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Planetary Change: A Breath of Fresh Air


Before moving into the forecast, it’s important to know astrology is a useful tool, which attunes us to specific energies and indicates their length and duration. From another perspective, it is also possible to vibrate above a lower, difficult aspect of energy and transmute it into a higher form.

In this way, we work with our personality in this way by becoming more aware of our tendencies to specific energies and making adjustments accordingly. We also change by learning to tap into the inner self for spiritual qualities that alter our perceptions and “read” of a specific situation. We have free will as to the quality of our response to the flow of the energy.

On Sept 9, Jupiter, the bringer of expansion and good fortune moves into Libra. It’s literally like a breath of fresh air! Jupiter in Libra brings the influence of air (thought, communications) in a balanced sense. The placement is positive with an emphasis on beauty, peace, and harmony. Jupiter in Libra brings a lighter energy, which is uplifting. (NOTE: Sept 9 is an auspicious day because all of the digits add up to 9, the culmination of energy before taking on physical form. Plan to use part of this day for meditation on positive desires.)


This full-disc image of Jupiter was taken on 21 April 2014 with Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).

Venus (feminine, beauty, art, material possessions) joins Jupiter are both in Libra, making life may look or feel especially beautiful. In the bigger picture, Jupiter in Libra leads us into peaceful feelings, balance between opposing factions, and gives the vision of a bigger, better world—which is needed at this time. It also benefits relationships, art, and harmonious change.

In the meanwhile, Sun (outer life) and Mercury retrograde (communication, travel, the mind) are in Virgo, urging our attention on communication, detail, and precision—those practical things, which comprise a big part of material life. Virgo is an earth sign, and it urges focus on material change such as organization and our relationship with the physical world. It’s definitely a good time to look at exercise, diet, nutrition, and physical change.

Sun and Mercury trine Pluto (subconscious, underworld, transformation.) Sun is life and light; Mercury is the higher mind and communications. A trine is harmonious, but Pluto tends to create transformation through profound realizations and/or a state of surrender. Often, we drop a part of the self (or life) to find a higher truth.  Pluto can also help in finding our “inner” power in situations that made us feel powerless in the past. (Pluto often brings a big “reveal”.)

Mars (masculine energy, action) and Saturn (time, karma) remain in Sagittarius, urging discipline with our spiritual quest as well as action in the material world. Mars trines Uranus, which can  bestow interesting, unusual ideas. Mars also squares Saturn, and this aspect can help with structure but can emphasize unhappy patterns or unkind words.

Saturn (time, limitation) and Neptune (dreams, the mystical) are square, meaning we may feel confusion about particular issues in life. It’s difficult to receive a clear read whenever we lack clarity. For example, we might meditate to get an answer, but we receive 3 or 4 conflicting answers or ideas. The aspect is currently direct, but the planets will move apart in a week or two, and the answers will become clearer and more distinct.

Overall, we’re moving through another layer of change, transformation, and inner realization. Venus and Jupiter are beneficent planets, which can help in finding peaceful balance in life—and a more positive attitude. By communicating through our hearts, we often rise above the confusing vibrations of Mercury in retrograde. It’s a fine time for more awakening and moving more into cosmic love.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: New Moon/Eclipse



A solar eclipse on Thurs, Sept 1 accompanies the New Moon.  New Moons are typically for releasing the past and planning the future. They bring the energy of the “void”, a pause before creating in the next cycle of the moon.  Eclipses interrupt the pattern of light and darkness; they can also give the opportunity to reboot in a new way.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are in Virgo, which can indicate service, arcane truth, and emphasis on work. Virgo is an earth sign, and it rules the body, placing particular emphasis on health. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter oppose Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces. Sun and Moon trine Pluto (subconscious, regeneration.) The sign of Pisces can refer to the past age; it also rules mysticism and sacrifice. In past ages, there was an emphasis on personal sacrifice, which included helping others (and forgetting the self.) In the Aquarian Age, we are becoming aware of the need for balanced giving. We may become aware of old trauma, but can also heal it in a new way.

Mercury moved into retrograde in Virgo on August 30. But it also conjuncts Jupiter, which gives incredible focus and creative ideas. Mercury retrograde slows life down, including travel, communication, and electronics.

