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We speak from the wilderness where we live in many hidden places. Along with us, the whales, dolphins, and coyotes also sing. We send these messages to help you and the world.

It is a strong moon, preceding the motion of the life force, which moves upward in February, marking the period before spring. The light is succinct now—and its messages can be absorbed by those who are open and long to create. For hundreds of years, your dreams have remained dormant because of specific causes and the weight of the outer world. (It is changing, and these forces are currently minimized for those who truly want to awaken.)

On this planet, the weight of the world is heavy, causing duality and polarity. In ancient times such as Egypt and other locations with pyramids and other locations, it is known you could use your light and power, achieving manifestations that are now thought impossible.

We will simply say a great deal more is possible than what you think. Make your search in life revolve around the discovery of the inner self, listening to your heart, and thinking about what could be—particularly if there were harmony in the world. Think of how you would experience it and see it.

A few of the changes—and there are many of them—include:

  1. The waves of energy, which come to our planet, are changing. It is possible to use them to create health, abundance, happiness—and more importantly to visualize and create a world that is in alignment with nature through your inner power.
  2. The geography of the planet is changing, partially from pollution and partially because the earth is awakening. Your physical environment is in the process of developing a different energy. It is possible to align, which is energizing, uplifting, and hopeful.
  3. Many aspects of your existence such as structures of how the world works (and is believed to work) are ending. Endings and beginnings are part of one another. It is possible to awaken abilities, which existed in the past and to move into new abilities and gifts.
  4. The songs of animals, plants, the woods, and the water are slightly changing, and they can be more easily heard on the inner plane. You can ask to absorb and understand these vibrations.
  5. It is possible to feel and benefit from these changes IF you are awakening, visualizing, and seeking higher energies.

We ask you to think about nature, the heart, and who you might become during this time of change. Do not worry about who will feel and move with the change. Focus on your energy, your truth, and your strength. (On your planet, there are many stories of how the earth will change. You can entertain them, but it is far better to improve yourself.)

Only the heart can hear the voice of nature and attune to the unseen world. When you begin to feel this unseen world, you feel possibility. You feel your possibility, and you become happier as there are new options, new feelings, and new outcomes.

Train your mind to see the highest vision. See trees growing tall and wide. See clean, clear streams and oceans. Think of talking to animals, hearing the voice of plants—and thinking or visualizing something and see it materialize almost instantly. Think of the joy and excitement. See this as the harmony you will create.

As you sit or walk outdoors, think of always having abundant energy. Think of your body becoming strong, healthy, and holy as are the forest and infinite ocean. Everything “natural” is here on your planet to help you if you will listen to it, if you will find balance with it, and listen to the voices of the unseen world.


Find Your Way into A New Place of Being

It is important work to reflect on beauty, harmony, and expression of the inner self. From this place, manifestation occurs, appearing when you feel passionate—or in a tranquil state of being. Both sides of the self can work with this paradigm.

How do you find the inner self? By knowing it is there and thinking of it. How do you hear? By listening to the messages of your heart. If you manifested everything that you desired, it would do no good for you or others–unless it comes from this place. When you know what you want because it resonates with your inner truth, you have a wonderful reason for manifesting it. (Otherwise, it is just desire without alignment, which leads you away from the inner self.)

Have faith in your inner power, have faith in the universe, and rediscover your hidden dreams. Imagine that people are healed, happy, and whole. Imagine many awakened people have found the power to manifest joy, abundance, and flowing life force—and imagine whatever you create helps everyone else on the path. Find true generosity.

Whatever is wrong with your life is a message. It’s up to you to rewrite it, to find new ways of seeing your life, and a new pattern of discovering your inner self. The inner self is multi-dimensional, and there is always a part of you – or a part of someone – that can help with creating healing and wholeness in your life. Can you see your life in a new light? Can you rewrite the past?

All of these programs for changing the past, present, and future are written within you. Through meditation and visualization, you can decode them. The answers you seek will flow through you with new waves of energy.

Many people ask how to have more energy, how to feel happier, and how to find meaning in life, but these answers are simple. They begin with the work of meditation, reflection on the heart, observing energy, and believing you can become happy and create another life. No one can do the work besides you–although teachers can help you in putting together the pieces that resonate with your soul.

Why should you do the work? Nothing will ever fit together correctly or beautifully unless you access the wisdom of your inner self.



Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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