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Dealing with the Shift


The important part of the energy lies in the urgency to follow the heart. The heart longs for love and adventure; it is bold and true. It longs to express the substance of the soul.  The heart holds us in connection with all that is real and true.

When our actions and work come from the heart, life changes. Love radiates to everyone in our field. When many people do this (even for a few minutes), the outer world alters. (it’s impossible to feel the oscillation.)

Here are a few tips:

  1. The clearing process involves the lower mind and emotions. We may hear patterns or experience feelings from long ago. Ask to delete and clear the pattern and feeling. Ask to connect with the higher self. (As the patterns leave, new energy will take their place. It’s helpful to imagine yourself from a different perception such as living life from a happier perspective.)
  2. The acceleration process bestows a longing for expansion, the dream of a better life. Ask for a clear vision and feeling. Focus on it often and imagine living in this space of being. (Take time to define peace and happiness. This simple act brings them into your life.)
  3. It’s possible to move out of oscillation and the roar of mass consciousness (anger and fear) by centering in the inner self. By focusing on the inner self, it’s impossible to feel anything other than stillness and/or love.
  4. Sometimes, you feel surprisingly heavy or weighed down by life. You may feel it’s impossible to move through a character flaw or create the next change in life. Likely, your thought or feeling engaged mass consciousness, and you are feeling many people with the same problem. It’s helpful to reflect on a time when you feel light, and life felt easier.
  5. Physical tiredness comes and goes with the shift. It’s normal to feel tired when energy changes. Rest when you can. Take advantage of energetic periods. Visualize yourself with more energy whenever possible and recall periods of time when you felt healthy and vital. (Nature helps a great deal with physical tiredness. The earth and night sky radiate energies for healing.)
  6. We may feel the shift in brief moments when life expands in a beautiful wave. There is a longing for more experience and sensation—the widening of the wave of life. These feelings come and go like waves of emotion or ripples on a lake. They are indicators of greater awakening.
  7. Deeply engage when you experience lighter, happier feelings. It’s best to refrain from sharing the feeling with friends. Contemplate your life, future, and sharing your gifts. (Use these times to powerfully create a vision of a better life and see your gifts expanding.)
  8. Smile when life is difficult. Move past irritation and lower thoughts. (We all have them!) Meditate on pink light and ask to see the beauty in life.
  9. Choose 2 or 3 tasks to express the heart on a daily basis. You may feel surprised at the outcome. (Your energy will soar if you’re truly aligned with the heart–and acting on intuition.)



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Gentle Insights into the Self

  1. You’re more powerful than you think. Your feelings and thoughts affect the space and people around you. When you consciously direct your thoughts in a positive way, it changes the flow of the events. The best way to create conscious change is through the inner self and connection with the universe.
  2. You create a better future by believing in your power to do so. The potential becomes greater when you practice visualization and gain awareness of your thoughts and feelings. By seeing your inner world with a different light, you learn how to envision for the outer world. When many people hold a positive vision for the outer world, it’s possible to create amazing change.
  3. When you experience a sense of well-being and soft happiness, it helps everyone around you. Everyone is drawn to this type of energy field. Practice recalling memories of feeling well, happy, and relaxed. You automatically pull these emotions into the future by focusing on them. (Focusing involves concentration and energy. When you place your energy on a particular point of consciousness, it expands.)
  4. A part of you is always connected. You may not always feel your connection, but it’s always there. You can meditate more, ask for help, call on your guides or angels, and recall feeling of inner connection. If you stay with your practices, you’ll find your inner self. (Everyone moves in and out of this space in a given day.)
  5. Many people believe a very special group of people were called here for the group awakening. If you are awakening, you probably have special talents and gifts. (It’s helpful to know you can focus on your inner light and help others—regardless of your livelihood or life direction.) Everyone in this group works with personal problems, which likely involve clearing global karma or holding light for others. Your small efforts help far more than you think, and your light counts a great deal.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

The Power of Conscious Choice


Conscious choice is one of our greatest powers. It can bring freedom, alignment with the higher self, and greater awareness. It can also serve to support others, promote causes, and bring positive energies in the world. Overall, it’s basically a decision to choose opportunities that offer a higher frequency.

