A Message from the Wolves

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The beautiful wolves moved like silver and brown flashes in the winter woods. They came together in the shape of a V, running to greet me with howls and loud barking. Always, there was a moment when our energy blended, and I felt the greatness of their spirits flowing into mine.

In the beginning, I felt surprised at the immediate connection with nature—and how it grew larger and more powerful through their eyes. The earth felt my feet, and I felt her. I could hear the trees sing and move above us. I came to understand that nature experiences us in the same depth that we experience her. Like the wolves, nature responds to who and what we are.

As time passed, I realized the wolves could communicate to me at any time as their thoughts carried on the wind or replicated themselves in my mind’s eye as pictures, sometimes visions of a future that had not yet come to pass. When they wanted me, there was a sharp, strong feeling followed by their names, sometimes their images, and a repetition of this—until I listened and followed their instruction.

This is how we listen through the earth. It’s the language of the heart, an unspoken language. Intuition develops through this process as we learn what is true and resonates with the heart or alternately what comes from a part of us that is not true.  If a message comes from the heart, it gives energy. If it comes from the lower self, it takes energy and limits life.

By hearing, seeing, or feeling energy, it’s possible to read life—to understand the meaning of the wind, the language of trees, or the sound of water, including its meaning on a deeper level.

Here’s the message.

We speak about a secret, hidden language that is given to every child on your planet but is often forgotten. On one level, it is the voice of nature. On another level, it is how everything speaks through energy.

Once there were words, sounds, and symbols that held the magic of transforming energy. For this time, we’ll speak of understanding energy. Every object, thought, or emotion emits energy. It holds an energetic imprint. By reading the imprint, you can understand the force behind the energy.

Energy speaks. It is the reason that you sometimes think words are not sincere, or you drive to one place and not another. You are reading energy. By changing your energy to resonate with nature and the heart, you enlarge your ability to resonate with objects, people, and places that expand your energy and overall being.

You can also discover if it resonates with your heart. If it resonates with the heart, you are likely to feel attracted or drawn to it. If the energy does not move into this sequence, it does not resonate with you. (Every human being is given an imprint or divine blueprint; it is part of your resonance.)

Energy is important because it tells you where to go, to look, and find synchronicity, which leads you in the direction of your soul. Your soul is the most important of manifestation because it connects to the universe where all answers can be found.

Your heart energy is what leads you to true desires for greater expression, greater understanding of who you are. The universe speaks in images, higher emotions and feelings, and it can also replace repetitive thoughts and emotions—or patterns.

Begin with a feeling or image of what you most desire. See and feel it in detail and practice daily. Ask nature to help you or meditate outdoors. (Focus is part of creating and understanding the flow of nature.)

When the image becomes clear, expand it. Add to it, live within it, and feel it as the right direction for your consciousness and growth. Ask for things that expand your growth on a soul level. Let it make you into more of your true self.

Use the same type of practice with daily events. See tasks accomplished more easily in your life. Realize that you are sharing your thoughts with the world as a form of energy. Refine the energy by focusing on positive images, which will help you in discovering more of who you truly are.

Believe in the process. Ask for the support of the universe and nature. Ask to have your natural gifts restored and awakened. Ask for dreams that show you how to access this energy. Believe in you.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



  1. patty

    Beautiful… I always find the messages from the wolves so loving and enlightening ! Thank you

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Patty!

  2. lamia

    thank you, wolves
    thank you, Julia
    thank you for the clarity

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Lamia!


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