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7 Simple Tips for Finding the Inner Self


Our higher connection can drop with a small misunderstanding, a long day, or the energy of mass consciousness. Fortunately, it’s easy to raise our vibration by connecting with the inner self. (It only takes a few moments, and the practices become more effective over time.)

  1. A higher version of you–and your higher vision of life–actually exist when you tap into a different frequency. Think of frequencies like radio stations. Tap into the right vibratory rate for by asking for a higher version of yourself and a visual of a higher version of a particular situation and/or aspect of your life.
  2. Take a few moments to remember who you truly are. Remember the good parts of yourself. Think about your talents, how you love others, and what you like about yourself.
  3. Send love (universal love) as pink light to yourself. Imagine a ray of pink light illuminating the space around you. See every particle in the room spins more rapidly in the light. Ask for the presence of your inner self. (Universal love is a higher vibration, and you’re actively pulling it into your field.)
  4. Ask to clear any lower vibrations from other people in your surrounding area as well as your energy field. Imagine the energies dissolving and disappearing. (Sometimes, other people–their feelings and thoughts–are the cause of a lower vibration.)
  5. Concentrating on blessings can bring a positive shift. Notice the goodness in your life. You may want things to change (drastically), but give thanks while you imagine a new and better life. Your emotional state influences manifestation, and everything changes more rapidly when you’re in a positive state.
  6. Focus on the qualities that you like in other people and send pink light to them. The universe loves it when you think about “goodness” and send any form of love.
  7. Nature restores the soul. Take a long walk or sit outside and watch the motion of trees. Think about it feels when you are living in a higher vibration—how life moves differently and how you feel love and light. Sit on the earth and meditate on these images for a few minutes. (It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. It will eventually change everything!)


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Full Strawberry Moon, Jupiter Direct

The strawberry full moon appears on the morning of Friday, June 9. It is the smallest, most distant moon of the year. As a result, we’ll experience less of the “moon” surge, experienced around the full and new moon. (The term, strawberry, refers to the ripening of fruit, a sweet, fertile time of the year.)
The Full Moon increases the flow of energy throughout the elements. It often brings answers and aspects of life such as dreams to fruition. On an earth level, seeds often germinate on the full moon.
The chart is weighted with fire. Many planets in fire can awaken creativity, passion, and spiritual desires; it may also cause short tempers and overreaction. There are many beneficial energies in the chart such as Venus (love) properly placed in Taurus and Jupiter, planet of good fortune, moving direct. (Of course, there are also challenges, a constant in the New Age.)
Sun (outer life) sits in Gemini, the air sign of the twins, and Moon (inner self, emotions) is in Sagittarius, a fire sign, depicted by the archer. Air and fire rule thought and passion, so it’s a wonderful time to focus on directives, originating within the inner self, and flowing into the realization of dreams.
Sun trines Jupiter (good fortune), adding to the motion of good luck. The Sun also sits opposite Saturn (time, karma), which means feeling our karma and the passage of time. Sun squares (tension) Neptune, illuminating the need to see through illusion–and push through into a new, more realistic future. (We may feel alternately light/heavy and happy/sad with the Jupiter/Saturn influence.)
The Moon conjuncts (close to) Saturn, meaning we could experience “emotional” karma and heaviness about life. Fortunately, we always have a choice with placement of emotions and can choose a strong reaction or a calm, aligned response. Moon also squares Neptune, increasing the possibility of seeing through emotional illusion. On the bright side, Moon trines Uranus (quantum field, sudden change), which is beneficial as it can bring brilliant thoughts and feelings to create higher vibrations and connection.
Mercury (mind, communications) sits in Gemini, an air sign. It trines Jupiter, conferring rapid comprehension of ideas, enhancing creativity, and spontaneity. It’s definitely an aspect that features “happy” thoughts, and the process can lead to good luck (Jupiter direct.)
Along the same positive lines, Venus (love, beauty, material possessions) is placed in Taurus, an earth sign that amplifies the more beautiful qualities of the planet. Additionally, Venus sextiles Mars (male energy), making a good balance between male and female energies. The planet also trines Saturn (time, structure, karma), conveying good judgement and structure.
Mars (male energy) is a bit difficult as it is placed in Cancer, a water sign. Mars in Cancer tends to act out emotionally with exaggerated irritation over small matters. It squares (tension) Jupiter and opposes Saturn. It’s far from perfect, but there are many other aspects in the chart to balance it. (Watch emotions and give the benefit of the doubt to the other person.)
Jupiter in Libra is wonderfully direct, which should help with the motion of projects. It also gives a beneficial feeling about the flow of life, which is much needed. We’ll feel more optimism in the days to come.  Saturn trines Uranus, giving the ability to mix the old and new together in a new design. Saturn and Uranus both trine (harmonious) the North Node in Leo. Together, these aspects give a powerful thrust for moving in the direction of the aspirations of our soul.

