a tapestry. You travel between the ordinary and the new world where life follows the flow of your thoughts. It may occur for a few seconds, minutes, or hours, but there is a subtle difference in feeling—a depth of perception.

You walk between worlds as you travel through your day. In moments of awareness, you perceive the motion into the new world where intuition/thoughts/emotions grow stronger, and the world briefly grows more beautiful and subtle—responding to your wishes and energy.

You will know when you are there for life will look slightly different. Maybe, you will perceive the big changes in the world. Perhaps, you will simply perceive beauty and sensation on an intense level.

There is no real time in this dimension/space. Everything responds to thoughts and emotions when creatures and humans open to this space. Time alters and lengthens, the hours of the day change, and the sun and moon move on a new course.

This reality is not available to everyone—only those who listen and act on the heart. It is not enough to see light or study metaphysics or act intuitively; the key to the next world is something completely different. It is for those who are ready to leave behind the heaviness of this world and wander into possibility.

A great dream, an adventure, is awaiting for you. The dream is new; it is lovely. Everything changes including the geography of the earth, the motion of the continents, and the flow of your mind. Who will go there? Those who truly know light and the rhythm of their soul. It is not available otherwise. It is only through the rhythm of joy and loneliness that you can possibly hear your soul.


We share our thoughts because we want to help:

  • You will have more energy if you draw it from the earth and stars. Ask the earth to nourish your body. Sit with the grass and trees. Notice the shapes. (All of the shapes of nature sustain you.) See yourself as sustained and nourished by nature each day.
  • Imagine that much of history and science is not true. At a higher frequency, the laws change.
  • Learn to pull back your energy from the world. (When you think a strong thought, you immediately feel everyone else who shares the thought. This explains much of world emotion.) Release negative, needy people. They are not needed in your life.
  • Use your power as a creator. Notice the good. Rewrite the negative into a positive form.
  • Focus on your dream of life with all of your heart. Imagine life as lighter, happier, and more fun. (We dream often, and we are dreaming you into our world.)
  • Notice when life feels lighter, brighter, or different. During these times, you touch the new reality. It is very useful to send light, see life differently, or observe beauty.
  • Find the position of the sun and moon. Watch their motion. Observe the changes in light and darkness in the physical world.
  • You learn to transform, create, and manifest by desiring this state more than anything. It is the natural order of creating change through the lens of the soul and the voice of the heart. It is why you are here. It is as simple as knowing that you have the power and deciding to use it.
  • You were born as creators, to create anything that brings balance, harmony, and joy. Use your gifts.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Earth Changes



As a child, I learned the patterns of clouds, seasons, the motion of the moon, and meaning of dew on the grass. Nature spoke in an immutable language of signs, which never changed—and spoke of the future in a thousand ways. But the earth is changing, and the signs no longer hold their former wealth of information.

The sun and moon rise in different locations. There are unseasonable patterns. Fall comes early, perennial plants bloom in fall rather than spring, and storms and fires fill the continent. Globally, we’re experiencing solar flares, rising oceans, and a fluctuating magnetic field. The planet is taking on the matrix of a new pattern.

Part of the new pattern is the return of the wolves to California. (When I first met them, their numbers were smaller. They said the resurgence of their population was associated with a positive change as well as the turning of the planet and stars.) The four-leggeds and the creatures of the ocean also send waves of songs to support us.

In alchemical writings, there are notes indicating the elementals (the creatures ruling the kingdoms of fire, air, water, and earth) respond to the moods and thoughts of awakening human beings. As we awaken our energy level soars, and the acceleration of consciousness amplifies any imbalance in the emotional, mental, or physical realm of humans. As our energy increases and expands, nature acts as a balancing force by releasing emotion through storms and flames.

With many people awakening at this particular time, the planet’s reaction is not surprising. Earth is likely reflecting the oscillation of emotions and thoughts of many people at one time. As we increase our consciousness and light, our feelings and emotions often become more intense.

I’m sharing my thoughts below, which are simply based on observation.

  1. Storms and rain can reflect our inner condition; they can also clear our inner and outer condition. (Think of the garden in mid-summer after a wonderful rain.) From my experience, it is possible to calm a storm or experience it in a less intense manner.
  2. Fire purifies and changes a landscape. With the many fires in the United States, it could be helpful to imagine the landscape after days of rain–or to see new life in the place of the flames. (Note: it’s more helpful to see and imagine rain than to wish for it.)
  3. Some of our weather may be manufactured by others. We could imagine gentle, balanced weather–or devices that don’t work.
  4. We hasten the seasons and the feeling of an accelerated year by sending children to school in early August. Advertisements such as Halloween in August make time seem to move more quickly. When we buy and prepare months ahead, we actually visualize cooler weather and other events such as Christmas and snow! It’s always a wonderful time to slow and become present.
  5. Mass beliefs such as associating harsh winter with global warming increase the likelihood of the experience. If many people believe this, we’ll certainly experience it. Obviously, it’s also possible to visualize and create a milder winter. On another topic, pollution obviously exists, and we have to see this truth. But we can also imagine a planet without pollution, including clear skies, clean water, and solutions for current problems.

