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New Moon Forecast: A Change in the Weather


Delicate blossoms of flowering trees break the gray skies of late spring rain, and the stars are luminous in the dark, night sky. The New Moon (March 27) marked the beginning of a new cycle of change. On the first few days following the New Moon, we should think of discarding old elements of our life. As the moon grows, it’s important to focus on creating our dreams and desires.

The new moon chart places our attention on the element of fire. Fire is creative, ruling dreams and passion. There are six planets in fire signs in the New Moon chart, which bestow incredible impetus to act on dreams and inner plans. This placement can give a burst of energy to move through obstacles and bring dreams into physical form.

Water is emotion, and spiritual mastery relates to emotion. By clearing emotional patterns, we find space for connection and insight. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces continue to emphasize the need to release emotional patterns based on our past experiences and beliefs. South Node in Pisces asks for the creation of new emotional patterns, which are based on compassion but bring change and results. (Emotional clearing takes work, but it clears the heart space—and brings freedom from limitation.)

Earth is the fabric of the physical world, and it is the substance that reflects our dreams, thoughts, and actions. Mars sits in Taurus, and Pluto is placed in Capricorn. Mars in Taurus gives strength to move through obstacles, create abundance, and enjoy the beauty of life. Mars (male, assertion) and Pluto (underworld, transformation) are trine (harmonious), indicating the possibility of financial success—by clearing old patterns and subconscious beliefs.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are placed in fire. Sun is the masculine, life giving force of the outer life, and Moon rules the feminine, emotional aspect of the inner self. Mercury is communication, and Venus is the beautiful aspect of the feminine in the physical world. Uranus rules change and awakening. All of the planets are placed in Aries, strengthening the pulse of creating the “new” and giving birth to the inner self. (This is a very strong pulse with planets in the same sign.)

Sun, Moon, and Venus square Saturn (limitation, karma), indicating a struggle between perceptions of the past and the motion of a new beginning. Saturn can refer to memories, which are perceived as the darker side of life. It may become necessary to override old beliefs and thoughts with a brighter vision of life, which is a wonderfully, conscious action.

Venus and Jupiter are retrograde. Together, they rule hope, abundance, beauty, and good fortune, making it an excellent time to dream up experiences along these lines of thought and emotion. When we “feel” what is lacking, it’s excellent to see (and plan to experience) the opposite.

Jupiter sits in Libra, the only air sign presented in the chart. Air brings clarity of thought, vision, and communication. Jupiter, the ruler of good fortune, is opposite Uranus (sudden change) and exactly square Pluto (underworld, transformation.) Jupiter square Uranus gives the urge to break through old patterns and increases the desire for freedom and new action.

Jupiter opposite Pluto can create a huge desire to succeed—at all costs. Pluto in Capricorn rules the finances and structure of the outer world. Jupiter in Libra speaks of justice and balance. Together in this aspect, they can create a focus to push through boundaries and accomplish a great deal. But Jupiter can exaggerate our feelings, and Pluto can add a huge feeling of drive. (It’s best move slowly and think about the best long-term outcome for everyone, who is involved.)

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols

Sun and Moon are on Aries 8, “A Woman’s Hat with Streamers Blown by the East Wind.” The east wind is gentle; it marks new beginnings in the Native American system. In Eastern philosophy, it can refer to the journey of following the inner path.

Mercury sits on Aries 26, “A Person Possessed of More Gifts Than They Can Hold.” This symbol is perfect for this time of change. Each of us has abilities, powers, and insights, which may not have been revealed. By focusing on our inner abilities and gifts – and using them – we can bring about a great deal of positive change.

Venus is on Aries 4, “Two Lovers Strolling on a Secluded Walk.” With Venus retrograde, the symbol can point to enjoying love and experiencing – or experiencing the need for greater love and understanding. Venus retrograde encourages us to focus on the kind of love that we want to receive, experience, and give.

Mars is placed on Taurus 13, “ A Porter Carrying a Mountain of Luggage”. The symbol can refer to the need to release the “heaviness” of life or refusing to carry the burden of others. For many light workers, it may refer to need to release some of world karma and surrendering the connection with mass consciousness.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Solar Eclipse on February 26

The solar eclipse occurs at 7:10 a.m. on Sunday, February 26 along with New Moon. Sun (life) sits in Pisces, a beautiful feminine sign, which represents endings, dreaminess, idealism, and gentleness. It is symbolized by two fishes swimming against one another. Water represents emotions, and they can come with murkiness (confused emotions), clarity, or bring joy. At this time, the stationing of the sun is Pisces is important; it refers to a pause and review of the past age as well as the content of our lives.


Six planets, including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and South Node, sit in Pisces on the day of the eclipse, intensifying the need to observe patterns and emotions—and denoting the importance of moving into the mystical sea of love, which is also symbolized by Pisces. There is a huge opportunity to move into healing through observation and the desire to move into the inner self.