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


Slowing Our Pace and Focusing on Light

Image by Josephine Walls

Aspects of the “weather” appear as beautiful as the shades of summer with a Grand Trine (very harmonious) between Moon, Mercury, and Pluto—all placed in earth, providing needed grounding in a time of change. However, we also have tension caused by squares, which can make life feel erratic. (It’s helpful to choose a slower pace—and call on our inner resources without exhausting our reserves!) In this chart, the elements of fire, earth, water, and air are balanced, which is helpful!

Sun (life) is placed in Gemini, the sign of the twins, meaning moods and thoughts may alter quickly between light and dark. Gemini is an air sign with a fierce intellect that moves rapidly through skilled conversations and communications. It’s also good for short journeys, the perfect opening for summer vacations. (The symbol of twins represents duality, but we find wholeness centered in the heart–or within the inner self.)

Moon (inner self, emotions) sits in Virgo, stirring our need for order, perfectionism, and mysticism. Moon squares Mars (overall energy, assertion), which may create confusion between action and emotions, and Moon squares Saturn (time, karma), meaning our emotions and lessons are somewhat out of sync. Moon also trines (harmonious) Mercury (communications), and this aspect gives a bit of order to the flow of thoughts.

Mercury is placed in Taurus, a slow sign for the functioning of the mind. It can bring focus to finances, the earth, or nature, but it also brings hesitation and pauses when we’d prefer focus to walks outdoors. The placement is good for the body—and creating a good physical routine. (Mercury trines Pluto, which is helpful in discerning mysteries or putting bigger pieces of the puzzle together.)

Venus (feminine, love, art) is currently in Aries, a fire sign. It can exhibit stubbornness, passion, and a tendency to leap ahead in this position. Venus aspects almost every planet in this chart, indicating a need to consider what we want to experience in love and through love. Venus also trines (harmonious) Saturn (karma, time), indicating the possibility of learning from our past and creating a new path within the sphere of relationships in life.

Mars (masculine, assertion, overall energy) remains in Gemini, an air sign. Mars is all about direction, force, and passion. It has difficulty moving in a single direction when placed in air. (Air is everywhere, and Mars wants a directed passion.) It can cause tension between desires and responsibility—or a tendency to move between compulsive action and inertia.

Jupiter is in Libra, an air sign that continues to draw our imagination and thoughts to balance and beauty. For example, we utilize Jupiter’s energy when we see the world as better place or visualize harmony in the place of violence. It’s a beautiful placement, which helps us along through the bumpy stages of the New Age.

Neptune is aspected by the Sun and Moon. The Sun squares (tension) Neptune, and Moon (emotions) is opposite Neptune. This placement can make it difficult to discern between illusion and reality. It’s important to take to meditate before taking action or speaking our thoughts.

Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto, enlarging the Uranus/Pluto square. Within this chart, they come together as an eccentric mix of energy, which can create distractions and small, upsetting events. (We’ve dealt with this since 2012.) Moon and Mercury trine Pluto, and these aspects soften the effect.

All in all, there are many nice aspects, including increased grounding with earth, communicating well with others, and movement on our path in the area of love. Of course, challenges remain, but it’s part of the New Age, and we’re becoming more adept as we move through the changes on the wings of time.




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: A Super New Moon

The New Moon appears on Thurs, May 25 in the late afternoon. The New Moon represents the void in many ways-a time of reflection followed by plans for the next cycle in life. The moon sits in the space between darkness and light. (Despite advice of the almanac, anything sown on the New Moon grows very slowly-or not at all. It’s best to plan and wait.)
A Super Moon is obviously more powerful than the average New Moon, and this chart shows energy strongly placed in air (thought, communication) and  fire (passion, creativity) and Air brings beauty such as birds, butterflies, and clouds; it carries messages, but it’s not grounded. Fire makes everything move faster, and it feels intense!
With Sun, Moon, and Mars in Gemini, an air sign ruling language, words, and mentality, there is a focus on thought and communication. The mind moves very rapidly in Gemini, and part of the challenge lies in directing in thought and creating clear imagery.
(The mind is quiet when in alignment with the heart and higher consciousness.)
Sun, Moon, and Mars harmoniously trine Jupiter (good fortune) in Libra (balance/beauty), indicating the correct placement of the mind leads to positive results. (It’s important to use words in a way that creates beauty and balance-greater flow in life.)