If Nature is reflecting our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, there is a possibility of creating a better reality. As far as I know, few people, with the exception of indigenous people, experiment with this. Please share your thoughts and insights.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Finding the True Self is the whole reason for awakening. Through the true self, we find a source of unlimited energy, direction, an open heart, and expansion. It’s not a magical genie although the force of spiritual light can feel very magical. It’s a process of learning who we really are by connecting to the Light.

For me, it began with a desire to awaken. There is a very real invisible world, which is only accessed by the soul. I wanted to know more about it, and my journey occurred through knowing wolves. It was not easy—finding truth is rarely easy. It’s a treasure found only through seeking.

In this post, I’m listing a few ideas for transformation. It’s important to adjust them to your own needs and journey.

1)      No one can save you. You must do it yourself through the help of the universe.  It’s important to learn about energy and how it works and feels for you. Alignment with the universe leads to transformation. Meditation brings the connection with the universe. (You can meditate on many things and manifest them, but it’s pretty meaningless without the connection. Expansion of light and awareness is the point of both meditation and manifestation.) Devotion to meditation is the fastest way of finding yourself. Find a coach or teacher if you need help.

2)      Know yourself. Learn how energy feels to you. When do you lose or gain energy? (Begin with locations, people, and actions.) Use your studies to notice if you feel inspired, energized, or excited.  Where are you blocked? Do you know how to send light and love to your difficulties or pain? Do you know how to send energy to expand your life? Do you practice sending light to yourself and others?

3)      What do you do with your energy? Do you speak well of others? How do you see them in your mind’s eye? Do you work or use your energy until you’re exhausted? Do you stop and collect energy on a regular basis? How do you project life? Everyone sees life by imagining events and outcomes and creating a virtual time line. By understanding this, you can alter a great deal of the movement of your life. We often project the next day before going to sleep. (An interesting question is: if the universe dreamed up my life tomorrow, how would it look?)

4)      Everything emanates energy. Stones, plants, people, places emanate an energetic pulse. By knowing what raises your energy, you can have more of it. Anything “raising energy” is generally associated with the true self. (It’s important to note you’re not taking the energy. You’re sharing a resonance. It’s synergy—your energy plus another field. You go into the inner self to find additional energy, not back to the physical source.)

5)      The journey involves staying aligned with the true self when the ego (negative inner dialog and resistance) comes into play. It’s good to think of it as energy going in the opposite direction. How can you turn it around, express it differently, and/or move through it?

6)      Like attracts like. Find people, books, objects, and practices with a higher frequency. Note the difference in their vibration and your own.  Emulate the vibration.  Discover how you can create a similar vibration of your own.

7)      Express willingness for the journey. It takes work and persistence to find your true self.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves  taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Part II: Lessons in the Garden of Life

                                                                                                                                  Oil by Karen Winters


For the record, I’m an avid gardener — but I’m sharing these tips because they apply to life on so many levels of consciousness. I began seriously gardening during the time that I discovered much about energetic laws from the wolves. I thought about their ideas while I worked in the garden and experimented with them rather wildly.

The most exciting part involved the outcome – their ideas truly worked. As time passed, I began to understand how they related to energy. As I work with plants in my garden, I recall the beauty of the lessons among memories of the infinite loveliness of the flowers.

Make the most of what you already have. Use the geographic form of the land. Hills lend themselves to tiers; flat ground is useful for raised beds. Shade beneath trees gives life to unusual plants that don’t grow in the sun. When planning, begin by seeing the value in what you already have. The same is true of the self.  Recognize your inherent gifts and put them to use. Make the best of unusual traits. Develop the potential of useful characteristics. Use creativity when making forms and plans with your inner landscape.

Listening to intuition creates superior shapes and forms to those formulated in the mind. It’s through intuition that we perceive the plants, the flow of the energy in the garden and the overall design. Nature is always changing. Plants move in the winter. There is a flow of energy – and by following it, life changes in a marvelous way. You can’t always see the energy but you can learn to feel and follow it.

The Earth can reveal your soul. When you are lost in beauty or the labors of work – sometimes you forgot your “self” (the egoic mind.)  Then you notice the shapes of flowers, the color of the sky, the smell of the earth or the neon brilliance of a dragon fly. The nature of this experience reflects the essence of your soul. Every time you notice this, you draw closer to who you really are.  The soul is elusive, and these small moments teach about its presence.