Venus in Libra plays a strong part in the New Moon chart. Venus represents love and beauty; she glows and shines in Libra–making all of life more lovely. Additionally, Venus (feminine, beauty) conjuncts Jupiter (good fortune.) This is an excellent influence, indicating beneficial energies. (Through this aspect, we can find new answers for career and expansion through creative pursuits.)



Mars (overall energy, assertion) in Sagittarius is good for personal quests. It adds fire and passion to life.  However, Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune, which means it’s easy to become overly assertive, pushy, or misunderstood. (Save conflicts and discussions for a bit later in the month.)

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is currently in Virgo, but it will move into Libra on September 9, which will lighten up our experience of life. Chiron (the wounded healer) is opposed by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter; it’s an indication that personal healing can help with creating communication, loving relationships, and good fortune.  (It may be helpful to meditate on these areas of life.)

Uranus (spiritual energy, unpredictable change) remains retrograde and square Pluto, which can account for sudden swings in emotions and thoughts. With Uranus, it’s usually possible to shift into a higher state, which can bring (almost) immediate solutions or help. (Uranus also represents the quantum field, which communicates to us when we experience higher vibrations.)



  • With many planets in Virgo, it’s important to pay attention to our physical life, diet, rest, and exercise with many planets based in earth. It may be more important to spend time deciphering how our inner self wants to live in physical life. On a higher level, Neptune in Pisces—which opposes Sun and Moon—asks us to move above mundane life and act on the auspices of the inner self.
  • It is a wonderful time to enjoy nature with many planets based in earth and Venus placed in Libra. Nature feels very light and lovely at the moment. Venus conjuncts Jupiter, which can bring good fortune.
  • Mercury is in retrograde. Standard advice involves not signing contracts or taking long trips. Expect a bit of confusion and be sure to back up electronics. (The energy tends to feel heavy when Mercury is retro in an earth sign. It will pass.)
  • Mars squares and opposes several planets. Think tension and conflict. Avoid deep discussions until Mars is in a better position.
  • Stay patient and loving with the self. Observations and feelings will come and go. The important part is meditation, making small positive decisions, and staying on the path. Inspiration and direction will appear at the right time.
  • The New Moon is powerful time for endings and new beginnings. Make a desire list in accordance with the inner self.

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s interpretation

Sun and Moon sit on Virgo 10, “Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows.” This symbol could refer to the union of the lower and higher self, which is above all shadows—and lives in the world of light. It can refer to the observation, which occurs when we glimpse hidden parts of ourselves, which sabotage or cause conflict in life. It’s also possible that it refers to the lack of agreement between different groups of people, who strongly hold opposing concepts. (All of these states seem obvious in the world at this time.)

Mercury and Jupiter are on Virgo 29, “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from a Scroll He Is Reading.” Certainly, the internet and modern books have bestowed a great deal of secret knowledge in the past decade. Secret knowledge is power.

The question lies in how we use the knowledge—to develop the inner self or simply use “power” to have what we want. Certainly, we could create many good things with secret knowledge such as cleaning the environment, helping others, or changing the world.

Venus is positioned on Libra 3, “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.” For those who are awakened, the New Day is the substance of our experience. Nothing feels exactly right or in the same order. There is a feeling of distraction and a set of new energetic perceptions. (We know it’s wonderful, but we haven’t deciphered all of the information.)

Mars sits on Sagittarius 15, “The Ground Hog Looking for Its Shadow on Ground Hog Day.” This symbol refers to the repetition of old patterns—the emotional grooves of the past—as well as the desire to change the pattern and create a new life. (Mars rules assertion and aggression, so it may be helpful to look for patterns based on anger and resentment. Wait before taking action.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: Finding Balance in Life




Every week or two, the planets provide a different set of energies for our sojourn through life. The planets color our feelings, sensations, and perception of life with powerful energies, which may bring harmony or clearing, depending on our personal chart.

Currently, the emphasis is on earth, specifically on the earth sign, Virgo, which focuses on perfection, ritual, and order. Living in the physical world does require order and structure, but perfection—in our world—is relative. It can easily become a measuring stick, which has little to do with connection with the inner self.