Venus (feminine), Mars (male), and Uranus (quantum field) sit in Aries, a fire sign, which can prompt us to take action and feel passionate about life. Aries is better with the beginning phases of work as opposed to completion; it’s good to contemplate the level of sustained effort before committing to a project. Relationships tend to feel more intense when Venus and Mars occupy the same sign.

Mars (assertion, action, male energy) sits opposite Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) in Libra, encouraging reflection before taking action. Mars and Venus conjunct Uranus (quantum field), which can bring unexpected circumstances and sudden change. (This is a particularly strong aspect in combination with eclipse weather, so it’s important to focus on positive shifts.) 


Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus form squares with Pluto, which rules the underworld—the wisdom and truth that are hidden through idealism and illusion. This truth may come from seeing ourselves, the motives of others, or simply seeing life from a different perspective.


Jupiter (good fortune) in Libra opposes Uranus (quantum field, change) in Aries. In its current placement, Jupiter seeks balance, beauty, and harmony—and Uranus focuses on rapid motion into the quantum field and big changes in the outer world. The opposition simply means that we’ll experience a pull between the two different impressions of “reality”.

Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune (idealism, illusion), which will may make life feel very beautiful, but it’s important to move through the illusion into more mystical states, which reveal truths and elicit inspiration about life and the universe. 

A Motion into Healing: South Node and Chiron

The South Node, which represents experiences and gifts from past lives–or talents and abilities that come easily to us. It’s important NOT to rely on these gifts but to develop new talents to move into our destiny, which is represented by the North Node.

With South Node in Pisces and many other planets in this placement, the universe calls to us to step out of our comfort, see through illusion, and truly expand into our inner identity.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is among the planets placed in Pisces. In this position, it indicates that moving into expansion, including gifts and talents, will bring inner healing. Pisces also rules karmic issues, so Chiron offers an incentive to move past those repetitive patterns by embracing unknown parts of the inner self. 


  • Use the energies of Pisces to find a mystical, inner connection. Use the downtime to think about the flow of life—and what rhythm brings joy, abundance, and ease into your life.
  • With six planets in Pisces, we’re asked to see “truth, which is hidden beneath illusion and/or self-deception. It also emphasizes the importance of seeing through our blocks and patterns. Beyond this, there is a beautiful wave of love, which is offered by many signs in Pisces.
  • Creating a new life on a spiritual level involves letting go of the past. (South Node in Pisces indicates the importance of releasing patterns and the tendency to repeat solutions, which worked in the past.) There is an intense phase in manifestation when we suddenly don’t want to release it. The familiar feels better than the unknown. Acknowledge it and release the past whenever possible. The universe always provides something better.
  • Mars, Venus, and Uranus are conjunct, meaning it’s possible to overreact and/or create changes that are truly necessary. If it resonates with your soul, go ahead–but take a pause to consider if it’s truly the right step for you.
  • Awakening is about seizing opportunities for healing, awareness, and growth. When you can’t change a pattern and/or don’t see a solution, observe. The observer state alters a great deal!

Sabian Symbols, based on the work of Lynda Hill

Sun is placed on 9 Pisces, “The Race Begins: Intent on Outdistancing His Rivals A Jockey Spurs His Horse to Great Speed.” The symbol could represent the need for “light” to outdistance the dark in the current political world. It could also refer to the need for placing all of our energy into manifesting awakening within ourselves and the world.

Moon is placed on 7 Pisces, “Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, A Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist.” A depiction of the cross brings images of trouble and misfortune as well as faith and hope. This symbol relates to lost causes of the past and feelings of victimization, but it is possible to awaken and seize possibility – to create a higher form of life.

Mercury is on Pisces 1, “A Crowded Public Place.” Mercury rules communications, and it represents the best and worst of humanity. But it also possible to buy and market goods as well as benefiting and receiving in the odd mixture of energy.

Venus sits on Aries 13, “A Bomb Which Failed To Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery.” The bomb could refer to our hidden emotional and mental patterns, which tend to sabotage life. By “finding” and identifying these emotions and feelings, we can defuse the bomb and end destruction.

Mars is on Aries 23 – as is Uranus – “A Woman in Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy and Valuable But Veiled Load.” On one level, this could address both light and world karma, carried by awakened individuals throughout on the planet. Although it is heavy, it is extremely valuable on an intrinsic level.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



New Moon Forecast: Pressure and Change

Painting by Josephine Walls


Lately, the astrological forecasts are much like the weather, moving between gray, stormy days and spring like weather with streaming sunlight. The New Moon forecast resembles a cloudy day when it’s important to remind ourselves that life and light are already on the way.