A higher frequency simply means raising our vibrations in a particular area of life. It’s possible to achieve through self-observation, meditation, support of an ecological cause, or positive thought and action. The idea is that we raise our frequency by choosing a more positive emotional, mental, or physical action.

Conscious choices eventually accumulate. Small kindnesses, positive thinking, boundaries, or the refusal to move into agitation are conscious choices. We also have the opportunity for conscious choice through observation of our habits and practices.

Additionally, conscious choice extends to our spiritual nature and the desire for evolution. We may decide to meditate on our awakened presence, a mantra, or the mysteries of the universe. All of these acts bring results, including greater awakening and understanding of the inner self.

It’s interesting to note that conscious choice involves the use of time. We apply minutes and hours to the pursuit of consciousness and “higher” energies. After making these type of decision, we usually can’t remember what we did in the past. (The interesting part of the equation is that we simply feel happier—and often feel there is more time with these pursuits.)

In the big picture, we exercise our free will when making decisions that alter the flow of our consciousness. The object of our consciousness is enlarged by our focus. Small and large decisions determine the flow of our energy—and support or diminish the object of our focus.

When we join with others, who hold an enlightened, loving focus, it beams energy throughout the world. Our consciousness links in a lovely place.

Making Conscious Choices

  • Conscious choice comes from listening to the inner voice and the universe—and a decision to act on that guidance. The inner voice speaks through Intuition is the sixth sense, and it identifies the “next” step through symbols, feelings, sensations, or words. It is opposite to the ego’s voice or negative internal dialog. It can speak softly and lovingly—or very intently in a clear voice.
  • In the beginning, meditation is the best way to sense intuition. When we are in a place of connection, it’s easiest to hear it. We also develop our ability to sense the inner voice by acting on it consistently and seeing the outcome. (Hearing or seeing in meditation is not indicative of the right direction for conscious choice. Often, we have to act consistently on our intuitive leads to develop discernment and accurate interpretation.)
  • A pause often accompanies a directive from the inner self. It’s called Ksana in Sanskrit and refers to the moment when we move out of lower or “normal” consciousness into a higher state. (There is also a pause between the inhale/exhale of breath when the universe is said to breathe into us.) This pause may occur in the middle of an argument when we change our behavior. It can appear as a strong desire to act in a kind, compassionate way or as a strong directive from the universe. It can also occur when we observe repetitive, personal behavior. By looking for the pause, we can determine the moment of universal presence.
  • Conscious choice can refer to many small actions or a single, determined action. Either way, the motion is prompted by the inner self.
  • All conscious choices require perseverance, will power, and repetition. A conscious choice is a commitment. It takes a great deal of awareness to break a pattern of procrastination, anger, or sadness. Many choices must be made over a period of time.

Aspects of Conscious Change

  • Choice is either conscious, semi-conscious, or unconscious. On the lower level of consciousness, there is the influence of media, mass consciousness, and lack of higher thought. On a semi-conscious level, we are aware of the need to alter an aspect of life, but we override the desire. Conscious choice occurs when we make a decision to move into an emotional, mental, or spiritual state, which lifts and improves our perception of life. (It can be a small step such as visualization, speaking more softly, or seeing the world differently.)
  • We can become aware of how we send energy with thoughts, emotions, and words. Thinking about someone in negative way actually sends energy into their field. A strong experience of negative emotions blasts them out into the global energy field. (Simply becoming aware of this process is quite helpful.)
  • Conscious choice brings power through mental and emotional focus. For example, we may decide to see the beauty in the day. In that moment, we change the focus of the mind and emotions. By practicing this often, we begin to see and experience different and better aspects of the world.
  • Changes often occur on many levels when we consciously change. Sometimes, people experience physical healing by altering emotions or refusing to react. We may move into the “zone” where life flows more easily and gently.
  • Noticing the feelings and sensations associated with choices is very helpful. We can learn to distinguish the “feeling” and confidence that come with the right choice.
  • Ultimately, conscious choice leads to a higher frequency, which accompanies universal direction. It is not always logical because it comes from the soul. It is not always comfortable as it tends to lead away from the acceptable state of stability. But it does lead to awakening.