In this chart, we’re looking at the right balance between physical order and spiritual connection. Not surprising, there are squares and oppositions, which cause tension and opposing thoughts/feelings. The Sun (outer personal life), Mercury (communications), Venus (beauty, feminine, earthly love), and Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) are placed in Virgo.

Mars (overall energy, male, assertion) and Saturn (time, karma, limitation) are placed in Sagittarius, a fire sign. This placement encourages the quest, increases energy, and focuses on a spiritual structure. Mars and Saturn are conjunct, which help with structure and/or cause insecurities to surface.

Additionally, Mars and Saturn are square Neptune. This aspect tends to stir up old patterns about dependency, victimhood (Neptune), and lack of boundaries (Saturn.) Patterns are often difficult to see because of the ego’s involvement. However, Saturn will bring them into full view while we travel through this square with an emphasis on creating healthy boundaries. (If we lose energy to others, then we don’t have enough energy to follow the guidance of our inner self.)

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) and Chiron (wounded healer) are placed in Pisces, which is opposite to the sign of Virgo. Pisces is a mystical, magical, and emotional water sign, which can bring us into the emotion of love. It also suggests the value of spiritual exploration and development of intuition.

The Piscean energy clashes with Virgo, and the inner planets (personal life) oppose the energy of the outer planets (global, spiritual life.) On a higher level, the conflict is resolved by creating a physical life in alignment with the inner self—and finding time for both order and spiritual exploration. But it’s difficult when experiencing two different compulsions such as spending time on physical routine and opening to the currents of the unseen world.

Overall, it’s another chart without air, which rules thought. With a prevalence of earth, it’s easy to become lost in small tasks and worldly affairs. Fortunately, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius give the power and strength to burst out of limiting relationships and see the “truth”. Neptune and Chiron urge us to open to a sea of love, which provides infinite healing.

On a human level, it’s about balancing all of these parts of life while staying centered in the presence of the inner self. It’s a huge opportunity for self-reflection, healing, and growth.


  1. Many planets in Virgo place an emphasis on health. Find a routine, which works well for you. Mars and Saturn can aid with discipline and will power. Try not to become distracted by daily tasks.
  2. Look at yourself honestly. Notice when you feel like a victim or give too much. Look at these patterns, create boundaries, and change your life.
  3. Do take time to move into the universal flow. Connection with the inner self is valuable when moving through patterns, and it helps with self-observation. (Within the inner self, we experience unconditional love. It helps with everything!)
  4. Work for balance in specific areas of life. Take an honest inventory and make small changes.
  5. Many planets in earth can cause tiredness and/or a heavy feeling. Take time to rest and know the energy changes in a few weeks.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Full Moon Forecast



The night sky has been incredibly lovely as the almost full moon rises against a periwinkle blue sky. On some nights, the planets are visible and glow like jewels. Other nights, the Perseid showers blaze through the sky like fireworks.

The full moon appears on August 18, bringing a relatively pleasant chart. After weeks of clearing emotions and karma, it can feel like a blessing. There are challenges, gifts, and lessons, but it’s wonderful when their impact is balanced. There are four planets in fire, five in earth, two in water, and one in air. Together, fire and earth address the importance of putting spiritual passion into physical form. Fewer planets in water can calm emotions, and we have the element of air—for the first time in weeks.

The Sun is in Leo, a fire sign, conferring passion, generosity, and courage.  It brings confidence, brightness, and belief in the goodness of life. Sun in Leo helps with expression of feelings and desires through positive drama and group activities. It rules the heart, the desire to move into love and truth. It can also ignite creativity and help with expression of the inner self.

The Moon (inner self, emotions) is placed in Aquarius, a creative and innovative air sign. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius finds unusual and unique answers in life. Air rules thought, and the chart emphasizes the value of coming from the heart and thinking the right thoughts. (Higher thought occurs when the heart and mind are aligned with the inner self.) The right thoughts can open our consciousness to greater awareness and deeper understanding.

Mercury (communications) and Venus (earthly pleasures, femininity, art and beauty) are placed in Virgo, which emphasizes the need for articulation, precision, and discrimination. The placement of these planets hints at the need for grounding our passion into particular projects and plans, which align with our hearts and personal growth. On a higher level, Virgo represents the High Priestess, who holds secret knowledge and can unveil the hidden mysteries.