Mercury (communications) sits in Taurus, an earth sign. This placement suggests the importance of feeling grounded, connected with nature, and speaking about practical issues from the heart. Mercury trines (harmonious) Pluto (regeneration), meaning it’s possible to regenerate both body and mind through communion with nature. (It’s also a wonderful way to release the information of the outer world and enjoy a slower, lovelier pace.)

Venus (feminine, abundance, beauty) is placed in Aries, a fire sign. Venus in Aries is passionate and fiery—much like a warrior. Venus opposes Jupiter (good fortune), which hints at the importance of a slower pace and waiting to act on passion. Venus also conjuncts (close to) Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), and this can make relationships and/or partnerships become volatile.

Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are all placed in fire signs, which can be volatile or creative. (It’s how we use the energy. Spiritual energy tends to connect into creativity. Lower emotions can lead to anger and outbursts.) Venus and Saturn (limitation, karma) are trine, which slows the motion of fire and helps with structure and cools emotion. Saturn trines Uranus (sudden change, new age.) Think of it as a meeting between the old and new worlds.

Mars sits in Gemini, which scatters mental energy throughout the general atmosphere. Mars is male energy, and it doesn’t like to think. It prefers strong action, and, now, it’s creating strong thoughts. (It’s helpful to reflect on the heart and the inner nature in these moments.) In short, think before speaking.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury square Neptune (illusion, mysticism), and this placement can make it easy to become lost in illusion—particularly with communication. It can be difficult to convey a point clearly and/or come to a clear understanding.

Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto, increasing volatile emotions, strange energy, and the sensation of moving back and forth between the new world and the old world of the Piscean Age.  Uranus loves excitement, and the square shared with Venus and Jupiter, brings an uneasy feeling.

Overall, there is a great deal of exciting energy, but the lesson lies in listening to the inner self before speaking and taking action. It’s a wonderful time for writing and speaking, but it’s probably best to wait on discussing problems and making big changes. It’s wiser to contemplate nature and make gentle plans.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Full Moon Forecast: A New Landscape


The Full Moon rises in the late afternoon on May 10. It’s an exciting and intense chart, bringing a different landscape to life. Sun is in Taurus, the earth sign, which brings beauty to form. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and it is part of the spring awakening, the appearance of flowers and the soft, golden sun. The Moon sits in Scorpio, a water sign ruling transmutation and psychic gifts. Together, earth and water give life; they germinate seeds, shaping possibility into new form.

 All full moon charts bestow high energy, but they can also bestow fruition of dreams and projects. This chart is particularly fertile on the gardening/earthly level, which can apply in others ways, too. For example, the same force, which makes seeds burst into life, can increase the efficacy of creative visualization and manifestation. 

Many planets in this chart form trines, harmonious aspects that give ease and flow to life. For example, Sun trines Pluto, Moon trines Neptune, and Mercury trines Saturn. These aspects are beneficial and soften the overall, energetic tone—if we slow our pace and take time to align with the flow of life. (See aspects in the mid-part of the blog.)

One of the major changes includes the movement of the moon’s nodes from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. The north node is an indicator of the higher aspirations of mankind. The new position in Leo speaks of living from the heart courage, and taking one’s place on center stage. The south node refers to tendencies, which require work and effort. When the south node is in Aquarius, it asks for reflection on group efforts, light workers, and the substance of the New Age. (Two planets trine north node, which makes a lovely beginning.)

Many planets remain in fire, and it’s a bit like putting high octane gas and expensive plugs in a Honda Accord. The engine runs too fast and doesn’t run well. In a similar way, the mind can fire many thoughts and move in many directions, but meditation and quiet contemplation will lend better insights in the true direction of life.

Mercury (communications, mind, thought) is placed in Aries, and it’s wonderfully direct. Delays and frustrations should evaporate in the coming weeks. Mercury remains conjunct Uranus (sudden change, quantum field). The conjunction can bring scattered thoughts without focus, or it can give connection with the quantum field—inspiring gestalt thoughts, which can bring huge solutions and answers.

Venus (beauty, love) is pleasantly placed in Aries and conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer. When we move into a space of love (divine), we can heal old wounds from the past—and experience love in a new way. It’s a lovely opportunity for inner healing. (In many ways, Venus affects our emotions about love and life. Directing emotion to a higher level is a tool to bring about greater healing in life.)

