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Seeking Light



As the world shifts and changes, it’s wise to seek love and light. It’s also helpful to learn small, simple techniques that can raise our consciousness. By applying techniques and focusing our consciousness in a different (higher) direction, we progress more quickly on our path.

  • When we focus on light, the universe responds. When we contemplate light, we receive its support. When we desire awakening, the universe leads us into many experiences in the invisible world such as synchronicity, esoteric teachings, and subtle answers, which provide direction in life.
  • Universal direction comes when we connect with our soul. It may come from meditation, nature, animals, personal love, or creativity. If we recognize the “expansion”, we can create a great deal of good from this place—particularly with visualization.
  • Life responds to our visualizations, placement of consciousness, and attention. When we give attention to negative states or unwanted aspects of life, they expand. Conversely, positive thoughts and visualizations raise our vibration, creating the opposite. (It’s helpful to think of difficult areas of life as energy and to send light to them. We can also decide to see the solution as opposed to focusing on the problem.)
  • Self-observation is a wonderful tool for creating change. By observing our personal patterns, we learn to change the inner dialog (what we say to ourselves), focus on a positive outcome or different response, and ask the universe for help at a pivotal moment. By asking the universe for help, we essentially ask for new perceptions and insights in blocked or difficult areas of life. If we are open, small answers appear and coalesce.
  • By noticing happiness, beauty, positive feelings, and goodness, we automatically bring more of them into our lives. The placement of our consciousness attracts much of we experience in life, which means it’s possible to alter the current of our life by attuning our consciousness to a higher point. (Life moves very differently from this point.)


Everything is ultimately energy. Energy takes on a thousand shapes and forms. It responds to us.  (Our energy field also responds to others and the overall global field.) Over time, we learn how to interact with the resonance of specific energies. We also learn how to collect it through meditation, yoga (Tai Chi, etc), and cultivation of calm, peaceful emotion.

  1. It’s important to know everything is composed of energy. It takes form by its rate of vibration. On a human level, energy can feel dense and heavy when it is not in alignment with the inner self—or when we travel through resistance. It tends to feel light and supportive when we are aligned.
  2. The energy of the planet shifts rhythmically, causing the experience of highs and lows. By aligning deeply with the inner self, we can stay centered as we travel through the energetic translation of a changing time. (The quality of energy, experienced at a particular point in time, may represent an influence of karmic patterns, geographical locations, mass consciousness, or other people.)
  3. Currently, we are working with the concept of balance. It’s important to stay balanced, centered, and grounded when the energy is continually shifting. It’s good to know our feelings and moods alter with the flow of the current of life. They don’t last forever and become less intense when we stay centered.
  4. It’s powerful to observe the flow of life. Through self-observation, we can note the places, people, and things that lift our energy field into a higher place. We can also note synchronicities and correct intuition. They give hints about our personal alignment. (What indicates your personal alignment?)
  5. If we are persistent and aligned with our spiritual quest, the energy in our personal field will eventually take on a higher form, reflecting abundance, alignment, health, and love

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Planetary Change: October Forecast



October brings beautiful weather, bright skies, and better energies while September ends with a positive New Moon (Sept 30) with Sun/Moon in Libra.  It’s a lovely start for the month. Sun in Libra brings the beauty of air, expansion of mind, and the desire for balance, justice, and harmony. Jupiter (good fortune) aligns with the Sun, strengthening our ability to bring events into our life. With only 3 planets in retrograde-Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto—it’s easier to move forward. (Think of retrograde planets as a bit of an anchor, which slows our progress.)

The month also brings a great deal of energy with two New Moons, one Full Moon, and Halloween, which represents the opening of the doors between the worlds. New Moons act as a void–a space to pull in new energy to shape as the moon grows full. Along with the new energies, which are very intense, we’ll experience three openings for a flood of energy. Obviously, it’s important to work on our grounding skills!

