As the moon reflects light into the world, we hear vibrations and frequencies of change. We feel the earth’s shape, which changes often, beneath our feet—as a sign of the changing world. We breathe the air and listen to the motion of the wind and trees, a resounding chorus that fills our ears and the entirety of our being.

There are riches beneath the light of the moon such as a planet, which is always speaking in tones and chords. These sounds are found in the song of the clouds, which float over the moon and briefly obscure the brilliant light. And there are thousands of stars, each with its own light and differing slightly.

There is a song of creation, which is immense and beautiful. At the present moment, new energies fill the surface on the earth and vibrate through our feet. We wonder if you hear the song of the stars or feel the small changes in the fabric of the earth. If so, we ask you to listen and to ask how those changes can fill your body and give new life.

The immense energies of the earth can revive and fill you and your life. We ask you to remember that true power is soul energy. It comes from the heart. The language of the earth, animals, and plants is heard in the heart. As you awaken, it becomes louder. It is a beautiful language, and all souls have the potential to hear it. As you feel the beauty of the earth, your heart opens, and it embraces you, and life changes as it moves into its flow.

We will speak to you about three energies that affect manifestation.

The first is power. You doubt your power for you may have forgotten from where it comes. It arrives from nature and the Great Spirit—the Universe or God. The sky or universal power is unseen; yet, it fills you when time is spent in contemplation of its energy. The earth is a reflection or a shaping of the universal power in physical form. The two are intimately entangled, and you cannot commune with one without touching the other.

To have physical energy, feel the roots of a tree, hidden beneath the surface, and ask the tree to share its energy. For change, talk to the tops of trees when the leaves are new. Ask the wind and tree to take you to the next place in life. (When the bird calls change, you will know the trees are helping and listening to you.)

Great power is found in awareness of both forces and experiencing them simultaneously. The wind, the earth, the water, and fire are elements composing your body. Communion with any of these forces intensifies your power as does prayer and faith.

When power is strong – a result of communing with nature and the beauty of the endless spirit—your power is amplified. It moves with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and desire. Imagine sending power to a desire. Think of your power as an energy that floods through you and the earth. Give it a color and imagine that it flows through your life wherever you need power and change.

The second energy is imagination and visualization. You create by aligning with what it is that you want—not by wishing for it—but by becoming the desire. For example, if we want solitude, we think of the quiet appearance and feeling of a remote place. We hold the image of staying far away from noise, the clarity of fine air, and a clear, clean source of water.

The feelings and images act as a magnet, creating stronger emotions and intensifying an image so that it becomes real. By staying with the image, it creates contact with a physical location, which we feel throughout our bodies. In time, direction comes, and we follow the feeling to a particular place. We stay there until we feel called to another place in another time.

Most humans use visualization to recreate what they think want—an endless repetition of familiar events. However, you could create adventures, freedom, abundance, and whatever you want, particularly if you continue to follow the feeling and see it in detail.

When one is aligned, visions and feelings lead the way into visualization and imagination. The Earth and Heaven respond.

The third energy is the heart. It is the place of receiving real energy, of discerning what is true and real. If a desire aligns with your heart, then it is real. This realization can be applied to all of life—the people in your life, what you say and do, and how you live your life.

Sometimes, humans confuse desire of the mind with desire of the heart. In these instances, realization of the desire only leads to learning about what aligns and what doesn’t. Listen to the feelings that you have when life is aligned with your heart, notice the surge of energy, and the feeling of life opening wide to you.

Let your heart lead the way and speak to you often. Open your heart and flow into your desires. See and feel the beauty of the motion.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


  1. Mary Carroll

    Deep thanks to you Julia and the Wolves again and always for these potent, complex, and poignant, and new messages. I so appreciate these.

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Mary. I’m so glad they help!

  2. Linda

    Absolutely profound insights into true desires of the heart and how to really listen.
    Thank you

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re very welcome, Linda.


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