Desire works much the same in the garden as it does in life. When I wanted a plant too much and gave it too much attention, it rarely thrived. When I felt irritated by the lemon balm or chives that overgrew their borders, they only grew more. Certain states of being –such as over-attachment, worry or irritation – tend to create the opposite of a desire. It’s best to simply see the outcome clearly and let it go. Trust in the outcome. Don’t dig up your seeds by checking on them too often.

Learn about generosity. The garden gives abundantly. It usually bears so much that one must give much away for the plants to grow properly. Many plants and seeds were given to me by friends, and I think of my friends kindly each day when I see them. Give away excess, share the fruits of your labor and bless what you keep for yourself. Gratitude and generosity build friendships, as well as a better life.

Discover what you don’t like to do and why. I hated weeding in the beginning because I couldn’t quiet my mind or stay focused for hours on tiny weeds. I didn’t like adding amendments because I wasn’t sure of my skills. After I admitted my feelings to myself, I could master my emotions and go forward. Soon after this, I learned to create different visuals and make my work go quickly.

Before beginning your work, begin with a visual of success. Create an image of a specific amount of work easily accomplished within a given time frame. (Be realistic. Learn how long it takes to finish a task.) Wandering around and playing by moving from bed to bed isn’t an achievement – although it can be fun. Choose one section or portion of a task and intensely visualize its completion. Follow the visualization by feeling a state of happiness about its completion. Take time to rest under the trees or go for a walk when it’s completed. Rewarding the self encourages accomplishment and interest in intuitive work.

The weather comes and goes. Stay philosophical because there’s not a lot you can do about it. When I mulched the garden heavily for dry weather, it rained buckets. The next year I planned for a wet year and added sand – then guess what? It barely rained. I had to add compost, mulch and water constantly. You can’t control the rain or heat – you have to roll with it. Life’s the same the way. Sometimes you think that you have “it” down, and, then the life throws a punch. You do the best you can, change your tactics and keep going.

If you don’t love it or you don’t feel inspired –then choose something that leads toward your soul. When a task, project or work relates to the soul, then love leads you through the tasks, repetition and challenges. With soul work, you find people who love and support you. You find the strength to move through obstacles. Eventually you create a highly individual work with great beauty and meaning as a reflection of your true self.



 Julia Griffin, Intutive Healer




Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach.


Lessons in the Garden in Life

Claude Monet


As many of you know, I spent ten years with wolves learning how to hear “unspoken” or the intuitive language of the soul. Later I heard the voice of plants and then began hearing the thoughts of people. My garden served as a test for the energetic rules taught by the wolves.  Many of the premises taught in the garden serve well in life.

Recognize patterns:  When I first began gardening, certain herbs and flowers thrived in my garden– and others didn’t. Over time, I recognized patterns of energy of the garden that determined whether or not a plant was needed in the design. Note patterns of energy that make life happier and better. Identify the activities and state of mind associated with them. Eliminate what’s not needed. 

Pay attention to cycles: Nature gives cycles of growth and rest to everything and everyone.  Plants slow down their growth on the new moon, and germination and plant growth increase around the full moon. You have a personal, physical cycle and a business cycle. Understanding the cycles of your body, emotions and work can help in understanding your need for rest, production or entertainment. (While on the topic –try cleaning and weeding on the new moon. The full moon benefits transplanting, haircuts and creative work.) On another level, pay attention to clues – which are signs of another sort. There’s a feeling associated with plants drooping or thriving – the same holds true with your life and work.  If you notice soon enough, you can do something about it.





Pull up the weeds:  Weeds take water and energy away from your plants. Discern the sources of energy and find the “weeds.”  Let go of friends or associates who pull you down or exhaust you. Let go of self-defeating thoughts, constant pushing and activities that don’t play you forward in life. Let go of anything that is not energizing, nourishing or feeds the garden as a whole.

Plan for change and expansion: Many times – with my flagrant care – perennials grew far larger than they should and overcrowded my bright annuals until I learned to space plants farther apart. When you grow, your energy field expands and heightens. Sometimes friends grow with you –other times, you leave them behind or change your relationship with them. Your life also changes. You can’t always predict “how” expansion comes –so keep an open mind.

Visualize before taking action: My largest herb garden grew to one-third of an acre. I could barely keep up with it until I figured out how to see it without weeds and visualize the plants growing enough to shade out the upcoming weeds. Actually I was focusing on the weeds and never finishing my work. It’s easier to see a task in completion and a happy outcome, whether in life or the garden.