The challenge of the month comes with T-squares, which appear fairly regularly. They can bring pressure to see aspects of life, which need changing. And it’s usually not in a wonderful way. On the positive, Sun and Jupiter in Libra bring balance and can help to find an equitable solution. (The current square is between Neptune (mysticism), Saturn (time, karma), and North Node, representing spiritual career and potential.)

Venus (beauty, art, material goods) is placed in Scorpio, intensifying passion, emotion, and jealousy in relationship. It can also symbolize beginnings, endings, or the motion of relationships into another form. Mars (male energy, assertion) sits in Capricorn with a focus on accumulating wealth, material goods, and altering career into a higher level. (Capricorn is an earth sign, representing ambition in the outer world.)

Saturn (time, discipline, karma) is placed in Sagittarius, continuing the emphasis on spiritual life and discipline. In combination with Mars, it’s wise to consider the best path for merging our spiritual discipline and physical career.

Neptune continues her journey through Pisces, opening us to a sea of love and expanding the reach of inner emotion. Uranus continues to call in the New Age with weird, amazing, and wacky energies and remains square to Pluto, pulling in old, dark energies that require transmutation.

The Moon and Mercury currently oppose Chiron, the wounded healer. It means our current thoughts and emotions can oppose our inner healing. It won’t last forever, and we’re familiar with it.


It’s a relatively, quiet month, and life should feel better, clearer, and more optimistic. It is important to take advantage of the good weather by moving into opportunity, making small and large changes, and creating a strong image of what is wanted in life.

The T-squares (and Uranus/Pluto) continue to push us out of our comfort zones and into a wilder universe. It’s not good or bad. It’s simply a demonstration of how true happiness may live in a different environment than playing safe.

It’s best to use the beautiful energy to dream and create as long as we don’t take it for granted. Everything changes often on Planet Earth, and we’re being propelled into larger changes and shifts. Continue listening to the inner self and lean on the universe for support. (It always works!)

NOTE: Use the ample energies of this time to stay with inner desires, find the rhythm of the inner self, and create harmony between the inner and outer world.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Creating More Peace


Here’s a brief meditation on creating peace. Feel free to share. For those of you who prefer to read, here’s my latest article on peace from Spirit of Maat ezine (



Creating More Peace

Barbara Marciniak said, “You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your mind.”  It feels logical to proceed by embracing peace within our mind and heart. Thought and emotion are known to impact the energetic field, and they are measurable in quantum science. (Everyone has been affected positively and negatively by another person’s emotions or thoughts.)

Peace is a state of mind, which occurs within the stillness of the inner self. It is a higher frequency—a set of vibrations emitted by the inner self.  In general, it is accompanied by a set of feelings, sensations, and a specific visual. When we connect with the inner self, there is an absence of conflicting thought. It is the state associated with stillness—an alignment with the heart.

In this space of connection, we encounter universal concepts such as peace, love, harmony, and joy. In general, the concepts are similar for everyone, but we color them with individual sensations and visualizations. From a place of stillness, it is possible to project a personal vision of peace into the world around us.

In alchemy, it’s said that every particle of matter is composed of light. Matter responds to higher frequencies and changes its shape. (This is seen in cymatics as well as Masaru Emoto’s work with water.) At any rate, mind over matter has been demonstrated many times.

Harmonious vibrations—which are free from duality—can affect physical matter. These vibrations could be described as higher frequencies, which are generated and received by people who are capable of perceiving and projecting them. When a “higher” visualization or feeling is received and repeated throughout many energy field, it is naturally amplified. When many of us focus on our personal sensation of peace repeatedly, it eventually affects the overall energy—as well as the conceivable future.

Mahatma Ghandi thought a concept or movement was much more powerful when it promoted what it stood for rather than fighting against what it opposed. It is a non-dualistic view, based on a simple focus on a higher concept. (When we are connected to our inner self, there is no duality—only wholeness, which provides sensations, which flow from this place of being. By projecting those thoughts and feelings strongly, we affect the matter or physical world around us.)

Coming from a place of wholeness does not mean closing our eyes to the darkness in the world. But it does involve limiting judgement and refraining from deep discussions about wrongness on earth. That’s because negative people and places thrive on negative energy. It’s the best way of creating more of what we don’t want.