Mars (assertion, overall energy, the masculine) in a Sagittarius, a fire sign, stirs up  passion and heat. Sagittarius represents the archer, and, when Mars is in a fire sign, it likes the action of shooting arrows and pursuing goals and quests. (Mars in a fire sign can cause burn-out or overwhelm through too much activity so plan periods of rest accordingly.)

Mars conjuncts (close to) Saturn (structure, limitation, karma) in Sagittarius. It gives potential to combine strength and sustained effort in pursuing goals, particularly those on the spiritual path. The aspect can help in channeling lower emotions and everyday pursuits in a creative, spiritual direction. (Both planets have a dark, cold side, so stay in the light and think positively!)

Jupiter (benevolence, good fortune) remains in Virgo, hinting at greater success and prosperity by giving attention to detail and daily routine. Mercury (communications, mind) conjuncts Jupiter, giving space and focus for the task. With Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Virgo, an earth sign, it’s easy to become “lost’ in daily routine. It’s important to hold on to the big dreams through meditation and inner work while sifting through the details of everyday life.

Venus (beauty, feminine, material world) opposes Neptune (spiritual world, illusion) in Pisces. It’s interesting because any aspect with Neptune can lead us into greater realization of beauty, which is aspect of the soul. Oppositions are normally challenging, but this aspect asks us to see beyond habitual perception of life into the spiritual perception of the beauty found in every form.

Uranus (spiritual change, quantum field) and Pluto (underworld, transformation) remain square (tension.) The square is wide, but it continues to dredge up old substances, which keep our consciousness in place, and move us into a place of realizing truth. This action can lead us into truth and freedom although the transformation seems to feel difficult.


  1. Sun (outer life)  trines Uranus (spirituality, change). This positive aspect can bestow unusual, ingenious thinking or breakthroughs. With both planets in fire, it can ignite creativity and give birth to new ideas.
  2. Venus squares (tension) Mars and Saturn. It opposes Neptune (mysticism, illusion) and trines Pluto. Venus rules the beauty of the material world and relationships. With so many aspects, it usually means receiving mixed messages, so wait a few days before buying expensive items and see if a relationship changes back to “normal” in the next week or two. (Don’t believe everything you feel.)
  3. Continue to pursue spiritual studies, meditate, and remain disciplined. The full moon brings in a good bit of positive energy, but we continue to clear and change. We need copious amounts of hope and love as we continue through a large shift.






Sabian Symbols

Sun is on Leo 26, “After a Heavy Storm, A Rainbow Appears.” In a sense, the summer represents a heavy storm of clearing energies, moving in many directions, and altering our energy level. A rainbow is the promise of cosmic “good” that follows the difficulty of a storm.

Moon is placed on Aquarius 26, “A Garage Man Testing a Car’s Battery with a Hydrometer.” A car is our current system of motion from place to another. A battery refers to the energy source of the car; it contains water, starts the car, and distributes electrical power throughout the vehicle. (Aquarius—the sign in which the moon is placed—rules technology. Testing the battery means taking an accurate measure of our spiritual/emotional state before testing or moving from one place to another in the physical.)

Mercury sits on Virgo 24, “Mary and Her Little Lamb.” The symbol depicts the image of a lovely, little girl and her white lamb, who travel through together. It also refers to the innocence of childhood, the pure state of early life. Additionally, it speaks about a bond between the kingdoms of animals and humans.

Venus is on Virgo 16, “Delighted Children Crowd around the Orangutan Cage in a Zoo.” Venus continues the reference concerning animal and human kingdoms. With Mary and the Little Lamb, there is a bond of love. With an exotic zoo animal and children, there is a wall of separation. Yet, there is interaction and excitement. (Virgo emphasizes discernment, and Venus may ask for discernment about the quality of our love with both children and the animal kingdom. Which one is a preferable state?)

Mars is placed on Sagittarius 7, “Cupid Knocking at the Human Heart.” It’s yet another symbol of an aspect of love. In this case, Cupid is the child of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, who holds the arrows of love. His arrows open the heart, pushing past old barriers and obstacles. When the heart opens, we discover not only love–but also a greater awareness of life.