The New Moon appears on Friday, Jan 27.  The overall chart is weighted by water (emotion) and air (thought.) Our power comes from aligning emotion and thought in a positive sense, and it can feel daunting when experiencing pressure from many squares (tension.) It’s possible to achieve this state by lifting our thoughts into a higher sphere while realistically viewing and feeling our problems—and seeking a solution on a higher level. (Fortunately, the chart provides raw material for this point of view.)

The Sun (life) and Moon (emotions, inner life) are in Aquarius, the ruler of the New Age. Aquarius bestows rapid, clear thought, independence, humanitarian efforts and the desire to act as an individual. Aquarians are often humanitarians and strive to improve the world at large. (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which represents the quantum field.) By aligning with the inner self, we can raise our “vision” above the fray and find solutions through the higher mind.

Mercury (communications, thought) is placed in Capricorn, a practical, ambitious earth sign. Mercury conjuncts (close to) Pluto (underworld, resources, power), exhibited on a worldly level through the current power plays in the United States. It’s also an useful conjunction when applied for grounding and creating improvement in our personal world. (It affects all forms of communication such as internet, media, writing, and social media as well as physical resources.)

Mercury (communication) squares Jupiter (good fortune), and Jupiter squares Pluto (underworld, transformation, power), indicating that too much emphasis on finances, power, and ego-related growth conflict with the flow of Jupiter in Libra’s balanced approach to expansion and good fortune.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning it is easy to flow into a wave of universal love. When Venus (love, feminine beauty) is exalted, we can expand our ability to love. (It’s also a good time for art, improving our appearance and/or home.) Venus conjuncts (close to) Mars (male, assertion) in Pisces, bringing about balance between the two sides of the self.

Mars sits in Pisces, which activates old patterns of resentment, hidden feelings, and strong emotions. Both Venus and Mars are in Pisces, a water sign, which elicits emotion. It’s a more difficult placement for Mars as it rules action and masculine energy. Both Venus and Mars conjunct (close to) Chiron, and this intensifies the need for release and inner healing.

Venus squares Saturn, which can reveal weaknesses and illusions about love with the opposite sex. It can also show the wounded part of the self as associated with relationships. (Venus loves pleasure, and Saturn likes austerity, so it can bring a feeling of melancholy—or mixed feelings.) Like many New Age dilemmas, the answer lies in finding greater fulfillment with the inner self.

Mars squares Saturn, and this can bring up issues around authoritarian figures—or childhood patterns about the parents, teachers, etc.  Specific areas, depending on individual charts, may feel blocked, and progress may seem slow. With Saturn (time, karma), the lesson is usually mitigated by focusing on service and perseverance.

With Venus and Mars square Saturn, there may be a slightly “depressed” feeling throughout the weekend. It’s helpful to place our energy on acts that reflect the inner self and benefit others. Fortunately, these squares are short-lived. (Don’t give up!)

Jupiter (good fortune) in Libra is in opposition to Uranus (new age, sudden change), meaning our innovative plans may not move in the direction of personal expansion. It’s important to take time to contemplate balance and harmony before moving into our newest ideas and thoughts. Jupiter also squares Pluto (underworld, transformation), which indicates revelations in our personal/outer world that may not align with our personal expansion. (Again, it’s temporary.)

Saturn (karma, limitation) trines (harmonious energy) Uranus, and it’s the only strong trine in the chart. It shows the possibility of overcoming karma by moving into the resonance of the quantum field. When we vibrate at a higher rate, we can transcend the limitations of the physical world.


Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto form a cardinal T-square, exaggerating the square between Uranus and Pluto, which has essentially changed the world in the past five years. Add Jupiter (good fortune) to the mix, and the energy flows between Uranus, which is always creating new events and insights for growth, Pluto and the dark underworld, and Jupiter, which controls the flow of good fortune and expansion.


Overall, it’s not an easy chart. There are many squares, which form tension between two or more energies. Our experience of the tension relates to our personal and outer world.

On the positive, Sun/Moon in Aquarius (new age thought), Venus in Pisces (exalted emotion), and Jupiter in Libra (justice, beauty, and balance) offer the opportunity for transformational thought. Venus is exalted in Pisces, emphasizing the capacity to love the self, others, and life. Saturn trine Uranus gives innovative consciousness to think our way out of patterns and limitations.

There is balance between the male and female side of the self (Venus and Mars conjunct.) Venus and Mars provide the opportunity for healing limiting emotional patters with their conjunction to Chiron (the wounded healer.) These conjunctions may offer a chance to move into a space of feeling deserving, opening to a wider spectrum of love, and leaving the past behind—once and for all.

If we feel frustrated, limited, or slightly depressed, it will pass. And the energy is useful if we remember the chart provides the needed tools for humanitarian insights, healing the self, and helping others.