The Age of Aquarius focuses on group endeavors, collective consciousness, higher thought, and the quantum field. Higher thought comes when the mind is connected with the heart. It’s easy to identify those thoughts because they are clear, align with universal concepts, and often bring a feeling of softness and relief. More importantly, it’s possible to project those thoughts to others and to the world-at-large. It’s how the quantum field works.


1)      Meditating on a personal feeling of peace is easier than seeing peace for the world. From place of connection, it is easily expanded and sent to others as well as geographical locations.

2)      When we identify a strong sensation of peace for ourselves, we automatically vibrate it outward. (Change begins within personal world.)

3)      It’s helpful to choose a color, symbol, or identify a specific energy as peace. The soul often reads energy in symbols. It can be sent to others.

4)      Spend 5 or 10 minutes each day in meditation. In this place, there is no movement between polarities. There is only love and peace. Everyone can contribute to the effort in this way.

5)      Avoid television, violence, and lower vibrations. Try to keep discussions focused on the positive and good changes within the world. (When something causes a strong upset or emotion, try Ho’oponopono or seeing the opposite of the situation.)

6)      Work on eliminating personal judgement, particularly of friends, co-workers, and loved ones. It’s better to see the “good” in them and accept their place of being. And it’s more positive to work on personal peace. (Judgement causes movement between the higher and lower self.)

7)      Create a personal vision of peace in the future and dwell on it occasionally.

8)      With all metaphysical activity, we have to operate partially on faith while believing in the universe and our power to bring about change.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: New Moon/Eclipse



A solar eclipse on Thurs, Sept 1 accompanies the New Moon.  New Moons are typically for releasing the past and planning the future. They bring the energy of the “void”, a pause before creating in the next cycle of the moon.  Eclipses interrupt the pattern of light and darkness; they can also give the opportunity to reboot in a new way.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are in Virgo, which can indicate service, arcane truth, and emphasis on work. Virgo is an earth sign, and it rules the body, placing particular emphasis on health. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter oppose Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces. Sun and Moon trine Pluto (subconscious, regeneration.) The sign of Pisces can refer to the past age; it also rules mysticism and sacrifice. In past ages, there was an emphasis on personal sacrifice, which included helping others (and forgetting the self.) In the Aquarian Age, we are becoming aware of the need for balanced giving. We may become aware of old trauma, but can also heal it in a new way.

Mercury moved into retrograde in Virgo on August 30. But it also conjuncts Jupiter, which gives incredible focus and creative ideas. Mercury retrograde slows life down, including travel, communication, and electronics.

Venus in Libra plays a strong part in the New Moon chart. Venus represents love and beauty; she glows and shines in Libra–making all of life more lovely. Additionally, Venus (feminine, beauty) conjuncts Jupiter (good fortune.) This is an excellent influence, indicating beneficial energies. (Through this aspect, we can find new answers for career and expansion through creative pursuits.)



Mars (overall energy, assertion) in Sagittarius is good for personal quests. It adds fire and passion to life.  However, Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune, which means it’s easy to become overly assertive, pushy, or misunderstood. (Save conflicts and discussions for a bit later in the month.)

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is currently in Virgo, but it will move into Libra on September 9, which will lighten up our experience of life. Chiron (the wounded healer) is opposed by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter; it’s an indication that personal healing can help with creating communication, loving relationships, and good fortune.  (It may be helpful to meditate on these areas of life.)

Uranus (spiritual energy, unpredictable change) remains retrograde and square Pluto, which can account for sudden swings in emotions and thoughts. With Uranus, it’s usually possible to shift into a higher state, which can bring (almost) immediate solutions or help. (Uranus also represents the quantum field, which communicates to us when we experience higher vibrations.)