Consistency matters. Gardens need water, amendments and care, just as you need food, water, exercise and meditation. You can’t over-water because you forgot it yesterday or apply twice the amendments because you ignored it two weeks ago. It’s a daily thing.  Regular, systematic care makes for a beautiful garden and a wonderful you.

All in One: In an organic garden, everything affects everything else. Plants grow or diminish in relationship to bugs, flowers, birds, frogs and fertilizer. Changing anything affects the whole. It’s true about your life too. You never know how one positive gesture can alter the “whole” until you try it or how one courageous step changes the lives of others. Experiment often and use your intuition.

Love:  I’ve loved some of my gardens so much that I ran outside to see them as soon as I dressed. I even dreamed about them at night. The best-loved plants tend to grow the most. I always see my garden as an expression of the divine. I can tend the plants, water and maintain them but the universe and soil make them flourish — so I’m infinitely grateful. The same is true about the self.

Julia Griffin, Intutive Healer





Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach.






Angels Among Us

We are moving toward unio mystica, or the cosmic union with the Divine– as increasing waves of light strike the planet in the ascension process. We are learning how the world responds to our collective consciousness. As always, I am positive about the future. It is my privilege as a human being to choose this alternative. Despite my happy choice, I am also a realist.

No manifestation ever appears without offering the choice of opposites.  Logically, manifestation begins by clearly looking at the choices or scenarios. One scenario is death by earth disaster, political plots or basically a dictatorial scheme, which eliminates any creativity or outcome from humanity at large. The other possible scenario is “heaven on earth”, a transformative vibration that erases all difficulty from the earth.

As humanity matures, the inclination is to blame world events for our happiness, prosperity and state of affairs in the world. Traditional alchemy offers a different view – the outer world is a reflection of our collective inner vision. As spiritual energy increases, the challenge is seeing “reality” differently, while gaining understanding –the fear, anger and pain in the world are reflections of the self, which must be surrendered to create a positive shift.

Either of the polar opposites is unlikely to appear as a final manifestation. (After all, co-creation occurs as the marriage of opposites – not as the eradication of an opposite form.) Rather, manifestation is a process. At its best, it teaches soul evolution and internal change. Humanity is becoming more intuitive and perceptive on each wave of the Maya calendar. The challenge is to alter our perceptions into higher truth. (For example, I may correctly assess that a client is very ill, but I alter my perception by seeing the person in perfect health each time I think of them. In other words, I don’t deepen the negative state with my perception.)

Angelic intervention is one of the most powerful tools in altering perception. Carlos Castaneda states, in The Power from Within, that evolution is partially attained through the help of inorganic beings. “Inorganic being” refers to a being with a spiritual, but not physical, form.  It is not uncommon for the spiritual traveler to contact guides, ascended beings or angels on the journey. Of all of these “helpers”, I found the angels to be incredibly effective guides in altering my perception of reality.

On the spiritual journey, seekers usually decide or devote their lives to helping others. There is an exchange of energy with every encounter on this planet –perhaps all relationships are symbiotic to some degree.  When a teacher takes a student, energy is transmitted to the student. For those who’ve had the experience, it’s well known –energy pours in when the student seeks a higher level of consciousness. (This is how your teacher magically knows if you are working or not.) And the energy is lost or wasted if the other person stays the same. Perhaps, this rule of exchange will alter in time, but for the moment, this is how energy works.

But I’ve found one of the most pleasant and helpful energetic exchanges to occur with angels. The angels hold the blueprints of the soul and the right application of every aspect of personality. Their energy is soft and loving – they don’t intrude or speak in loud voices. Their guidance is gentle and leads to happiness. More importantly, the angels lead us toward love for self and others.

In this article, I offer several methods of contacting your angels. The simplest method is writing one’s angels. Anyone can do this with very little thought.  I offer a few experiences and prayers for beginners. On the more complex level, I write of the angels of the spheres. This work is detailed and takes practice, but can elicit amazing results.

Angel Story

I suppose that I always felt angels, now that I know them. But angels did not play a profound part in my life until I committed to my spiritual work. My psychic skills had been honed by the time spent reading the highly detailed thoughts of wolves, which was followed by hearing plants and then hearing the thoughts of people in less than one year.  While I gained a great deal of discipline from my work, I lacked spiritual commitment.

In the beginning of a spiritual quest, the light bestowed by heaven is heady and delicious.   Wonderful results –glimpses of the future, happier feelings, people from past lives, synchronicities—can flow into one’s life during the earlier stages of spiritual discipline. In the beginning, I admit my quest aligned with the “feel good” side of the work.

The polar scheme of life brings darkness next, as the ego’s construction of life shatters, like a house of cards. Many people return to their earlier life, as the work turns intense and difficult. But when my life shattered, there was no longer a choice, at least not for me.