Mars (assertion, action, male energy) remains in Gemini, an air sign, which tends to amplify thoughts on many levels. Our thoughts travel more easily to others, and it’s easy to become distracted. (Mars prefers to act – not think—and it’s not happy with the mental process.) Mars squares (tension) Neptune (mysticism, illusion), which means our thoughts are not always clear or aligned with truth.

Jupiter (good fortune, benevolence) sits in Libra, and squares Pluto (regeneration, underworld.) The placement indicates the need to examine aspects of life and find the “truth” before moving into greater abundance and potential.

Saturn (limitation, karma, structure) in Sagittarius aligns with Galactic Center. While Saturn prefers structure, it can also dissolve structure, which is occurring with its current placement. (It’s a bit like moving into a dark star, then disintegrating and taking a new form.) It’s seems wise to create a new story about the formation of our lives, the future, and the possibilities to come. (In other words, Saturn builds its new structure on the basis of our thoughts, hopes, and aspirations.)


Think of the planets at a large dance. The aspects tell about the costumes and masks, which are worn by the players (planets)—and how they will interact. (There are 11 trines in this chart, which is quite a treat! Trines bring beneficial and harmonious energies.)

Sun (outer life) trines Pluto, giving an abundance of energy and resources to move forward in life. Moon (emotions, inner self) sextiles Pluto. It’s not as harmonious as trine with Sun, but it provides resources for dealing with deep emotions. Moon also trines Neptune, (illusion, mysticism) which can accentuate the beauty of life and soothe the emotional body.

Mercury (communication) trines Saturn (structure) a harmonious aspect that aids with organization and putting ideas into form. (It also helps with practical communication.) Mercury conjuncts Uranus (sudden change), which can bring a bit of mental instability—or too many thoughts. Mars (action, male) trines (harmonious) Jupiter, and this placement can bring an abundance of resources and opportunities.

Saturn (karma, structure) trines Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) and hints at the possibility of positive outcomes related to inner connection, meditation, and personal organization.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto, which adds a heavy undertone to the overall pleasantness of the chart. Delving into the darkness, finding the truth and relishing it as “light”, and recreating the self are challenges of the New Age.

Sabian Symbols, based on the work of Lynda Hill

Sun is placed on Taurus 21, A Moving Finger Points to Significant Passages in a Book. Passages in a book can refer to illumination, guidance, or direction. We may skim over significant points in a manuscript or take it to heart and use the information in life. (There are many sources of information in life, which can provide guidance—if we open to it.)

Moon sits on Scorpio 21, Obeying their Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders. The soldier can refer to our membership in society, personal life, or the general trend of our physical life, but it does reflect the need to listen to the inner self—and make decisions, which do not gain approval from the group at large.

Mercury is on Aries 27, Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity Is Regained. A Course in Miracles and other metaphysical texts suggest the possibility of recovering what is lost through the use of the mind.  If we imagine a state of abundance, the universe will deliver it. (The premise is based on the nature of energy. Energy can only be re-arranged.)

Venus sits on Aries 8, The Streamers on a Woman’s Hat Are Blown by the Wind. This symbol refers to the instability of emotions and thought, which alter with the motion of the wind, It’s easy to lose our train of thought with the world moving into the New Age. Nevertheless, the symbol advises stabilizing thought and emotions by concentrating on the inner self.

Mars sits on Gemini 14, Two People at Widely Different Points Are in Conversation with Each Other by Means of Telepathy. Mars is overall energy, and it speaks of conversations, based on telepathy and internal communication. It can refer to intuiting information about mass consciousness as well as love, which connects people through great distances.

Jupiter retrograde is placed on Libra 16, Circular Paths. We walk on circular paths in life by walking through the same patterns and life circumstances—or by changing ourselves and walking through a “higher” spiral.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

7 Thoughts to Experience More of the Soul


Higher thought engages the inner self. Self-observation moves us out of the inner dialog. Reflecting on the heart invokes a state of love. Seeing life differently can bring freedom, insight, and alter the direction of the energies around us.

