Part of discovering a new perspective or higher frequency lies with inner work. When we confront problems, we can find our center, visualize a color or different solution, or ask for universal help by calling on our angels.

At some point on our spiritual journey, we gain an awareness of the reality of the “invisible” universe, the light which lies beneath every material form. We realize the invisible universe speaks the language of love and of the heart, our lives are forever altered. Then, we receive invisible helpers, often known as angels. We also open to the expression of our spiritual gifts. The angels are always around us, but their help or benevolent intervention increases through communication.

The angels mysteriously bring solutions, answers and encouragement. They teach us to alter our thoughts, feelings and emotions so our lives change. As we reach toward more light, the angels are truly a short cut to the realization of a happier life, for our negative thoughts, emotions and actions reduce our frequency, acting as karma that blots out the available light beamed to us daily through the Universe. Therefore, let us learn to become more active with the angels so our lives become reflections of happiness, success and joy by moving into unconditional love, the underlying substance of all miracles in the quantum field.

Recognizing Your Angels

Angels tend to speak softly and gently. Their voices fall on the ears like sweet rain, a breeze or the swaying of trees. The fragrance or scent of roses may accompany their communications. You may see beautiful visions like vacation postcards or a solution that appears in a flash of light. Their presence is uplifting; it is like the rays of the sun through a cloud. The angels bring solutions in impossible ways with non-linear solutions, so remain open to their voices, their waves of freedom and higher vibration.

Angels have one purpose: to bring freedom from the limitations of life through love by lifting us to a higher plane of consciousness. They see the beauty, potential and possibility within each of us and are always delighted to respond. Angels have many functions, including increasing our spiritual abilities such as telepathy or clairvoyance, increasing the likelihood of positive events, solving impossible problems and helping us to raise our frequency to a higher level. But the angels cannot help unless we petition them through letters, names, visualization or meditation.

Visualizing many angels around you as you work, plan your schedule or future is always helpful. As your abilities increase, you’ll receive intuition or higher information about steps to take, potential possibilities, a message to “stop here”, change directions or make a phone call. Angelic guidance is subtle, so it’s best to ask for help and guidance as opposed to direct questions. Angels often answer “yes” or “no” through doors opening and closing, books falling from a shelf or a repetitive feeling or words.

The angels also tend to give answers that make us happy in the moment, which may or may not be totally correct. For example: Asking if this is the right job or the right partner for life may lead you astray. It’s better to ask for a high light and love level for your job search or the feeling of the direction of the right partner.

In addition to asking for help, we must learn to recognize both their presence and their answers–through the act of discernment and limitation of the lower mind. The lower mind always associates spiritual growth with fear and limitation, and this part of the mind focuses on survival and self-protection (not growth or healthy boundaries.) Initially, the lower mind and intuition may be a source of confusion, so ask for hints and help at repetitive intervals. If the voice sounds sharp or insistent, if so you may be hearing your ego, not your angels.

Talk to Your Angels

Asking for Help:

  • When you have a specific need, ask for more prosperity or the right relationship or health—the more detailed and frequent your request, the better. Why? Because human beings think hundreds of thoughts each day, and many of the thoughts cancel one another out. When your request is frequent, the angels know you mean it. NOW is also a good word to add to angel letters, prayers and visualizations. To the angels, you are saying: I want this NOW. I’m willing to go through my fears and move forward. Give me a push.
  • Stay open to unexpected answers. Your answer may come through a friend. Money can appear in a number of ways, not just work. You may meet Mr. Right at a business conference. A magazine can open to the right prescription or natural supplement for you. (If you’re not sure, then ask for a repeat, such as, “Okay, angels. I think I got the message but would you repeat the sign more loudly so I’m sure?”)
  • When you don’t know the sought-after answer, ask the angels to clear the energy around you. Ask for clear vision and the right answer at the right time. You can say, “Angels, you see life from a higher perspective, please clear all of the lower energies in my field. Raise me to higher level of consciousness so that I make the right decisions; receive the right inspiration and move forward easily. (The angels are wonderful at lifting your spirits out of the doldrums!)
  • Sometimes, we are in unbearable situations. We have to wait to change jobs, make more money or change/find a new relationship. When this is the case, you can ask the angels to clear the energy around you, the energy of the people around you, and the weight of the problem. A good affirmation is: Angels, I know you have all of the right answers. Please share your clear vision with me. Give the courage to move forward through this situation. So be it!”
  • Angels can clear attachments from other people or dark energies. Archangel Michael is the best angel for clearing negativity. You can ask for protection for your children, car, home, income and pets. Suggestion: Put a bubble of light around all of the above each morning and night.
  • ALWAYS, ask for answers that come delightfully, joyously and easily. Otherwise, the angels will “punch” our buttons so we move very rapidly, but we will experience pain or dramatic circumstances as a catalyst for change.
Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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    Wonderful angel exercises Julia!

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    What a wonderful reminder to invite our Angels to be our daily Allies so we can “Fly Lightly” together—i love your invocations❣️🎶🐬Thank you very much🙏💞🌟🎶🌊🐬


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