On the highest level, conscious choice alters the direction of life through spiritual understanding, which leads to light and love. At this frequency, life often changes its course, flowing into opportunities, new people, and an entirely different way of perceiving life.

Conscious choice can occur in a gestalt moment of recognition of great truth when we are changed profoundly by meditation on a single thought, and it can also occur in small ways, which accumulate and shape our character. Either way, it changes our lives, opens our heart, and teaches about our own inner power to act on our spiritual path.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Another Shift in the Weather



As a reminder, we have until February 5 to move forward on dreams and desires of the heart. Please take a small step as the planets support outer effort, and the universe will give direction at a later date.

The first quarter moon chart is challenging. Many planets are placed in earth and fire along with strong influences from Uranus (sudden change) and Saturn (karma.)—and there are few planets in air (clear thought.) Think of a volcano!  Fortunately, Sun is placed (life) in Aquarius, an air sign denoting the New Age, and Moon (emotions) sits in Taurus, a practical, grounding earth sign. These two placements can bring inspired answers accompanied by practical insights.

Astrologer Carl Boudreau pointed out that part of the current challenge involves tuning into the North Node, which indicates our spiritual quest–and is currently placed in Virgo. With North Node placed in Virgo, our attention should be placed on order, new methodology in our work, and inner healing—as well as hearing the tuning of the Cosmos. The temptation lies in revisiting tried and “true” methods from the past, represented by South Node in Pisces, the ruler of the past age. It’s important to find new ways of moving through life, new methods of self-expression in work, and techniques that can heal the schism between the inner and outer self.

Sun trines (harmonious) Jupiter (good fortune, expansion), indicating New Age thoughts of balance, love, and positive thought can link us with the more benevolent forces of the universes. (The New Age is ruled by Aquarius, favoring innovative solutions that relate to the “whole” of humanity in a balanced sense.)

Mercury (thought, communication) sits in Capricorn, continuing its conjunction with Pluto (underworld, resources, transmutation), hinting at the need to rethink financial and natural resources. Additionally, Mercury squares (tension) Jupiter (expansion, growth) and Uranus (awakening), hinting at the importance of using resources in a balanced and positive way. (We may need to weigh the value of intrinsic beauty and sacred ground with the current quest for economical growth. (There are new forms of energy, which work and need to come into being—and it’s important to tap into the universal law of abundance on a practical level.)


Venus (feminine, art, beauty) remains exalted in Pisces, making it possible to unite from a place of love. Venus sits in conjunction to Mars (masculine, assertion), and she brings balance to the male/female energies of the inner/outer world. Venus squares (tension) Saturn, which can make life seem and feel a bit dark, but it also gives an excellent sense of structure to artistic endeavors. On the healing side of the equation, Venus conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating the possibility of finding a deeper level of healing through the auspices of love.

Mars (masculine, assertion) moves into Aries, its fiery native sign, igniting action and forward motion. Mars squares (tension) Saturn (limitation, karma), meaning it’s wise to give a pause to desires and the need to take action by considering its implications in the larger picture. (How will long-range goals affect personal/planetary karma? Does the desire bring “good” to all?)

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) opposes Uranus, the ruler of awakening, change, and the quantum field. Essentially, it brings opposing sets of thoughts and feelings. Uranus encourages embracing change and possibly radical action. And Jupiter asks for balance and beauty without altering the status quo. As with most conflicts, the answer lies somewhere in the middle of the debate. It takes time to align with the right answer as well as time to bring it into being. (Observe thoughts from a neural place.)

Jupiter also squares Pluto (underground, hidden world), hinting at the need to see the underworld, the underlying truths beneath our social/economic structure to create growth, which brings harmony and peace. Saturn (limitation, karma, time) trines Uranus, which gives an incredible opportunity to mitigate karma and move into the new world.