I wanted The Light.  I didn’t care how hard I had to work or what would might be sacrificed. I desired “the light” more than anything else. After my foray through personal darkness, my life stabilized. I worked for a library, then a college. The stabilization brings a razor-like edge—with a temptation to stay in the same place, ignoring the shadows at play.

For several years, my job served as an entrapment. I loved the people and service, but found it impossible to raise my consciousness to the next level. Somehow, the light spoke to me, and I became aware of the need for a higher frequency. I chanted and learned Jonathon Goldman’s frequencies. Any additional monies were spent on spiritual workshops. I studied, meditated, and walked in every free moment.

I committed to the light, yet again. I gained awareness of my limitations in perceiving life. Apparently, I perceived life as a boring repetition, accurately producing the same circumstances day after day. It was necessary to create of a new vision of life.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to creation. In the moment of holding a new vision, the shadow world begins to present itself. The fears about money, health and relationships gain force, as the ego struggles to reassert its will—through the repetition of thoughts and feelings that created the painful reality.

So the fear struck very hard at night. Sleep was impossible, and I lay in my bed, holding my wolf and trying to breathe through my limited mind. Help came in the form of many creative, spiritual friends who shared the “feeling” of a different, better reality and sent love to me every day.

It was then that the angels obviously appeared—though I’ve felt their presence throughout my life—I experienced the first inkling of knowing. A soft, loving sensation of warmth appeared when I was most racked and besieged by doubt. I felt as though I was embraced by warmth, and then I saw light. The light led me into deep sleep. When I trusted this feeling, my life moved toward greater ease. I felt more optimistic and moved more quickly into creative visions for my life.

Soon after this, an influential friend noticed that I always “read” her pet whenever I visited her. She arranged many pet readings for me, which soon developed into intuitive readings for humans. While I probably could have begun my work then, it took some time for adjustment. In all honesty, I had to commit again to this process.

When I committed to my spiritual work, I wanted to help others through intuitive readings, and I wanted to write about the spiritual world. It’s fair to say that my mind stayed on these thoughts almost every moment. I wanted to serve, to change my life and move in this direction. I meditated on the idea of this constantly, in every spare moment of the day. It was then that the angels came to stay as a constant presence in my life.

Elana, the Angel Lady

The angels were first brought to the forefront of my consciousness when my friend Donna and I attended a meditation group. The evening began with a brief prayer spoken by the group’s leader, an attractive woman in her fifties named Elana. During this prayer, I could feel the room becoming filled with angelic presence. The room’s vibration seemed to speed up, and I could even detect a faint scent of roses.

And as a result of this prayer, it seemed that all the people in the room had changed. A light played on their faces, and they spoke differently. I found that I was no longer aware of their personalities, of their shortcomings or strengths. Everything was happening in a dimension where those things did not matter.

I dreamed that night of a Violet Light that transformed my life. Donna phoned me the next day and asked, “What did Elana do? The whole room changed after she said that prayer.” And I realized I knew the answer. “Elana called in the angels.”

Later, Elana taught me specific techniques and prayers that changed my life. Within six months, I began working as an intuitive counselor, and “quit my day job.” When I began doing readings and listened to my clients’ problems, I received insights as meditations that focused on sound, imagery, and physical sensation. I was surprised at how quickly these techniques worked until I learned that they were truly given to me by the angels.

Sound and color change the speed of our vibratory fields very quickly, and the information and meditations “I” created for my clients were actually techniques to attune to the angels’ vibratory fields. Through experience, I was learning what Elana had taught me all along: “Stay out of the picture. Let the angels do the work.”

Writing Angels

When writing several articles about dreaming (Volume 3, No. 10) for Spirit of Maat, Robert Moss changed the time for our interview to 6 am on the following morning. Robert had specified my reading his book as a requirement—or no interview. Since the planned time for the interview had been several days away, I had no time at all to read. The interview would be in eight hours, and I needed to sleep.

What could I do? I called on my angels. Quickly, I heard to read specific chapters, but when I scanned the table of contents, I didn’t know which ones. “Look through the book.” I heard next. So I thumbed through the book.  Several chapters seemed to feel differently from the rest. The pages seemed thicker and held more energy or light. So I read the chapters and made notes with specific questions.

I’m not a morning person at all. I would prefer to never talk on the phone at 6 am, but the interview went well. Occasionally I would hear myself ask a question about something I hadn’t read, and Robert would affirm the chapter or information in the book. I loved speaking with him and writing the article, but I have to admit it was strange! (I did read the book after the interview. And I know now that the “angel scan” can be used with many sources of information.)