  • With many planets in Virgo, it’s important to pay attention to our physical life, diet, rest, and exercise with many planets based in earth. It may be more important to spend time deciphering how our inner self wants to live in physical life. On a higher level, Neptune in Pisces—which opposes Sun and Moon—asks us to move above mundane life and act on the auspices of the inner self.
  • It is a wonderful time to enjoy nature with many planets based in earth and Venus placed in Libra. Nature feels very light and lovely at the moment. Venus conjuncts Jupiter, which can bring good fortune.
  • Mercury is in retrograde. Standard advice involves not signing contracts or taking long trips. Expect a bit of confusion and be sure to back up electronics. (The energy tends to feel heavy when Mercury is retro in an earth sign. It will pass.)
  • Mars squares and opposes several planets. Think tension and conflict. Avoid deep discussions until Mars is in a better position.
  • Stay patient and loving with the self. Observations and feelings will come and go. The important part is meditation, making small positive decisions, and staying on the path. Inspiration and direction will appear at the right time.
  • The New Moon is powerful time for endings and new beginnings. Make a desire list in accordance with the inner self.

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s interpretation

Sun and Moon sit on Virgo 10, “Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows.” This symbol could refer to the union of the lower and higher self, which is above all shadows—and lives in the world of light. It can refer to the observation, which occurs when we glimpse hidden parts of ourselves, which sabotage or cause conflict in life. It’s also possible that it refers to the lack of agreement between different groups of people, who strongly hold opposing concepts. (All of these states seem obvious in the world at this time.)

Mercury and Jupiter are on Virgo 29, “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from a Scroll He Is Reading.” Certainly, the internet and modern books have bestowed a great deal of secret knowledge in the past decade. Secret knowledge is power.

The question lies in how we use the knowledge—to develop the inner self or simply use “power” to have what we want. Certainly, we could create many good things with secret knowledge such as cleaning the environment, helping others, or changing the world.

Venus is positioned on Libra 3, “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.” For those who are awakened, the New Day is the substance of our experience. Nothing feels exactly right or in the same order. There is a feeling of distraction and a set of new energetic perceptions. (We know it’s wonderful, but we haven’t deciphered all of the information.)

Mars sits on Sagittarius 15, “The Ground Hog Looking for Its Shadow on Ground Hog Day.” This symbol refers to the repetition of old patterns—the emotional grooves of the past—as well as the desire to change the pattern and create a new life. (Mars rules assertion and aggression, so it may be helpful to look for patterns based on anger and resentment. Wait before taking action.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Full Moon Forecast



The night sky has been incredibly lovely as the almost full moon rises against a periwinkle blue sky. On some nights, the planets are visible and glow like jewels. Other nights, the Perseid showers blaze through the sky like fireworks.

The full moon appears on August 18, bringing a relatively pleasant chart. After weeks of clearing emotions and karma, it can feel like a blessing. There are challenges, gifts, and lessons, but it’s wonderful when their impact is balanced. There are four planets in fire, five in earth, two in water, and one in air. Together, fire and earth address the importance of putting spiritual passion into physical form. Fewer planets in water can calm emotions, and we have the element of air—for the first time in weeks.

The Sun is in Leo, a fire sign, conferring passion, generosity, and courage.  It brings confidence, brightness, and belief in the goodness of life. Sun in Leo helps with expression of feelings and desires through positive drama and group activities. It rules the heart, the desire to move into love and truth. It can also ignite creativity and help with expression of the inner self.

The Moon (inner self, emotions) is placed in Aquarius, a creative and innovative air sign. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius finds unusual and unique answers in life. Air rules thought, and the chart emphasizes the value of coming from the heart and thinking the right thoughts. (Higher thought occurs when the heart and mind are aligned with the inner self.) The right thoughts can open our consciousness to greater awareness and deeper understanding.

Mercury (communications) and Venus (earthly pleasures, femininity, art and beauty) are placed in Virgo, which emphasizes the need for articulation, precision, and discrimination. The placement of these planets hints at the need for grounding our passion into particular projects and plans, which align with our hearts and personal growth. On a higher level, Virgo represents the High Priestess, who holds secret knowledge and can unveil the hidden mysteries.