Uranus and Pluto are tightly entwined in the square (3 degree orb) that has brought much chaos into the world. As we move into the last year of the square, there is a great initiative to shape chaos into a creative, balanced form for the good of “All”.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

7 Easy Ways to Move Through The Shift



While many people remain unaware of the shift, awakened individuals experience heightened intuition and emotion, which are qualities of the inner self. Along with this quickening, there is a strong desire for peace and harmony.

Here are a few tips to make navigation a bit easier.

  1. Try working from the inner self. Stop every few hours and ask for the presence of the inner self. (On a practical level, we can ask for information about the most essential aspects of the day. This can include practical, physical steps. While it may seem like a longer list, following the guidance of the inner self brings a gentle, sustaining flow.)
  2. Focus on the heart space. Send love to the self and others. Send love to problems and happy situations. Unconditional love raises everything into a higher frequency and can bring unexpected solutions.
  3. Be patient. It takes time to learn how to use intuition accurately. It takes energy to stay balanced in the New Age. And it requires courage to remain consistently optimistic while holding a vision of a better life and world.
  4. Take time to rest and nurture the self. The energy oscillates continually, and it’s important to take small breaks throughout the day. When the body rests, it operates more smoothly, and we feel less of the currents of mass consciousness and interruptions in the magnetic field. (When we’re tired, it’s helpful to focus on how it feels when we are energized and aligned.)
  5. Center often and focus on the inner self. From this place, see solutions. Imagine happier outcomes and focus on the positive. (This practice raises our vibrations.)
  6. Enjoy nature. Take walks or sit in the sun. Feel the motion of the physical world and notice the beauty. Become full of beauty and light.
  7. Spend a few moments each day and meditate on how peace and harmony feel. Imagine waves of peace, balance, and harmony coming into the inner self. (Refrain from speaking negatively about events or people in the outer world when possible. Sharing truth is fine, but try for a neutral position.)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

January 2017 Overview

Art by Lucy Campbell
2017 is a year of beginnings.  According to my friend and feng shui master, Jennifer Bonetto, it is also the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster, a special year, only appearing every sixty years with an emphasis on fire and metal. It brings support from others as well as an appetite for knowledge and study. 
  The month of January continues the trend of special, supportive events co-mingled with strangely difficult obstacles and odd days. At this point, we’re fairly skilled at working through oscillating energies. 

January begins with Sun in Capricorn, a practical, ambitious earth sign. Capricorn holds the ability to manifest, shape, and cultivate physical forms. The sign expands our inspirational efforts to bring ideas into fruition in the physical world. After January 8, Sun (life), Mercury (communication) and Pluto (underworld, transformation) will align in Capricorn, which can help a great deal with forward motion.

After January 8, all of the planets are in direct motion this month. It’s a small boon. But Venus (feminine beauty, love), Mars (male energy, assertion), Neptune (imagination, illusion), Chiron (wounded healer), and South Node (past tendencies) are all placed in Pisces, a water sign. Pisces can be dualistic, representing a “lower” form of love that ruled the past Age. (Think of the Crusades.) Regardless, it is emotional, which can cause us to see more illusion than truth. (It’s helpful to look and see if our emotions are triggered by mass consciousness, the beliefs of others, or the input of the true self. If it’s not based on love/growth and doesn’t come from the heart, it’s not real.)

Currently, Mercury retrograde sits in the last degree of Sagittarius. It will move direct on January 8 and progress into Capricorn. Mercury’s motion in Capricorn can clear muddled thinking and lend practicality to daily life. With Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn, it will become easier to complete tasks and think clearly. (It’s interesting to note how projects and plans put into action are much like planting seeds on a barren moon; nothing comes of it—or seeds planted grow strangely without bearing fruit.)

Venus and Mars are in Pisces, which is a harmonious placement. Think of yin and yang in perfect balance—the male and female part of the self as dancing together. Venus in Pisces is exalted, which can give the ability to move into deeper personal and universal love.