Angel Speeches

I was afraid of teaching my first class. I couldn’t sleep and worked hard to memorize my notes. My friend, Elana, reassured me. She said to ask the angels to help. I had little faith in her suggestion, but I acted on it. When I welcomed everyone to class, the angelic presence came. After the first few words, I simply listened as words flowed through me. A light guided my delivery of the class.

Many members of the class felt and commented on the angelic presence. The angels teach my classes up to this day. I make detailed notes but am often surprised to find myself reading notes that are not visible on the page or speaking about topics that I knew little about before the class.

How It Works

The angelic energies make it possible for us to transcend any condition, lack, or need on the material plane. The angelic field is composed of energies that connect to God or the Divine. It’s important to recognize the feeling of connection—it’s soft and loving. Angels speak or communicate with higher vibrations. Life becomes gentler, more pliable and beautiful when angels are near. More to the point, there is a deep feeling of love. I know when I am connected because life and people seem beautiful to me. I see their inner presence and their heart chakras, whether awakened or not.

The major change created by the angels was my ability to perceive. I noticed my perception of a situation altered, rather rapidly, through these communications. For example, “not having” is a perception. When the perception is changed to abundance, the inner vision and corresponding feelings change. I found the same to be true of people.

Here is a prayer asking the angels for help with perception:

Please clear my internal vision so that I see the underlying perfection in this situation. Please show me the right way of perceiving it. Please allow the light to grow so that I am no longer limited by my memories, perceptions or how I think life to be.  Move me toward expansion, growth, health, abundance and love.

Help with people:

Please allow me to see the underlying light in this person’s form. Please show me the beauty of his/her heart and create a higher resonance or vibration between us. I know my perceptions are based on information – my reading of this person’s field, whether accurate or not. Please allow me to remain unaffected by his or her lower energies and to see the underlying truth and beauty in this human form. Please align me with truth.

(People will either change or fade out of your life as your perception changes. I find it best not to have a preference about his/her action.)

The Details

The angels each have specific qualities, characteristics, and abilities. Just as we perceive light as seven colors and hear sound on the octave (individual notes in each eight-note scale), and just as we perceive the grass to be green or a musical note to be treble or bass, so we perceive the angels, not simply as pure light or vibration or as God, but with specific characteristics.

All energy on Earth has dimension, measurement, and scale. Therefore, when we call upon the angels for transcending, it is important for us to know their characteristics and to commune with these qualities. If the angels are energy, then we can transform our own energy by focusing on their forms and how we each as individuals relate to them. It is important to become familiar with them.

Our understanding of angelic energies is part of our move to the upper dimensions. The angels enable us to understand that the movement of energy from duality to wholeness, as part of this shift in time. It said that the “veil” is thin, giving glimpses of the higher worlds. The angels act as the connecting energies between God and us.


Angel Letters

I find it helpful to write my angels about all aspects of life. I call on my angels of light, of prosperity, relationships and careers. I ask for a vision of my life from a different perspective, as well as the strength to see it in that way. I ask for changes, and I state that I am ready for them. The angels want us to feel happy, so they often postpone changes until we are ready –unless we ask clearly for them NOW. I burn these letters (to mail them) when I’m done.

Angels of the Spheres

Doreen Virtue shares a great deal about archangels, and other sources share excellent and detailed information about the archangels, but there are other important angels and applications.  Franz Bardon’s work, which relates to Kabala, has long captured my interest. He speaks of the astrological angels that surround our planet in our zone and beam 360 messages or energies containing our divine blueprint. Each of the three hundred and sixty degrees of the astrological wheel has an angelic name.

The term “spheres” refers to the kabala’s astrological zones. There are also planetary angels that correspond to the spheres in the Tree of Life. For example, Yesod refers to the moon, so the angelic names would relate to the moon. This article addresses the angels of the zone of the Earth.

In the earthly sphere, each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and there many angels who work with each of these beings. The angelic groups correspond to each of the 360 degrees and lovingly watch over the sphere of the earth. They are available to specifically heal our lives. The being and the angels all share the same name, and this name is a key to their powers and influence.

All of the angelic beings are invoked through meditation on the letters of their names, which interpret into color, sound, qualities, or energy. These angelic names are ancient energetic teachings presented as astrological information, involving meditative material that includes color, virtues or qualities, sound, and parts of the body, and their names are then invoked through letters of the alphabet according to Kabala.

The importance of the work lies in the transference of a blueprint or underlying form of perfection. The seeker cannot know the answer; yet, the feeling or solution eventually comes when calling on these names. A great and beautiful mystery surrounds the successful evocation of these names—it is as though the answer appears through transference—through a perception, which changes the flow of the events of life, as it gives greater understanding of life.[1]

A few examples of names include: CAPIPA, a group of angels who bring the blueprint of wealth; ALAGILL who makes all of life pleasant; and CARONA who stops violent storms. (Much information about the angels, their names, and Franz Bardon is easily found on the web.)