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s work

Sun is on 9 Aquarius, A Flag is Seen Turning into an Eagle. A flag symbolizes a nation, and an eagle is the physical representation of the flag. The feelings of the spirit of the nation are transformed into physical form of that ideal. The symbol can vary from listening to the inner self and acting upon it in physical life to taking action on national ideals as shown by last weekend’s Women’s March.

Moon sits on 2 Aquarius, An Unexpected Thunderstorm. In the world, there are many sudden confrontations, the agitation of politics and mass consciousness, and the quick turning of the energy from dark to light. Thunderstorms pass quickly, and they are easily dealt with if we take precautions and refuse to give into fear. It’s also important to remember that rainbows and beautiful sunlight follow thunderstorms.

Mercury is placed at 15 Capricorn, In a Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Ward Is Filled with Toys. Toys represent the joy of the imagination and the excitement of play. . It depicts the need to express caring for others, who are sick or removed from wholeness. Obviously, the toys are present because of the concern and generosity of others.

Venus is on 24 Pisces, The Tiny Island Seems Lost in the Broad Ocean, but Its Happy Inhabitants Have Created a World All Their Own. This symbol feels perfect for the changes in the word—at least with members of the global spiritual community. When we move into love and light, we create a change that will eventually come into being in the physical world. And we rejoice at the connection with the inner self and the universe.

Mars sits on 30 Pisces, A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face is Idealized by a Boy Who Takes It as His Ideal of Greatness, As He Grows Up, He Begins to Look Like It. When we focus on an ideal of greatness, we actually absorb those qualities. If we enact the qualities in physical life—and continually focus and relate to the ideal, we create those qualities in our personal life.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


New Moon Forecast: Inspiration and Practical Work



The New Moon appeared on November 29, influencing the energy for the next 7-10 days. The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle of energy, making it a good time for inner contemplation. The chart focuses on aspirations, dreams, and manifestations, but there is a significant emphasis on moving through illusion (Neptune) and finding the inner strength to move through karma (Saturn.)

Many of the planets are placed in fire, which can bring spiritual inspiration or a flare of emotion. Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn sit in Sagittarius, a fire sign that symbolizes the “quest”, courage, frankness, and impatience. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and can move into many—sometimes too many—directions at once.

The challenge of the New Moon chart lies in remaining optimistic while seeing the truth about others and life. On a larger scale, we may love people or our country—for example—but it’s necessary to look at problems while finding solutions.  These are not easy solutions; these are the type of answers that come from soul searching and inner work—and are rooted in personal growth.

Sun (outer life), Moon (inner life) and Saturn (karma, discipline, time) square Neptune (illusion, mysticism). Squares cause tension between two sets of thoughts and inclinations; they are not comfortable. This square demands a different kind of spirituality, which is not related to personal adherence to the role of light worker. It demands “real” work and sifting through illusion to find universal truth.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjunct (close to) Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing a somber note to the chart. Saturn takes life seriously, and it demands work and commitment to higher principles. These energies can be helpful in bringing projects into fruition and finding dedication to inner pursuits.

Venus sits in Capricorn, bringing focus on financial matters, the material world, and coolness to relationships. Venus (love, beauty, material belongings) squares Jupiter (good fortune) and Uranus (new beginnings, quantum field). With this placement, it’s important to focus on unconditional love occasionally because Venus in Capricorn can obscure “warm” feelings.

Mars (overall energy, masculine) is placed in Aquarius, placing a focus on individuality and creativity—which is another theme of the overall chart. Aquarius loves change, humanity, and brotherhood; it is a fixed sign can also act with a strong will, which does not always leave room for other points of view. (Remain open to the ideas of others and allow for their point of view.)

Mars also trines (harmonious) Jupiter, and both planets are in air signs. Air is thought, giving the opportunity to align with our higher mind and to create abundance in many forms.

Jupiter in Libra favors positive partnerships, fairness, peace, and harmony. Venus squares Jupiter, and Jupiter is opposite Uranus (new age principles) and Pluto (the underworld.) These aspects indicate good fortune relies on balancing love in the material world (Venus), underlying beliefs and hidden information (Pluto) and balancing desires with the energies of the New Age (Uranus)—if we want true success and the manifestation of our dreams.

Uranus (new age principles, sudden change) and Pluto (underworld, subconscious) move more tightly into the square, experienced since 2012. This square continues to reveal our individual and global darkness for cleansing and transformation. It’s not an easy journey, but it clears the underground rivers of darkness and brings light to the planet in a strange, subtle way,

Neptune is in Pisces rules the water, washing away boundaries and the structure of life as we’ve known it. Neptune in this position also rules emotion—the unity of consciousness and the mysticism of love, pointing to the possibility of creating life in higher sense.