On another level, Pisces represents the past, including karma. It’s an excellent time to use self-love (Venus) for healing (Chiron) the past. In this particular case, soul growth can be accelerated by realizing that we play a role in our problems—on some level—and finding the willingness to alter our approach.

Mars will move into Aries near the end of the month, encouraging action into the next phase of life. Since there is time for thought, consider how to best express the inner self in the physical world. Does the desired action increase inner growth and balance? Does it bring more love and understanding to life? (Mars may stir up aggression in the outer world.)

Jupiter (good fortune) remains in Libra, bringing a bit of harmony and balance into the picture. Jupiter is currently sextile Saturn, which indicates harmony can be created by bringing new structures into our lives. Jupiter is opposite South Node, encouraging new ways of thinking and living. Saturn (time, limitation) trines Uranus (quantum field, awakening), and this helps with new ideas and ways of being.

Uranus remains square Pluto throughout the year, dredging up the underworld and revealing what we need to see. It’s never comfortable, but it does align us with greater truth. It also gives resources for resurrecting the better aspects of life.

Much of the chart asks for living in a new way. Jupiter in Libra desires peace and harmony. Saturn in Sagittarius asks for new structures; Uranus in Aries asks for a new world. North Node (higher spiritual aspirations) wants order and well thought out responses. Chiron in Pisces wants healing of the past and new responses based on the integrated self.

The biggest issue of the January chart lies in deciding what to surrender to create a new personal reality. If we are awake, the answer is simple. It involves giving up personal preference to align with the inner self and find new ways of moving through life. With so many planets in Pisces, including South Node, representing what NOT to do in the present, it’s about sacrificing old modes of moving through life while creating new ways of being through the inner self.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Trends of 2017


Art by Emily Balivet


While it’s possible to “pick” up on great deal in the outer and invisible world, predictions and explanations tend to become misleading because they are amplified/diminished by our beliefs. Instead of  moving into the possibilities and probabilities of the year, it’s simpler to look at energetic trends.

The presentation of trends allows the opportunity to best direct our energy for personal growth. (Feel free to comment and share thoughts on this post.)

  1. Patience. Many have felt the scope of expansion offered by awakening. We know the world can change and move in a positive direction. We understand the probability of emergent new forms of energy, useful in healing, cleaning the environment, and free energy for cars, electricity, etc. We are working with patience while waiting for world change. We visualize, learn to regroup and alter the pattern of our words—and create room for the decision to move into awakening or stay in the same place.
  2. Transition. Part of the big transition involves letting go of who we think are while evolving into our “true” identity. This includes memories, lineage, personal preferences, and how we “think” we operate in life. It involves surrendering our “outer” identity as we become more of the inner self. It can be as simple as giving up toxic (lower) energy people to completely rebuilding our lives. (We’ll see change in the structure of the outer world as well.)
  3. A linear division. The line of division between light/dark and awake/sleeping is becoming more apparent. At this point, the delineation is becoming more apparent as the veil of illusion continues to thin. (Many revelations will be presented on a global and personal level. Expect people to reveal themselves.) For those who are awake, powers of discernment will increase.
  4. Increased light and personal power. As the veil thins, we’ll become more aware of how our personal and global connections affect the world. Our intentions, thoughts, and emotions will become more powerful. (Initially, it will be a two-edged sword because we will discover both negative and positive directives from the self and the world at large.)
  5. Increased amplification and acceleration. As we awaken, increased intuition will amplify our feelings and thoughts, Time will seem to move more quickly unless we actively slow it down through interaction with nature and meditation. The “waves” of energy surrounding the earth move much quickly, and they can affect our consciousness. (The term “waves” extends to mass consciousness, the people in our lives, and higher collective consciousness. Grounding and balance help a great deal with this.)
  6. More understanding of love. In the past, love meant intense passion, religious fervor, and a directive to move into love and light regardless of the circumstances. This view fostered intense (not always positive) relationships, a martyred vision of religion, and imbalance. “Real” universal love holds a much higher vibration. It illustrates the truth with compassion. It demands boundaries, truth, balance, and expansion. Universal love offers the opportunity to vibrate above lower energies—and to stay in the heart space.
  7. Perception of Energy. Big changes will occur in the perception of energy for those who are awake. Obviously, everything is energy, but learning how to apply, use, and align with energy correctly is an entirely different task. It’s super important to let go of people, things, and events that lower our energy and focus on the development of energy and positivity. (In many ways, it’s like a child outgrowing their clothes. Our lives may simply not fit in the same way.)
  8. New energies for those who are open. The new energies will likely provide tools for healing, greater understanding and clearing of past lives (and their influence), the ability to use intention as a greater directive for move thought life, and more profound understanding of the self—and cosmic law.
  9. Increased ability to manifest. Manifestation will become easier as the dark/light forces separate, and we move out of the old earth paradigm. For those in the light, it will involve manifesting aspects of the soul, hidden talents, and aspects of life, which are hidden in the heart.
  10. Increased connection. We will become more connected through electronics, spiritual energy, and likes/dislikes. It actually offers the opportunity to discover our personal alignment and how it affects our energy. On a higher level, the spiritual community may learn a great deal about group manifestation. (Much of the world appears as it does because of our thoughts. Awakened individuals will become aware of the importance of their thoughts and dreams.)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Paradigm Shift: Higher Consciousness in a Changing World