Jupiter sits on Virgo 26, “A Boy with a Censer Serves near the Priest at the Altar.” A boy with a censer represents an apprentice, who can take his small job seriously or lightly. It also refers to apprenticeship and the spiritual importance of every day tasks. Do we perform them with all of our heart or stumble through them? (Jupiter is about good fortune, and this symbol emphasizes the placement of consciousness as part of creating positive outcomes.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.




Planetary Change: Through the Lion’s Gate



The new moon appeared on August 2, bringing a fiery chart to the forefront before we pass through the Lion’s Gate. (The Lion’s Gate occurs between August 8 and 12, marking the passage of the star, Sirius, when its path precedes the sun, aligning with Orion’s belt and the pyramids. The Sun Is always in Leo, and we receive a wave of solar energy during Dog Days, the time of Sirius’ appearance on the horizon.)

Think of it as a cosmic blast. Solar light is associated with the masculine energies such as spirituality, universal love, and pure light. It is also the force, which illuminates the planet. Light cleanses, and it changes the body, particularly the subtle body. (The light is “yang” and can feel over stimulating on a mental/creative level if we don’t take time to rest and reflect.)

With six planets in fire—Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus, there is much passion and heat. Nevertheless, it is one of the calmest charts of the summer. Sun (outer self) and Moon (inner self) are conjunct in Leo, inciting courage, loyalty, and a desire to follow the heart.

Mercury (communication, thought) placed in Virgo can give discernment and balance to emotions. Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Its purpose is expanding our ability to discern and create order, which is very helpful with many planets in fire signs.

Venus (earthly pleasure, feminine, beauty) in Leo can ignite the desire for romance, drama, or self-indulgence. It can also open the heart. But Venus is square (tension) Mars (overall energy, assertion) and it can give feelings of loneliness by emphasizing the lack of relationship.

Recently, Mars moved from Scorpio, a water sign (think emotion) into Sagittarius. We’re momentarily feeling the blast from water to fire. It can feel energizing—or overwhelming, depending on our state of mind.

Jupiter remains in Virgo, and it trines Pluto, suggesting the potential to create and/or renew resources.  Saturn (time, karma) is square Neptune in Pisces, and this aspect can create tension between dreams and reality. It can also give the potential to break through illusion—and create life in a more positive sense. Uranus (quantum field) remains square Pluto, but the distance between the planets is greater. (This means less tension.)

Five outer planets are retrograde. There is definitely spiritual potential in their motion.

  • Saturn (time, karma) offers the opportunity to bring spiritual practices into life as a devotion—and on the physical level. It also encourages study and the “quest.”
  • Uranus (quantum field, sudden change) is much like the element of air in alchemy (not astrology.) It can respond in an instant to a thought or prayer, changing everything in accordance with the placement of our thoughts, spirit, and emotions.
  • Neptune (mysticism and illusion) brings the gift of intuitive and psychic development. When we receive strong impressions of people and/or places, we can attribute it to Neptune. (Tip: it’s possible to ask for what we want to perceive rather than remaining open to everything!)
  • Pluto (underworld, transmutation) offers the opportunity to examine power and the subconscious in our lives.
  • Chiron in retrograde is the wounded healer in an introspective state, making subtle changes within to heal ourselves and the planet.

Sabian Symbols (based on Lynda Hill’s interpretations)

Sun and Moon are placed on Leo 11, “Children on a Swing in the Safety of a Huge, Oak Tree.” The symbol is representative of the beauty of summer days, the shade of ancient trees, and the joyous activities of childhood. It indicates the value of enjoying summer, play, and the inner child.

Mercury is on Virgo 5, “A Person Becoming Aware of Nature Spirits and Normally Unseen Spiritual Energies.” This is a very beautiful symbol for the placement of mind (Mercury) when the earth is changing on a physical level. It hints at the value of communing with nature and receiving insights from this connection.

Venus sits on Leo 27, “Daybreak, the Luminesce of Dawn in the Eastern Sky.” It’s a lovely and fitting symbol for the rise of Sirius, which precedes the sun at this time of year. Daybreak symbolizes the possibility of new opportunities and beginnings.

Mars is placed on Sagittarius 1, “Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories.” With the flood of memories, which has accompanied change and clearing for many of us, the symbol may seem appropriate. It may also signify that the time of division (wars) is ending—or needs ending.