Sabian Symbols

Based on readings by Lynda Hill

Sun and Moon are on 8 Sagittarius, Deep within the Earth, New Elements Are Being Formed. The symbol could relate to physical changes based on our spiritual growth. It indicates changes, which are not obvious on the surface.

Mercury is on 26 Sagittarius, A Flag Bearer in a Battle. It represents a position of honor and risk, the person who goes ahead of the troops and carries the flag. With Mercury (communications) on this degree, it could refer to journalism, blog posts, or radio communications that depict the state of the nation—or practical application of light in the outer world.

Venus is placed on 21 Capricorn, A Relay Race. This symbol implies a group effort based on timing and cooperation. On a larger level, it could refer to light workers and their collective energy. It’s important to share, acknowledge others, and exhibit with our personal part of the endeavor.

Mars sits on 16 Aquarius, A Big Businessman at His Desk. The business man represents responsibility, order, and control. Success with business can indicate achievement and accomplishment, or it can denote unethical procedures.

Jupiter is on 17 Libra, A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering and Leaving the Harbor. It refers to quiet contemplation of the past with an eye on creating another adventure or journey in life. The Sea represents water and emotion; the retired captain has completed his task with the trials of emotion.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change, New Moon Forecast



The New Moon appears on October 30, and it brings a great deal of mystical energy. It is an intense lunation with Sun, Moon, and Mercury closely placed in Scorpio. The combination of New Moon, Halloween, and three planets in Scorpio brings a strong surge of energy, particularly when positioned with Halloween–the time when the doors open between the astral and physical world.

Sun (outer life), Moon (inner self, emotions), and Mercury (communications) are placed in Scorpio, the sign that rules birth, death, and sex—all different forms of transformation. Scorpio delivers psychic perception, magnetism, intelligence, passion, and determination. In combination with Halloween, the New Moon will heighten our psychic and intuitive powers.

There is a strong emphasis on emotion with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron placed in water signs. Fortunately, Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Neptune, bringing a mystical note to the chart. Neptune rules the imagination, dreams, illusion, and mysticism. The challenge lies in stilling unruly emotions and focusing on realistic dreams. But this aspect can make life feel very dreamy and lovely.

Mars (assertion, overall energy) sits in Capricorn, a practical earth sign, and it squares Uranus (spiritual change, quantum field) in Aries. Squares often cause tension, and it can feel as if we’re being pushed and pulled between our spiritual aspirations and the frustrations of physical life. Mars square Uranus can indicate instability and quick, impulsive action, but it can also create positive change for more evolved individuals by pushing them into active pursuit of the spiritual path. (Uranus also represents the quantum field where marvelous changes take place in an instant. With Uranus, they often can feel awkward on the initial level, but they are truly for the best!)

Venus (love, material possession, beauty) affects how we feel about our experiences in life.  When Venus is placed in Sagittarius, there is an emphasis on travel, nature, and philosophical pursuits. Venus squares Neptune (idealism, illusion), which can mean misreading other people through optimism and idealism–and not in a practical sense. For the next week or so, it’s helpful to have boundaries in relationships and refrain from financial excess.

Jupiter (hopes, success) in Libra continues to its influence on partnerships, balance, and beauty. With Jupiter in Libra, there’s a need to continually seek balance between the spiritual/physical worlds and the “real” and mystical experiences. This theme runs through the entire New Moon chart.

One beneficial aspect involves Jupiter squares Pluto. This helpful square can aid in finding the strength to move through weaknesses; it focuses on finding our personal power and strength. Pluto involves the will, and Jupiter rules dreams, good fortune, and benevolence. Both planets can positively affect prosperity. It heightens the possibility of creating desires in reality as well as increasing our potential for a happy, positive life.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares and creates tension with Neptune. The square can cause confusion, making it difficult to focus the mind on the task at hand and to waver between our goals and an aspect of current “reality.”  It also blurs boundaries and makes it difficult to draw lines in relationships. Saturn trines Uranus, which brings a balance of change and stability. In other words, we experience a change followed by a period of adjustment.

This aspect helps a great deal with bringing order into our lives after experiencing a heightened state of consciousness, which often seems upsetting—at least, initially. It allows time to create a structure in the physical world for the results of our inner work.


  • The New Moon will provide a great deal of energy—particularly emotional energy. When we feel emotion intensely, it’s important to think about changing our lives in a positive sense and meditating on universal love. It’s also helpful to know emotions are like waves; they rise and fall.
  • Take time to dream and imagine wonderful things, but keep them in perspective. When thinking about dreams and desires, consider the time and energy needed to put them into physical form. (Aspects with Neptune can cause lack of realism and a bit of escapism.)
  • Awakened individuals will become more intuitive and psychic with the passage of the New Moon. The placement of the planets and aspects with Neptune expand our mystical qualities. (Make notes and listen to your inner voice.)
  • Mars square Uranus, and Saturn trine Uranus can help with the manifestation of dreams. Both aspects call in the universal quality of awakening and the path of the soul. (Stay flexible and release resistance to change.)
  • Jupiter and Pluto are in a beneficial position to boost prosperity. Meditate on identifying personal potential and power. Visualize prosperity!