The world is changing. The energy is currently low, and it can feel difficult to lift into higher consciousness when it’s a bit murky around us. It’s helpful to recall that we’re passing through a paradigm shift while moving into the Aquarian Age. Energy works differently, and the rules constantly change.

Below are a few of my observations.

  1. In the Piscean Age, spiritual love involved giving away all of the self—as a sacrifice—to help others. It was Divine, and the universe immediately replenished our energy. In the Aquarian Age, it’s important to fill our own cup before transmitting energy and/or love to others. When we are in a place of “pure” love, it’s easily sent. (It’s helpful to think of it as “my cup runneth over.” When we’re filled with light and love, we can share with others.)
  2. The Aquarian Age is increasing our intuitive ability on a group (and astral) level. We feel the thoughts and emotions of other people in crowded places. We may hear others’ thoughts and think they are our own. It’s very important to separate from this and learn which energies are own. (It takes strength to hold tightly to our emotions, thoughts, and dreams without being influenced by others, but it does teach about finding the right people in our lives.)
  3. The rules of energy work alter on a regular basis. Old techniques may work perfectly one day and fail on the next. It’s because the energy alternates on a regular basis. The solution lies in trying several techniques and staying disciplined with meditation and spiritual work. (Our light level, the planet’s light level, and other factors can affect our work, but remaining consistent with work relating to the heart will eventually provide the answer.)
  4. Loving and taking care of the self is important work. When we put self-care and spiritual work first, life often changes. When we love ourselves, we love life. When we love life, everything changes and takes on the spin of a higher motion.
  5. One of the most helpful actions is learning to recognize love and light in others. If we can feel, sense, or see light, it helps a great deal. If we base our relationships on a person’s ability to love, it opens the way for positive work.

Having More Energy in a Low Energy Time

  1. An universal connection gives more energy than anything else on this planet. The universe supports the planet with love and love, and the inner self is the point of connection. (All answers come from the inner self.)
  2. Visualize wonderful events in life. (It’s not selfish.) When we visualize wonderful things, we actually broadcast them out for others. When we create them, we create a path for others to follow.
  3. Send love as often as possible. It helps everyone and everything. When we send light, it’s important NOT to have outcome but to simply send light (pink light=love.)
  4. Exercise outdoors. Fresh air, plants, and nature refresh the spirit and open our eyes to endless beauty. We can open to the wonders of the planet and listen to the wind, the trees, and watch the clouds as they move through the sky.
  5. We can see ourselves as having more energy and moving easily through life. There’s a tendency to repeat the energy of the day on the following day unless we interrupt its flow with a positive visualization. Why not see tomorrow as an incredible, magnificent day?

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.