Jupiter sits on Virgo 23, “A Lion Tamer Rushes into the Ring.” This symbol represents passion and daring as well as controlling fear to take life to the next level.

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change


It’s a strangely “hot” and passionate chart with five planets in the fire signs (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus), three planets in water (Mars, Neptune, and Chiron) and two in earth (Jupiter and Pluto.) There is no “air” to cool the equation with quiet, reflective thought. (In alchemy, it’s particularly important to focus on a missing element. It gives a clue to the needed energy or insight.)

Additionally, there are five planets in retrograde—if we count Chiron. The chart lends a mystical feeling, hinting at the power of moving inward and finding “missing” answers. Retrogrades can feel heavy and slow, but planets, placed in fire, balance the equation.

Sun (life), Mercury (communications), and Venus (feminine energy, beauty, material possessions) sit in Leo, a dramatic fire sign that prefers drama, creativity, family, and group activities. Mars (overall energy, assertion) remains in Scorpio with the continued effect of dredging up emotion. Recognizing emotion is actually useful in clearing patterns—although it is not always comfortable. 

The outer planets in retrograde offer information about changing our lives through communion with the inner self. These planets include Saturn (time, karma), Uranus (awakening, sudden change), Neptune (mysticism, idealism), Pluto (transformation, subconscious, power) and Chiron (the wounded healer.)

Saturn remains retrograde with an emphasis on discipline, soul solutions, and spiritual growth. It’s also about finding the best habits and methods of combining personal and spiritual life. Saturn is the taskmaster, and it provides pressure to move into a more spiritual state. It rules structure and asks for devotion.



Uranus retrograde affects electricity, awakens the inner self, and pushes life into unexpected changes. In alchemy, it acts as the quantum field–a place of great, spontaneous change, which can bring about healing, inventive thoughts, and sudden answers. On the positive/negative axis, Uranus can amplify negative issues, so we see the truth and alter our lives. Its higher purpose is transform obstacles in the way of happiness and spiritual alignment. (Alchemically, electricity is the combination of spirit and thought, so it’s wise to focus on our blessings and the expansion of our gifts.)

Uranus retrograde can bring a roller coaster effect. Life may suddenly reflect “highs” in consciousness like the expansion of desires or the realization of a dream. It can also reveal the low points where our consciousness needs expansion. Along with this, there are physical effects such as glitches with electronics and slow computers.

Neptune in Pisces remains retrograde through mid-November. Neptune is exalted in Pisces, a water sign; it holds the ability to connect everyone through the cosmic sea of emotion. It also emphasizes mysticism and the power of spiritual exaltation. It tends to heighten our intuitive ability, which can lead to compassion and insight.

Many levels of intuitive abilities exist. (We can simply “read” energy or see the substance of a person’s soul.)  Receiving psychic/spiritual energy to help ourselves and others is a gift, but we may also perceive the impressions and/or thoughts of another person. Intuition is most helpful when it leads to insight and growth in our light level, and we can use , rather than “information.” When intuition is developed through spiritual work, it connects us to others on soul level–and increases unconditional, universal love.

Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn, influencing power, economics, hidden secrets, and the subconscious. It can reveal the areas in which we feel powerless in life; it can also reveal our inner power and ability to transform and transmute our lives into a different form.

Chiron retrograde, the wounded healer, sits in Pisces, the watery ruler of the last Age. In many ways, we are forced to see energies, which remain from this time. We can see prejudice, misuse of money and power, and the relentless waste of natural resources. With healing, we always have to see or sense the “issues”, which require change, changing, to form a new vision of life and act accordingly. (On a personal level, retrograde Chiron lends introspection with inner wounds. We may receive insights about our involvement in the course of our lives—or clearly see what needs a new perception or attitude.)


  1. The “weather” is steamy and hot with planets in fire and water. Take time to meditate and review thoughts before taking action. (Uranus is retrograde and impulsive; it amplifies the emotional energy.)
  2. Venus and Mars currently trine Uranus, which may lead to original, interesting thoughts and solutions 3. Uranus can subtly or strongly change life, depending our personal need for evolution. Additionally, Uranus energizes our innate ability to create breakthrough moments, understand the root of stubborn problems and patterns, and align with our creativity and inner genius.
  3. Neptune retrograde can intensify intuition as well as our intuitive impressions of others. It’s important to clear energy, which we may have “picked” up from others.
  4. There are many mystical influences in the chart. We can attune to Uranus to remove upsetting aspects of life–or to make dreams come true. Neptune helps with attaining a deeply spiritual state, and Saturn aids in creating a devoted, deep practice. 
  5. Healing always means gaining new perceptions and moving into more self-love and self-awareness. Chiron retrograde can help in achieving this state.