Sabian Symbols

This reading is based on Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the degrees of the zodiac. I often look at this part of the chart before looking at the aspects in a chart and reading the forecast because it presents a story through imagery.

Sun and Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio, “The Silvery Moon Shining across a Beautiful Gem of a Lake.” It’s a lovely symbol, representing the yin aspect of life. The lake (water) represents emotion in a calm, still state that reflects light. The moon reflects the sun, creating a balance on earth.

The symbol represents positive change and good fortune, which occur when our emotions and mind are correctly aligned with the feminine. It’s a wonderful oracle for a new moon.

Mercury sits on 10 Scorpio, “A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades.” This degree brings up the idea of soul contracts, people from past lives, and memories from our past. (The sign of Scorpio can bring up old memories, people from the past, and repetitive situations for clearing and transmutation.) With its close proximity to the Sun and Moon, this process may be part of the New Moon energy.

Venus at 16 Sagittarius, “Seagulls Fly Around a Ship Looking for Food.” This degree can refer to dependence of the sea gull on the sailors and ship. It can refer to finding or taking sustenance from others. It is the symbol for Venus, which can refer to love and loving relationships. It implies the need for boundaries and noticing when others feed on your energy or take too much from you.

Mars at 24 Capricorn, “A Woman Entering a Convent.” It’s a very interesting symbol for Mars, which refers to action and assertion. Typically, a woman enters a convent for inner contemplation and to escape pressure from the outer world. It may indicate a need to move into a higher spiritual state before taking action in the outer world—particularly with Mars square Uranus, which tends to expand impulsive action.

Jupiter is on 11 Libra, “A Professor Peering over his Glasses at His Students.” The image of a professor and glasses invoke thoughts about the rational, logical, and intellectual world. Truly, seeing someone means putting aside the rational world and looking through the heart. Sometimes, it’s important to put aside “reality” and look for the softer eyes of intuition—and the heart.

Uranus sits on Aries 22, “The Gate Opens to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.” This degree is included because Uranus is responsible for many of the spiritual changes experienced in the past 4 years. In metaphysics, the garden refers to spiritual world in which everything is perfect and aligned. All of our desires are met at a higher level of consciousness. Perhaps, it refers to the “change” that follows group awakening when we will find ourselves in a whole, new, beautiful world.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.







Planetary Change: October Forecast



October brings beautiful weather, bright skies, and better energies while September ends with a positive New Moon (Sept 30) with Sun/Moon in Libra.  It’s a lovely start for the month. Sun in Libra brings the beauty of air, expansion of mind, and the desire for balance, justice, and harmony. Jupiter (good fortune) aligns with the Sun, strengthening our ability to bring events into our life. With only 3 planets in retrograde-Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto—it’s easier to move forward. (Think of retrograde planets as a bit of an anchor, which slows our progress.)

The month also brings a great deal of energy with two New Moons, one Full Moon, and Halloween, which represents the opening of the doors between the worlds. New Moons act as a void–a space to pull in new energy to shape as the moon grows full. Along with the new energies, which are very intense, we’ll experience three openings for a flood of energy. Obviously, it’s important to work on our grounding skills!

The challenge of the month comes with T-squares, which appear fairly regularly. They can bring pressure to see aspects of life, which need changing. And it’s usually not in a wonderful way. On the positive, Sun and Jupiter in Libra bring balance and can help to find an equitable solution. (The current square is between Neptune (mysticism), Saturn (time, karma), and North Node, representing spiritual career and potential.)

Venus (beauty, art, material goods) is placed in Scorpio, intensifying passion, emotion, and jealousy in relationship. It can also symbolize beginnings, endings, or the motion of relationships into another form. Mars (male energy, assertion) sits in Capricorn with a focus on accumulating wealth, material goods, and altering career into a higher level. (Capricorn is an earth sign, representing ambition in the outer world.)

Saturn (time, discipline, karma) is placed in Sagittarius, continuing the emphasis on spiritual life and discipline. In combination with Mars, it’s wise to consider the best path for merging our spiritual discipline and physical career.

Neptune continues her journey through Pisces, opening us to a sea of love and expanding the reach of inner emotion. Uranus continues to call in the New Age with weird, amazing, and wacky energies and remains square to Pluto, pulling in old, dark energies that require transmutation.

The Moon and Mercury currently oppose Chiron, the wounded healer. It means our current thoughts and emotions can oppose our inner healing. It won’t last forever, and we’re familiar with it.