Mars (assertion, overall energy, the masculine) in a Sagittarius, a fire sign, stirs up  passion and heat. Sagittarius represents the archer, and, when Mars is in a fire sign, it likes the action of shooting arrows and pursuing goals and quests. (Mars in a fire sign can cause burn-out or overwhelm through too much activity so plan periods of rest accordingly.)

Mars conjuncts (close to) Saturn (structure, limitation, karma) in Sagittarius. It gives potential to combine strength and sustained effort in pursuing goals, particularly those on the spiritual path. The aspect can help in channeling lower emotions and everyday pursuits in a creative, spiritual direction. (Both planets have a dark, cold side, so stay in the light and think positively!)

Jupiter (benevolence, good fortune) remains in Virgo, hinting at greater success and prosperity by giving attention to detail and daily routine. Mercury (communications, mind) conjuncts Jupiter, giving space and focus for the task. With Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Virgo, an earth sign, it’s easy to become “lost’ in daily routine. It’s important to hold on to the big dreams through meditation and inner work while sifting through the details of everyday life.

Venus (beauty, feminine, material world) opposes Neptune (spiritual world, illusion) in Pisces. It’s interesting because any aspect with Neptune can lead us into greater realization of beauty, which is aspect of the soul. Oppositions are normally challenging, but this aspect asks us to see beyond habitual perception of life into the spiritual perception of the beauty found in every form.

Uranus (spiritual change, quantum field) and Pluto (underworld, transformation) remain square (tension.) The square is wide, but it continues to dredge up old substances, which keep our consciousness in place, and move us into a place of realizing truth. This action can lead us into truth and freedom although the transformation seems to feel difficult.


  1. Sun (outer life)  trines Uranus (spirituality, change). This positive aspect can bestow unusual, ingenious thinking or breakthroughs. With both planets in fire, it can ignite creativity and give birth to new ideas.
  2. Venus squares (tension) Mars and Saturn. It opposes Neptune (mysticism, illusion) and trines Pluto. Venus rules the beauty of the material world and relationships. With so many aspects, it usually means receiving mixed messages, so wait a few days before buying expensive items and see if a relationship changes back to “normal” in the next week or two. (Don’t believe everything you feel.)
  3. Continue to pursue spiritual studies, meditate, and remain disciplined. The full moon brings in a good bit of positive energy, but we continue to clear and change. We need copious amounts of hope and love as we continue through a large shift.






Sabian Symbols

Sun is on Leo 26, “After a Heavy Storm, A Rainbow Appears.” In a sense, the summer represents a heavy storm of clearing energies, moving in many directions, and altering our energy level. A rainbow is the promise of cosmic “good” that follows the difficulty of a storm.

Moon is placed on Aquarius 26, “A Garage Man Testing a Car’s Battery with a Hydrometer.” A car is our current system of motion from place to another. A battery refers to the energy source of the car; it contains water, starts the car, and distributes electrical power throughout the vehicle. (Aquarius—the sign in which the moon is placed—rules technology. Testing the battery means taking an accurate measure of our spiritual/emotional state before testing or moving from one place to another in the physical.)

Mercury sits on Virgo 24, “Mary and Her Little Lamb.” The symbol depicts the image of a lovely, little girl and her white lamb, who travel through together. It also refers to the innocence of childhood, the pure state of early life. Additionally, it speaks about a bond between the kingdoms of animals and humans.

Venus is on Virgo 16, “Delighted Children Crowd around the Orangutan Cage in a Zoo.” Venus continues the reference concerning animal and human kingdoms. With Mary and the Little Lamb, there is a bond of love. With an exotic zoo animal and children, there is a wall of separation. Yet, there is interaction and excitement. (Virgo emphasizes discernment, and Venus may ask for discernment about the quality of our love with both children and the animal kingdom. Which one is a preferable state?)

Mars is placed on Sagittarius 7, “Cupid Knocking at the Human Heart.” It’s yet another symbol of an aspect of love. In this case, Cupid is the child of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, who holds the arrows of love. His arrows open the heart, pushing past old barriers and obstacles. When the heart opens, we discover not only love–but also a greater awareness of life.