Pulling It All Together

I like to begin with a letter to my angels. The expression of my thoughts, difficulties and desires seem to “open me up” to higher vibrations, thoughts and feelings. I’ve noticed I stop encountering repetitive thoughts and negative emotions soon after a letter is mailed.

The process is even more effective if I ask more deeply for angelic guidance. If I feel discontented or uneasy, I begin by focusing on an archangel like Jophiel, who has powers in this sphere.

Here’s a meditation:

To summon the energy of the Archangel Jophiel, imagine that you are eight, nine, or ten years old. It is the middle of summer and the days flow smoothly into one another, like molasses from a jar. You are lying on the earth, and the sky is incredibly blue with slow-moving white clouds. There is absolutely nothing to do, so you merge with the sky and earth. The dark green trees move with your breath, and the wind speaks through the trees. Move the energy into your being, possibly into the heart chakra, and hold the color of the sky. Imagine how your life could flow with this smoothness, this beauty and grace. Move into the feeling and imagine it flowing through your life.


I follow this by repeating the letters, virtues and sounds of the angels of ALAGILL, who bring comfort, peace and contentment. It is my experience that ALAGILL also makes life much more beautiful.

I project my desire as I practice repetitions. Often, I call on an angel for hours until I feel the relief of new energy in my field.


When It Doesn’t Work


The angels are always there, guiding us. But we don’t always hear them. I know, from experience, that I cannot hear the angels or feel them when I am in emotional pain. I often experience this state of “pain” when a pattern of the ego appears for integration –usually during the process of a particular manifestation. (The emotions represent lower frequencies that require release, clearing and transmutation.)



I’ve learned to meditate, practice yoga, chant and focus on light during these times. I also write angel letters at least once each day. Although it does not feel as though my practices are working, I’ve learned from experience that they do indeed work – in time. In other words, when I raise my frequency, I can receive messages and help. I close the door when in a lower frequency.




Why do I spend so much time on this practice? It takes hours to do this properly, to learn the names, virtues and colors—as well as the qualities of the archangels. The answer is that the angels bring miracles, large and small. I’ve learned to radiate their energy toward others, as well. And in the big picture, I’m only human. I have plenty of negative emotions, like anger and fear, which await transmutation.


As John Lennon said, “Yes is surrender.” If I keep saying “yes” to the Universe, then I must surrender the parts of myself that construe reality from a critical, non-loving point of view. I must surrender my negative emotions and perceptions because they amplify the reality that I choose not to experience. It’s a great pleasure to choose to focus on the beauty, magic and perfection of the underlying life of individuals and the planet.


My work with the angels has taught me that it is possible to change the way I see life, to accept my emotions and clear them. I understand I am a creator. My experiences come from me, but transmuting the underlying negativity has been a challenge throughout most of my life. I’ve found help from the angels to be amazingly effective.


The angels provide this vision of perfection and divinity. They hold the master blueprints of love. When I can’t help myself, the angels provide assistance. I find meditation with the angels to be a more productive practice than expression of negative emotions or talking with friends.  Most importantly, the angels help free me from the creations and permutations of my lower self.


There is a special note of intuitive creativity in an angelic practice. Once learned, you will come to recognize this. It is my heart felt desire that you find the angels, who will stand unfailingly by your side when you call.


[1]Information on letters , the divine virtues, and angels are taken from Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN 3-921338-12- 4], by Franz Bardon, Dieter Rüggeberg publisher, Wuppertal/W. Germany. See A Bardon Companion.

January 2011: Astrological Weather

Astrology is like a weather report. It indicates the likelihood of rain, snow or sunshine, but it’s never a sure thing. It’s only an indication of the movement of the forces – like clouds or high and low pressure. That’s the reason for the astrological fiat: “The stars impel; they don’t compel.” We have free will and can make choices. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about the cosmic weather.

In this year, we have the opportunity to heal wounds that cause miscreant creations in the physical world. Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune, that is both the redeemer and the parts of self firmly encased in illusion, are in a water sign, which indicates that we may master the illusion through detachment by realizing that our beliefs rule our emotions. Neptune also rules mass consciousness, and clearly we are beginning to understand how connected we are in the web of life, both globally and personally.

Uranus, the spiritual master that brings eccentric and unpredictable change, has pleasant aspects for most of the year, making it easier to move into alignment with our higher spiritual nature. Most of the plants line up pleasantly through end of January (wow, a whole month of ease!)

Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and good luck, makes positive aspects with Uranus through January. So now is the time to take a chance, to put good plans into action. Uranus also tends to destroy anything that isn’t in alignment with its quirky energy. So plan ahead, look at the parts of life that work and don’t work, and think ahead. We’ll feel Uranus’ influences throughout the year. Also Mercury is direct, encouraging heart felt communications. Venus sits pleasantly, adding her beauty and intellectual insights.

Saturn, the taskmaster, will become retrograde later in the year. So it’s important to put ideas and thoughts into action before the retrograde begins later in the year. It’s also helpful to work now to create a routine for spiritual and physical development because it will be more difficult later.

Having spoken briefly about the astrological aspects (I’ll say more another time), I am a double Sagittarius born on the 11th, and this year is an eleven. All Sagittarians know a lot about the 11th hour. Help is said to come at the eleventh hour, and it often does but only after hard work and mastery – then the angel of the flame of the soul comes with an unexpected answer in the hour of surrender.

11 is also about duality. The duality that we work with is the duality of the soul and the ego. The un-integrated ego could be called the part of us that lives in un-awakened patterns. By un-awakened, I mean the physical patterns, the words, thoughts and emotions that hold us bondage to experiences that we no longer want to experience. It is only through holding new images and reinforcing them with emotions, feelings and actions that life changes. New images are not merely the acknowledgment of a desire of the soul. They are about feeling the heart’s desire, connecting with spirit to find the blueprint of the soul.  Many years ago, I began to learn manifestation from wolves. I could hear their voices and they encouraged me to create another reality. Some of the images they taught me to reinforce; others they taught me to discard. When I asked why, they said that real dreams already exist in the soul, like a parallel universe that waits to unfold with a marvelous vision.

This became my gift – an inner knowing of when one is aligned with their soul’s dream and finding the direction to discover it. Now we are living on a planet when everyone is awakening to this opportunity. And we feel the waves of enlightenment, they are actually experienced as instability or mood swings or deep feelings for when we move toward enlightenment, we swing between the duality of emotions until we master it. Mastery takes place in the emotions. Mastery is learning to hold a realization, a higher image of perfection in relationships, body or spirit until it becomes the home of our moment to moment consciousness. When we gain mastery, the miracles of the 11th hour become visible.

Astrologically, the entire world is affected as the planets align with the Aries Point or North Node of the universe. North Node is visible, active realization of one’s personal spiritual guidance in the material world. As we move into spiritual actualization – for those of you who have realized it in one way or another – you know it is about seeing through the illusion by learning that the illusion exists because of our focus on consciousness, because of seeing duality as opposed to unity.

If you remember only one or two thoughts from this post, remember that love is a state of unity. Unity and love are always the solution.

Emotion and Manifestation

This month’s prosperity class was about the power of emotion and its involvement with manifestation. Love is undoubtedly the highest emotion. It is also a great power that comes from connection with the Universe or the Divine.

A personal example with a wolf was used as an illustration. During this time, I lived with my black and white wolf, Maeko. My son was nine or ten years old and arrived home about one hour before I did. He always called but often visited with neighbors while he waited for me. Sometimes, he forgot to leave a message or came home late, which I found worrisome.

One night,  he did not come home or call. I called neighbors and walked through the small town, but I could not find him. As I became frantic, my wolf came and laid her head on my feet. She looked at me intensely with that special “wolf-look.”

I heard her say loudly, “Imagine how feels when he is home.” With Maeko’s help, I created a detailed picture of his white blond hair, slim long body, the smell of his clothes, as well as the touch of his hand. I imagined that he was sitting next to me, and the warmth of his body could be felt next to mine. The house felt lovely then – it became a home, so safe and full of love.

“Now, see your son opening the door,” Maeko said.

With the image and sound of the door opening with his return, I became furious. My mind exploded in an imagery conversation. “Where have you been? Why are you late? Don’t you know how much I worried about you?”

My angry internal words must have been loud to Maeko, for she turned away from me and said, “If you think those words and hold that image, then he will never come home!”

Pacing back and forth, I became truly angry. Even my beloved wolf would not help me, and my son would not come home. As my desperation grew, I said to Maeko, “Okay, then how would you do it?”

She gazed into my eyes, and I saw my son coming through the door. We ran to him. I hugged him. Maeko gently licked his hand, leaning against his legs. “The love will bring him home,” she said.

Maeko and I held this image for possibly three or four minutes, and my son came through the door. Although I had read about this in alchemy, my little wolf taught the power of love and visualization to me. Since that day, I’ve used visualization coupled with love many, many times.

You can use it too. The class gives many exercises on the power of emotion coupled with visualization. I suspect that when many of us “get it” that the world change! In the meanwhile, I give thanks to the wolves for the sharing of their knowledge and vision.

Children and friend with wolf friends