  1. When experiencing thoughts or feelings of a lower nature, it’s helpful to ask if they come from your self. If not, ask if they come from others or mass consciousness at large. As your intuitive gifts grow, you pick up more from others. In either case, it’s helpful to focus on light and ask your inner self for the right visual of the situation. (Notice the day and time to see if it is repetitive.)
  2. Emotions are not always real. The highest emotions are aligned with love and the inner self. Lower emotions such as pain, anger, or depression may relate to events or cyclical patterns in life. (It’s helpful to pull into the heart space where emotions are smooth and peaceful.)
  3. Focus on your innate ability to alter events in your life. Imagine your life expanding with new events and feeling a new sense of happiness. How do you feel when you are connected? Repeat the question like a mantra. Notice how answers appear in this state
  4. Think about your connection with everyone else in the light. At any given moment, many other people are meditating, feeling their heart space, or thinking good thoughts. You can connect with them and increase the light.
  5. Increased light changes everything. It’s how you raise your vibration, see new realities, become more powerful, and alter the flow of energy in the world. If you focus on the presence of light, it appears through other people, messages, nature, and other people. It animates life. (A higher frequency causes particles to vibrate in a different way. Alignment with a higher frequency often breaks the laws of the physical world and causes physical matter to regroup in amazing ways. (People change their behavior. Opportunities come. Doors open. Life changes in an incredible way.)
  6. Your inner self leads you into answers. They may come as an alteration of how you see life, a softer response in place of anger (or a stronger boundary if you tend to be too nice), or an entirely different mindscape. The inner self may bring the feeling of calm, the right intuition for the next action, or simply peace. The process of alignment with these small, inner answers brings big changes over time. They change the direction of your thoughts, leading you into greater consciousness.
  7. Trust the universe and embrace the mystery. When life alters, it moves up and down. But it also responds to higher thoughts, emotions, and dreams—if we stay consistent in our practice of meditation. (The universe often works things out in an unexpected manner, which can beautifully exceed our expectations.)


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

New Moon, New Beginnings


The New Moon appeared on Wed, April 26. Its influence will extend for next 7-10 days. The New Moon is the time of experiencing the void, the space of new beginnings—when life stops and pauses in the darkness for a few moments.

With Sun and Moon in Taurus, it is a time of fertility, abundance, and beauty. It’s the perfect time to rework dreams, or imagine life falling into an exquisite rhythm. With all of the loveliness, it’s wise to meditate in natural surroundings whenever possible.

Sun and Moon in Taurus bestow a grounding influence on a slightly volatile chart; they give persistence and strength. (A strong earth influence helps when the entire world is changing.) Overall, the chart is balanced, enhancing all of the creative qualities of fire, water, air, and earth—although there is a continued influence on love and thought, the two aspects of higher spiritual work.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine (harmonious) Saturn (structure, time, karma), an aspect which can help with structure, concentration, and disciplined action. The trines lead to practical application of ideas and applied energy in the physical world. (They support Sun/Moon in Taurus.)

Mercury (mind, electronics) remains retrograde in Aries until May 3, slowing thought, communication, and the routine aspects of life. (Retrogrades often seem more intense in the last week of their passage. Part of the challenge lies in understanding the thought processes and making alterations.) Mercury conjuncts Uranus, which can lead to brilliant thoughts and greater understanding of the metaphysical world; it is also a volatile aspect that can bring sudden change.

Venus (love, feminine) is direct in the last degree of Pisces. Venus squares (tension) Saturn, indicating feelings of loneliness and self-criticism. (Saturn represents time and karma; it can feel cold and limiting.) Venus conjuncts (close to) Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating the possibility of healing patterns and old wounds through reflection on self-love and universal support.

Mars (action, masculine) sits in Gemini, which can scatter energies and focus. It can also cause nervousness and the desire to work on many projects at once—as opposed to a singular, concentrated effort. The placement tends to expand the energetics of Mercury retrograde. On the positive, it likes to move forward and see life from many, interesting perspective.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) remains in Libra, an air sign ruling balance. It opposes Uranus (quantum field, sudden change). When Jupiter opposes Uranus, it expands the “weirdness” and odd changes associated with Uranus. It asks for a renewal of beliefs, which can extend to changes in lifestyle and attitude in life.

Saturn (karma, discipline) trines (harmonious) Uranus, indicating the possibility of a positive mixture of New Age and the past. This aspect combines well with Jupiter opposite Uranus, calling for a review and renovation of our “dream” of life.

Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto, dredging up the darkness of the past. Squares cause tension, but they require introspection. They also demand a clear look through the veil at the truth—before moving into regeneration.

Sabian Symbols, based on Lynda Hill’s interpretations

Sun and Moon are on Taurus 7, The Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from Jacob’s Well. This symbol refers to the parable of the Samaritan woman who drew water from the well and shared it with Jesus. The story relates the lack of judgement from Christ about her life and racial background. It also speaks of “living” water and eternal life. (Water is love in metaphysics. It composes 70% of the body, and pure water nourishes everyone.)