Jupiter sits on Virgo 26, “A Boy with a Censer Serves near the Priest at the Altar.” A boy with a censer represents an apprentice, who can take his small job seriously or lightly. It also refers to apprenticeship and the spiritual importance of every day tasks. Do we perform them with all of our heart or stumble through them? (Jupiter is about good fortune, and this symbol emphasizes the placement of consciousness as part of creating positive outcomes.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.




Simple Moments of Awakening



Over the past months, many of us have experienced moments of awakening—simple, profound, and peaceful. By increasing our awareness through reflection, we amplify the energy of inner reflection. By observing and noticing the flow of consciousness, we develop our inner skills.

It’s helpful to think of moments of awareness as glimpses of the inner self. Sometimes, oscillation—the wavelike motion from high to low—occurs, but it’s only temporary. The larger emotions of peace, joy, and connection will continue to develop.

1)      Feelings of overwhelming, unconditional love can come like a wave. We may also experience deep sensations of peace and faith about the future.  (Yes, it’s temporary, but contemplation of this state extends the pleasant inner realization.)

2)      Meditation becomes more expansive. The stillness is deeper. The presence of the universe is larger; the circuit becomes stronger. We begin to long for the state of connection. And it moves through us, shaping the hours with its presence.

3)      The river of love runs between us. Not everyone can go there, but it flows with loving communication when people are open. There is a spacious opening for exchange of thought and emotion—as the river of the individual and ocean of larger thought merge.

4)      Flashes of understanding about why we experience a pattern or problem. This is a state of observation, which occurs when the presence of the true self lends insight into an energetic pattern. It may not solve the problem, but it is a flash of awakening. (We may also feel a sudden distaste for our lower emotions or thoughts.)

5)      We experience the presence of the universe in nature, glimpse the true nature of others (or feel their heart space), recognize the directive of the universe or “feel” the energetic reasons for the direction—or lack of it—in our lives.

6)      Moments of deep knowing occur. We know the universe is supporting us. There is meaning beneath the strange flow of events and energy in the outer world. We feel still within, regardless of appearance and illusion.

7)      We can feel our inner feelings penetrate into the outer world. Our meditative peace may only exist for 5-10 minutes, but we can feel it vibrate out into the space around us—as the outer world positively responds. (Matter does respond to a spiritual state.)

We may only feel these states briefly, but they count. They are spaces in time when the inner self becomes apparent, merging into our everyday consciousness–as signals of deeper awakening.

NOTE: By directing these feelings into the visualization of a desire, life changes positively and more quickly.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.




When the World is Changing


By Ellen Vaman


When the whole world is changing, it’s helpful to remember how change can become the vehicle for your “right” destination.  Everyone desires change, but it’s easy to encounter resistance during the process. Almost everyone experiences stress (resistance) when listening to the soul because it means living life in an entirely, different way.

Here are a few tips:

  1. It’s a gift to watch the entire world change. Your inner vision of life is accepted and needed. A huge dispensation of light is filling the planet. (Who would want to miss it?) It’s also a opportunity to raise your frequency.
  2. This is a rare time. When you center in the heart, there is a palpable love vibration. You can feel higher collective consciousness. When you join with the higher vibration, there is incredible support. The veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinner. It’s easier to have the support of angels and beings of light.
  3. It’s “normal” to feel unstable when passing through the process of collecting more light in your life. It’s also wonderful to “hear’ your inner knowing answer questions, provide a calm state, and connect to the All. (It’s not always easy to know if you’re right or wrong, but you learn this over time.)
  4. It’s partially a lesson about manifestation. Everything is manifesting much more quickly, including our lower and higher thoughts and emotions. As consciousness grows, life manifests more rapidly.You also become more aware of other people–their moods, thoughts, and energy fields. As you learn to read this through the heart, you become more adept.
  5. Change is the path to the realization of the higher self and its manifestation. Every manifestation creates a “new” self, which is more aligned with the inner self. This means casting off the old self, who began the work on the manifestation. (The resistance is felt by the “old” or lower self, which is casting off old emotions, beliefs, and thoughts.) When the new self is born, it is a beautiful event.