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.




Planetary Change: Full Moon Forecast



During the past, few weeks, the global weather has been intense. The trend continues throughout the full moon, but there are balancing factors in the chart–and we’ve become more adept at sending light.

The full moon appeared on July 19, and the energy extends for the next 7-10 days.

The Sun is in one of last degrees of Cancer, continuing with an emphasis on emotion, the feminine, family, and nurturing. Sun and Moon are opposed, and Moon in Capricorn is cool and masculine with a focus on the material world. Both planets square Uranus, which is somewhat challenging. With three planets in fire and three in water, we are likely to feel strong emotions.

Sun (outer life) and Moon (inner life) create tension with Uranus. Uranus represents in Aries represents new beginnings, individuality, spiritual awakening and sudden, unpredictable change. (It’s important to pause before expressing emotion or negative thoughts. Uranus can act a bit like a roller coaster, moving between highs and lows at a rapid pace.)

Mercury (communications, thought) and Venus (beauty, material possessions) are conjunct (close together) in Leo, which can elicit courage and strength–or ego and drama. Leo is a fire sign; it prefers drama, excitement, and pleasure. But courage and strength can help in using the will to become decisive about making positive changes in life.

Mercury and Venus trine Saturn in Sagittarius, increasing our ability to use thought (Mercury) and love (Venus) to make substantial shifts in life. (Saturn’s gift is perseverance and patience.) When we learn to focus on a new, uplifting thought and transmute an old emotion into love, we mitigate karma, which is ruled by Saturn.

Mars (assertion, male energy) is direct in Scorpio, a water sign, which focuses on emotion. With right use of emotion, there is strength and courage to flow through and/or around obstacles. Additionally, Mars trines Chiron (the wounded healer), accentuating the potential to heal patterns and wounding through love (the highest emotion.)

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) squares Saturn (time, karma, lessons) in Sagittarius, continuing the tension between the value of organization and perfection in daily life (Jupiter) and the need for devotion with the spiritual self on the journey of life (Sagittarius). Jupiter opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces, the lovely, dreamy spiritual feeling, which descends and ascends periodically. Jupiter and Pluto (underworld, regeneration) are trine in Capricorn, expanding the possibility of gain from physical/personal resources

Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are in retrograde. Neptune makes everyone more connected on the spiritual level, and Saturn can bring up old patterns from the past. Pluto dredges up issues about the past and subconscious, and Chiron asks for healing.

Sabian Symbols

Sabina Symbols give additional information about the planets’ placement.

Sun is on Cancer 28, “An Indian Girl introduces her College Boyfriend to Her Tribe.” This degree suggests the importance of integrating beliefs, races, and knowledge to a family group. It also suggests the cultural importance of combining intellectual perceptions with earth-based knowledge, which seems appropriate at this point in time

Moon sits on Capricorn 28, “A Large Aviary.” An aviary may symbolize many types of birds acting as messengers for heaven. On a more literal level, it suggests the image of birds of many varieties in large enclosures with many voices. Additionally, we may hear many birds—or messages—at one time. such as the images on the internet or other forms of media.

Additionally, there are many teachers and many messages. It’s important to hear the messages that lift us to a higher level and have practical application in the material world.

Mercury is placed on Leo 12, “An Evening Party for Adults.” An evening party evokes the image of adults enjoying light conversation and beauty on a summer night. It depicts people coming together to take pleasure in the company of friends and acquaintances.

Mercury involves communicating and thinking. In this case, the focus is on relaxation, pleasure, and the company of others. It’s important to balance it with spiritual and physical work.

Venus sits on Leo 10,  “Early Morning Dew Salutes the Sunlight.” This symbol refers to spring and early summer—the respite of finding joy in warmth and beauty. It is the loveliness of dawn, following a long, difficult night or winter.