It’s a relatively, quiet month, and life should feel better, clearer, and more optimistic. It is important to take advantage of the good weather by moving into opportunity, making small and large changes, and creating a strong image of what is wanted in life.

The T-squares (and Uranus/Pluto) continue to push us out of our comfort zones and into a wilder universe. It’s not good or bad. It’s simply a demonstration of how true happiness may live in a different environment than playing safe.

It’s best to use the beautiful energy to dream and create as long as we don’t take it for granted. Everything changes often on Planet Earth, and we’re being propelled into larger changes and shifts. Continue listening to the inner self and lean on the universe for support. (It always works!)

NOTE: Use the ample energies of this time to stay with inner desires, find the rhythm of the inner self, and create harmony between the inner and outer world.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change: New Moon/Eclipse



A solar eclipse on Thurs, Sept 1 accompanies the New Moon.  New Moons are typically for releasing the past and planning the future. They bring the energy of the “void”, a pause before creating in the next cycle of the moon.  Eclipses interrupt the pattern of light and darkness; they can also give the opportunity to reboot in a new way.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are in Virgo, which can indicate service, arcane truth, and emphasis on work. Virgo is an earth sign, and it rules the body, placing particular emphasis on health. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter oppose Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces. Sun and Moon trine Pluto (subconscious, regeneration.) The sign of Pisces can refer to the past age; it also rules mysticism and sacrifice. In past ages, there was an emphasis on personal sacrifice, which included helping others (and forgetting the self.) In the Aquarian Age, we are becoming aware of the need for balanced giving. We may become aware of old trauma, but can also heal it in a new way.

Mercury moved into retrograde in Virgo on August 30. But it also conjuncts Jupiter, which gives incredible focus and creative ideas. Mercury retrograde slows life down, including travel, communication, and electronics.

Venus in Libra plays a strong part in the New Moon chart. Venus represents love and beauty; she glows and shines in Libra–making all of life more lovely. Additionally, Venus (feminine, beauty) conjuncts Jupiter (good fortune.) This is an excellent influence, indicating beneficial energies. (Through this aspect, we can find new answers for career and expansion through creative pursuits.)



Mars (overall energy, assertion) in Sagittarius is good for personal quests. It adds fire and passion to life.  However, Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune, which means it’s easy to become overly assertive, pushy, or misunderstood. (Save conflicts and discussions for a bit later in the month.)

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is currently in Virgo, but it will move into Libra on September 9, which will lighten up our experience of life. Chiron (the wounded healer) is opposed by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter; it’s an indication that personal healing can help with creating communication, loving relationships, and good fortune.  (It may be helpful to meditate on these areas of life.)

Uranus (spiritual energy, unpredictable change) remains retrograde and square Pluto, which can account for sudden swings in emotions and thoughts. With Uranus, it’s usually possible to shift into a higher state, which can bring (almost) immediate solutions or help. (Uranus also represents the quantum field, which communicates to us when we experience higher vibrations.)



  • With many planets in Virgo, it’s important to pay attention to our physical life, diet, rest, and exercise with many planets based in earth. It may be more important to spend time deciphering how our inner self wants to live in physical life. On a higher level, Neptune in Pisces—which opposes Sun and Moon—asks us to move above mundane life and act on the auspices of the inner self.
  • It is a wonderful time to enjoy nature with many planets based in earth and Venus placed in Libra. Nature feels very light and lovely at the moment. Venus conjuncts Jupiter, which can bring good fortune.
  • Mercury is in retrograde. Standard advice involves not signing contracts or taking long trips. Expect a bit of confusion and be sure to back up electronics. (The energy tends to feel heavy when Mercury is retro in an earth sign. It will pass.)
  • Mars squares and opposes several planets. Think tension and conflict. Avoid deep discussions until Mars is in a better position.
  • Stay patient and loving with the self. Observations and feelings will come and go. The important part is meditation, making small positive decisions, and staying on the path. Inspiration and direction will appear at the right time.
  • The New Moon is powerful time for endings and new beginnings. Make a desire list in accordance with the inner self.

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s interpretation

Sun and Moon sit on Virgo 10, “Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows.” This symbol could refer to the union of the lower and higher self, which is above all shadows—and lives in the world of light. It can refer to the observation, which occurs when we glimpse hidden parts of ourselves, which sabotage or cause conflict in life. It’s also possible that it refers to the lack of agreement between different groups of people, who strongly hold opposing concepts. (All of these states seem obvious in the world at this time.)

Mercury and Jupiter are on Virgo 29, “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from a Scroll He Is Reading.” Certainly, the internet and modern books have bestowed a great deal of secret knowledge in the past decade. Secret knowledge is power.

The question lies in how we use the knowledge—to develop the inner self or simply use “power” to have what we want. Certainly, we could create many good things with secret knowledge such as cleaning the environment, helping others, or changing the world.