Staying More Connected

  • Your inner power is found through meditation, contemplation, and seeing life from a different perspective. It begins with the desire to connect deeply with the universe. Practicing daily and developing consistency are the first steps. Seeking the “feeling” of receiving insight also helps.
  • Peace is within you. It’s important to find the “emotion” within you. The placement of your consciousness determines the flow of your energy. When you are quiet “within”, the world around you becomes still. You can move into peace.
  • When you seek, imagine, and dwell in a specific point of consciousness, it becomes easier to find it. For example, if you focus on higher consciousness or awakening, you will find more of it. If you recall a peaceful state, it’s easier to create it in the “now.”
  • Higher and lower emotions exist. Events, people, and situations cause your inner feelings to move, but you have the choice to return to “center.” Being centered comes through practice, concentration, and spiritual support from the universe.
  • The universe replicates your internal state. When you move into a place of calm and peace, you actually generate those vibrations into your “reality.”

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.




10 Reasons to Manifest



Manifestation means consciously creating our life with an intention, visualization, and an accompanying feeling. The intention is the desire, which comes from the inner self. A visualization is composed of a crystal clear image, accompanied by a feeling representing the sensation of connection.

The sensation of connection is described as peace, love, fulfillment, or grace. Everyone has different words for it, but it is also the feeling of the heart—the opening of space to experience the universe, the One and All.

  1. It’s important because manifestation teaches how we hear, see, and feel our soul. It teaches differentiation between everyday life and the spiritual world. It gives hope, grace, and an amazing energy, which can be shared with others and the world.
  2. Love is the fabric of manifestation. If we create with the inner self, we must move into love by guiding it into form. (We exchange the old, erratic energy of negative creations for love when creating positive manifestations.)
  3. We become more conscious when we actively create. We are already creating subconsciously, but our tendency is repetition—and not always in a happy way. Positive visualizations and the development of a happier feeling actually raises our frequency. Life flows more smoothly from with a positive frequency.
  4. Awareness of our current process of creating soars when we hold positive images. Awareness is part of higher consciousness. When we are aware of how it feels to move out of higher consciousness, we can alter it. We begin to understand it’s not just life or other people. (Sometimes, it is other people and mass consciousness. But we can do something about it!)
  5. Successful manifestation comes from an universal connection. Positive manifestation comes from the inner self and source. It brings feelings of love, grace, and generosity. It moves us into a place of peace.
  6. We learn to trust and believe when we see our dreams and desires in material form. It’s easy to trust and believe when we see a manifestation in physical form. Also, there is that amazing rush of love!
  7. The beauty of the experience is a catalyst for creating good in the world. When we overcome fear, step into our heart felt desires, and see and feel the result of manifestation, we want it for everyone.
  8. Our awareness of universal laws is heightened. When we act on hunches, intuitions, and signs, we become more open to universal motion. We seek more experience and understanding.
  9. The universe opens us to new people, experiences, and heightened awareness. We feel, see, and sense more. We also sense more of the invisible world. The universe leads us into new situations and understanding.
  10. We understand that answers come from the inner self and the universe. This calm connection leads to self-realization and enlightenment. It also shifts the outcome in the material world.

More Details

Manifestation begins with the desire to create a better life—and believing the universe wants to create it with us.

Stay with the thought of happy fulfillment along with a feeling of peace and love. It can take time to work through patterns and realistically envision the desired life. It’s a process, requiring patience and devotion.

It’s important to know the universe is powerful. As the connection grows stronger, the manifestation takes form—and life changes by moving into a higher frequency. We gain in light and love.

  • Begin with a 5-10 minute daily practice.
  • See the desired visualization several times each for a minute or two.
  • Focus on the feeling of relief, peace, and fulfillment after the manifestation is achieved.
  • Know periods of oscillation (up and down) occur. It’s natural.
  • Reflect on the universe and the power of connection.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.