Mars is placed on Scorpio 26, “Indians Making Camp in New Territory.” With all change, there is a need to acclimate and adjust to a new environment. Camp can indicate temporary quarters until decisions and/or plans are made. (The new environment can refer to changes on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. For many of us, it’s adjustment to new spiritual information and its application in the material world.)

Jupiter sits on Virgo 20, “A Caravan of Cars Headed for the Promised Land.” The caravan can point to traveling with a group of people to a specific location. Certainly, we’re all looking for higher vibrations associated with world change.


Julia Grifin, Intuitive healer and teacher





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change: Experimentation and Evolution


In the spiritual world, there is a strong focus on expressing our impressions of the spiritual world in the physical world. In other words, we may feel love, peace, and harmony—or the calling of the universe—but we must learn to express it in our physical world. Let’s call it mind over matter.

It involves a journey of self-observation and experimentation to find the exact visuals, feelings, and impetus (will) to make our inner self more present in the physical. We’re affected by the astrological weather, mass consciousness, and the forces around us. But we’re up for the task because awakening gives energy, insights, and strength.

The Sun is placed in Cancer, creating emphasis on the home, family life, nurturing, and feminine emotion.  Currently, the sun is conjunct Mercury (thought, communications) in Leo (passion, the heart, drama), which helps with developing a positive inner dialog—and speaking with others. The sun is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn, drawing our attention to our power or lack of it in life.

Fire, water, and earth play a predominant role in this chart. Mercury and Venus (physical pleasure, love, feminine beauty) are conjunct in Leo, emphasizing the need for connecting with the heart and interest in drama and other exciting events. Leo is passionate and bold; it tends to enliven life.

Venus and Mercury—along with the Sun–are also conjunct Mars, which can help with the current feeling of agitation. Think about the heart, love, and the excitement of life. Venus and Mercury trine Saturn, and this helps with the heavy feeling associated with “mistakes” or feeling life is not progressing rapidly enough.

Saturn square Neptune is all about translating our spiritual experience into the physical. There is nothing lovelier than going out into the light, but we have to balance the experience with our physical world. (The house needs cleaning, and the garden must be watered.) As we expand in our spiritual concepts, it’s necessary to find a more balanced way of living, expressing our inner feelings to those we love, and living a life that is supported by universal love.

Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron in Retrograde

Four outer planets are retrograde, which helps with insights but also bestows a somewhat introverted feeling. The four planets include Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron. Saturn retrograde can give a heavy feeling, particularly when squaring Neptune. The square is about putting together the spiritual/physical worlds while sustaining faith in the self during the process. Obviously, it takes energy to bridge the two worlds.

Neptune retrograde enhances our intuitive connection. But Neptune is vast. We could think of it as a large “field” without form, which connects everyone in an endless sea of emotion and thought. (We are happily floating along in the ocean when we bump into an unhappy person!) The challenge of Neptune retrograde lies in creating boundaries while becoming more psychic, which is a side effect of awakening with Neptune in retro. (For example, we might choose to pick up on more positive thought or detach from consciousness at large—and choose to ONLY feel our inner self.)

Pluto retrograde dredges up the underworld as well as the desire to soar above it. Usually, we can’t soar above Pluto’s influence unless we take time to examine the evidence of the “unveiling.” (Pluto tends to uncover dark information or secrets, which can change the course of our lives.) After taking a good look at the “secret” and/or hidden information, we can regenerate—and create our lives anew.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is also retrograde. At this point, it indicates what needs changing and healing. This is important information on both physical and spiritual levels. We don’t know what to see differently—or heal–without finding the wound. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all trine Chiron, which may bring breakthroughs in consciousness and practical understanding of how to heal global and personal  issues.(Chiron affects everyone throughout the world.)


Mercury and Venus in Leo will make the weather seem brighter. These two planets help to create a positive, sunny attitude. They also trine Mars, making it easier to find focus and create results in the physical world.

Saturn square Neptune causes us to evaluate how our personal, spiritual life and physical life come together. It can feel confusing because Saturn likes boundaries and physical form, and the spiritual world is broad and mystical.

When we find these types of answers, it’s fabulous because our lives align with the inner self.  Plan to spend time in meditation, reviewing how life and the planet would look–if everything healed. The energy is a bit calmer, and it gives more space for inner practices.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.