From the forests, mountains, and rivers, we call to your soul.  Hear the song of creation that we sing as do the coyotes, whales, and dolphins. It is part of the substance that holds the earth together. Take time to listen to the trees, the clouds, and the sky. When your heart is aligned with this song, you can hear the earth speak. Listen with your heart and receive ancient and new knowledge.

At the time of the Full Moon, the particles of matter become super-charged with light–and super-responsive to intention, thoughts, and emotions. It’s particularly true with a Super Moon. because of the shorter distance between the earth and moon. Think of the particles of matter and how they respond to you. Whenever possible, attune your consciousness to higher thoughts and ask the universe to flow through you.

In this time of change–sometimes known as the Turning between Ages or the the Precession of Ages–it is a time of walking between two worlds. It is also a time of choosing the New World or the Old World. While it is occurring throughout the planet, the same state of being occurs when you are in the middle of creating a desirable change. It is part of manifestation, and it is important to choose wisely.

 In these phases, energy seems to change very quickly from a higher place, which gives confidence and access to the inner self, to a lower place where you hear the negative thoughts of others, the whispers of uncomfortable aspects of your past, and the placement of negative energies, which are strong at the moment. But you have the power to align with higher thoughts and beliefs.

When you align with higher beliefs and feelings, you are uplifted. Your true presence–your inner self– moves you into the new world because you operate through intuition and the heart. Awareness of this motion is part of awakening. If you want to step into the new world, we recommend asking for wiser outcomes such as hearing your inner voice, learning to use your gifts, and gaining greater awareness of the connection with the All.

In this phase of dispensation, many people feel it and attempt to create their agenda of how life should flow for them. Thousands of people offer prayers, burn candles, and focus on desires, which clouds the purity of the energy of the Full Moon. It is much wise to consider what the universe wants for you. Ask the universe to reveal this path and feel the answer in your heart. If you want to concentrate, pray, meditate, or create, ask for positive emotions and thoughts. Ask for the path of intention that leads to the secrets of the heart and the universe. Ask to receive a clear vision of your path, a strong feeling followed by intuition, and universal love and light. (This practice will create change by revealing your inner self, the message of your heart, and the next step on your journey.) It’s helpful to think about what you ask for in life. For example, you rarely ask for connection with your inner self or reconnection with your power. With power, you can create what you want and know how to do it. (This is more important than having what you want – for it will often change as your perception expands.)

The “Awakening” or event is not exactly what you think. One by one, you will cross into the zone of the spiritual or new world where you become very intuitive or powerful. Perhaps, you see, sense, or feel energies, messages, and intuitions that are not usually there. For those of you who are awake, you hear and feel nature–at least from time to time. You feel the tremble of the earth as she moves, and you hear the speaking of seas through their eternal motion. You may hear or feel the song of the wolves, coyotes, dolphins, and whales. You know the earth is changing because you feel it within you.

In the moments that you connect the Earth, you begin to receive the same truth that is called awakening and/or heightened awareness. When you walk through the world, the motion of trees tells you where to go. And clouds in the sky act as pointers for direction. The energy patterns of the earth appear as you walk through the woods. The stars, clouds, and moon speak to you at night. (In this state, you experience a different type of physical and spiritual Oneness.)

Some of you cross the bridge of consciousness into the New World frequently, and you know when this happens for you are embraced by life and rewarded by a flow of events, which feels very different from daily consciousness. For others, it occurs in dreams or in nature. Yet, we know when you are here with us.

Everything we know is about energy, the life force that moves through the physical and the spiritual force that animates it. When you are aligned with the physical and spiritual worlds, there is much magic, and the magic is amplified by specific points of the earth as well as the presence of creatures, specifically wild ones.

At this time, a “shift” is happening for all who are awake as well as sentient beings, including animals, plants, and even crystals. We all feel the wobble of time, and we feel the motion between the old and new world. We are in a grand and beautiful place when aligned with the inner self, the heart, and the part of the self that feels the universe. it is then we can glimpse the beauty of the possible future with harmony, peace, and love.

The “real” world  or new world is astonishingly beautiful, and we ask you to walk there with us in deep, awakened consciousness where the impossible is made possible. Everything on the earth works quite differently when you are in an altered state of consciousness. You become quite magical, and the earth works with you. The earth becomes light, malleable, and supportive. There is only love.

7 Ways to Have More Power

  1. Powerful creators choose to “see” the positive. Resist talking about or expressing thoughts/feelings about the negative in life. Choose the placement of your thoughts and feelings. Review your direction and create visuals that align with it.  (If you are stuck in the negative, seek a teacher who can see energy and reframe it.) Stop thinking that life or people are doing things to you. Dream of a new reality instead.
  2. Stop seeing world cataclysm. The world needs you to act as a creator, so see the earth as she could be with wonderful weather, clean oceans, beautiful trees, and great harmony. In the beginning, there was one, long spring-like season. The seasons are shifting now, and the earth is changing. Try to see the beauty and refrain projecting the image of a dying world. (It’s not.)
  3. Rephrase your life. Use new words. See the good that has traveled within you for lifetimes. Focusing on this goodness opens your powers. Use your time to learn how to change the flow of life. (If you don’t like something, change it or see it differently.)
  4. Ask your heart what it wants. Ask your heart what brings happiness. Follow your happiness. (Happiness is not doing “nothing”. Activity flows out of happiness as do periods of profound rest with connection with the physical and spiritual worlds.)
  5. Visit with the earth.  Watch the motion of leaves, notice how the wind changes its smell, and look at the colors in the grass. A thousand stories lie undisturbed in the substance in the lawn.
  6. Flow into art. Create beautiful objects—paint, draw, write. Make a space for the expression of your heart and soul.
  7. Remember how it was in the Beginning when the earth sighed with pleasure when she felt your feet, and flowers bloomed as you walked by. In this time, we walked at your side, and we pray you remember your remarkable power to create and evolve.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



  1. Lisa Tener

    This is so beautiful. Thank you–and the wolves. I am in the mountains at Omega Institute this week and saw St John’s wort blooming in one of the gardens today. An unusual time to see this plant ally and it truly felt like a special and loving message from nature. There is much magic in this time of change.

    • Julia Griffin

      Thank you, Lisa. Yes, nature is always speaking to us. It’s wonderful that you have time to listen.


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