Venus is positioned on Libra 3, “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.” For those who are awakened, the New Day is the substance of our experience. Nothing feels exactly right or in the same order. There is a feeling of distraction and a set of new energetic perceptions. (We know it’s wonderful, but we haven’t deciphered all of the information.)

Mars sits on Sagittarius 15, “The Ground Hog Looking for Its Shadow on Ground Hog Day.” This symbol refers to the repetition of old patterns—the emotional grooves of the past—as well as the desire to change the pattern and create a new life. (Mars rules assertion and aggression, so it may be helpful to look for patterns based on anger and resentment. Wait before taking action.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change: Through the Lion’s Gate



The new moon appeared on August 2, bringing a fiery chart to the forefront before we pass through the Lion’s Gate. (The Lion’s Gate occurs between August 8 and 12, marking the passage of the star, Sirius, when its path precedes the sun, aligning with Orion’s belt and the pyramids. The Sun Is always in Leo, and we receive a wave of solar energy during Dog Days, the time of Sirius’ appearance on the horizon.)

Think of it as a cosmic blast. Solar light is associated with the masculine energies such as spirituality, universal love, and pure light. It is also the force, which illuminates the planet. Light cleanses, and it changes the body, particularly the subtle body. (The light is “yang” and can feel over stimulating on a mental/creative level if we don’t take time to rest and reflect.)

With six planets in fire—Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus, there is much passion and heat. Nevertheless, it is one of the calmest charts of the summer. Sun (outer self) and Moon (inner self) are conjunct in Leo, inciting courage, loyalty, and a desire to follow the heart.

Mercury (communication, thought) placed in Virgo can give discernment and balance to emotions. Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Its purpose is expanding our ability to discern and create order, which is very helpful with many planets in fire signs.

Venus (earthly pleasure, feminine, beauty) in Leo can ignite the desire for romance, drama, or self-indulgence. It can also open the heart. But Venus is square (tension) Mars (overall energy, assertion) and it can give feelings of loneliness by emphasizing the lack of relationship.

Recently, Mars moved from Scorpio, a water sign (think emotion) into Sagittarius. We’re momentarily feeling the blast from water to fire. It can feel energizing—or overwhelming, depending on our state of mind.

Jupiter remains in Virgo, and it trines Pluto, suggesting the potential to create and/or renew resources.  Saturn (time, karma) is square Neptune in Pisces, and this aspect can create tension between dreams and reality. It can also give the potential to break through illusion—and create life in a more positive sense. Uranus (quantum field) remains square Pluto, but the distance between the planets is greater. (This means less tension.)

Five outer planets are retrograde. There is definitely spiritual potential in their motion.

  • Saturn (time, karma) offers the opportunity to bring spiritual practices into life as a devotion—and on the physical level. It also encourages study and the “quest.”
  • Uranus (quantum field, sudden change) is much like the element of air in alchemy (not astrology.) It can respond in an instant to a thought or prayer, changing everything in accordance with the placement of our thoughts, spirit, and emotions.
  • Neptune (mysticism and illusion) brings the gift of intuitive and psychic development. When we receive strong impressions of people and/or places, we can attribute it to Neptune. (Tip: it’s possible to ask for what we want to perceive rather than remaining open to everything!)
  • Pluto (underworld, transmutation) offers the opportunity to examine power and the subconscious in our lives.
  • Chiron in retrograde is the wounded healer in an introspective state, making subtle changes within to heal ourselves and the planet.

Sabian Symbols (based on Lynda Hill’s interpretations)

Sun and Moon are placed on Leo 11, “Children on a Swing in the Safety of a Huge, Oak Tree.” The symbol is representative of the beauty of summer days, the shade of ancient trees, and the joyous activities of childhood. It indicates the value of enjoying summer, play, and the inner child.

Mercury is on Virgo 5, “A Person Becoming Aware of Nature Spirits and Normally Unseen Spiritual Energies.” This is a very beautiful symbol for the placement of mind (Mercury) when the earth is changing on a physical level. It hints at the value of communing with nature and receiving insights from this connection.

Venus sits on Leo 27, “Daybreak, the Luminesce of Dawn in the Eastern Sky.” It’s a lovely and fitting symbol for the rise of Sirius, which precedes the sun at this time of year. Daybreak symbolizes the possibility of new opportunities and beginnings.

Mars is placed on Sagittarius 1, “Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories.” With the flood of memories, which has accompanied change and clearing for many of us, the symbol may seem appropriate. It may also signify that the time of division (wars) is ending—or needs ending.

Jupiter sits on Virgo 23, “A Lion Tamer Rushes into the Ring.” This symbol represents passion and daring as well as controlling fear to take life to the next level.

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.