Mercury retrograde sits on Aries 27, Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is Regained. It’s a wonderful symbol of hope and renewal. Metaphysics teaches that it is possible to recreate opportunity through visualization and meditation, particularly through a state of connection.

Venus sits on Pisces 30, A Majestic Rock Formation, Resembling a Face Is Idealized by a Boy, Who Takes It as His Ideal of Greatness, And as He Grows Up, Begins to Look like It. Again, the emphasis lies in visualization, concentration, and time, which lead to manifestation. It’s a basic energetic principle of life taking on the appearance of the flow of our thoughts.

Mars is placed on Gemini 4, Holly and Mistletoe Bring the Holiday Spirit to a Home. The imagery refers to the happiness of home, the energetic presence of family and friends, and the simple joy of celebration. Mars rules energy at large, so the symbol can refer to placement of our focus in life.

Jupiter sits on Libra 16, After a Storm, A Boat Landing Stands in Need of Reconstruction. A boat landing represents a safe place for a boat to come into harbor. It can represent the need to rebuild aspects of life after a storm and/or emotional fluctuations, including the desire to work and make repairs in the physical world.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Last Quarter Moon Forecast


Amidst the blooming of flowers and singing of birds, the moon wanes into its last quarter. Traditionally, the last quarter marks the time of letting go of patterns and releasing aspects of physicality (cleaning closets, weeding the garden, or giving up bad habits.) Essentially, it’s a preparation for the new moon cycle, which marks beginnings.

Like many New Age charts, this one offers odd placements for mitigating karma and the discovery of inner genius. It’s a way of turning darkness (karma) into light (the soul). There is a strong emphasis on higher thought and love, the two qualities that can alter the motion of life by moving our consciousness into the quantum field where possibility abounds. (Only one planet – Jupiter – is placed in air, so reaching higher consciousness requires a stretch.)

On a practical level, Sun, Mercury, and Mars are placed in earth, and this gives needed grounding along with the desire to persist with physical pursuits. It’s important to recall the parts of physical life that lead to the inner self and take small, consistent actions. The overall tension remains with Sun (life) and Mercury (communications) closely placed to Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) and square Pluto (underworld). On the brighter side, we evolve a great deal by finding light and peace when the weather is a bit wild.

Mercury (communication, the mind) moves retrograde (backwards) until May 3. During this phase, it’s helpful to plan extra time for delays as well as rest. Mercury retro tends to amplify tension with online activities, travel, and heart-felt communication. The lines of communication move in many directions—as opposed to a straight line. (Stay patient and gentle while working with projects and completing routine tasks.)

Venus, planet of feminine energy and love, moved direct on April 15. Venus direct offers lovely energy with relationships, partnerships, and the experience of love through companionship. Venus squares Saturn (time, karma), bringing old patterns of lack of love to the surface. (These patterns may include perceived coldness from others, insecurity, and receiving/giving love. Through the perception of patterns, it is possible to move into universal love—and open to greater, more positive opportunities.)

Mars sits in the last degrees of Taurus, a slow earth sign. It will move into Gemini later in the week, adding speed and impetus to our daily work. Jupiter remains in Libra, opposing Uranus and creating a trine with Saturn. It asks for balance with eye on beauty and grace—to find a peaceful pattern within a time of rapid change.

Saturn and Uranus

In this chart, Saturn appears as a kind grandfather who patiently teaches wood carving—rather than a harsh schoolmaster and/or keeper of time and karma. Saturn can give many wonderful qualities such as persistence, patience, devotion, and dedication, and it does so in this chart.

Sun (life) and Mercury (communications) trine Saturn, a harmonious aspect that aids with service, constructive thought, and the motion of life. It can help with creating a new set of positive thoughts and feelings, physical/mental practices, and daily spiritual rituals. Saturn also trines (harmonious) Uranus (new age, change), igniting the possibility of blending ancient and new knowledge in a positive way.

Uranus, the ruler of the New Age, holds a prominent part in this chart. On a higher level, Uranus gives connection to the “field” of love and light, the substance of miracles. On a completely different level, it tends to ignite repetitive patterns of anger and frustration by manifesting them in physical form.  (Uranus prefers higher forms of thought, intense visualization, and sincere emotion.)

Sun and Mercury sit in close placement to Uranus, and Jupiter sits opposite Uranus. Saturn trines Uranus. When four planets aspect Uranus, it amplifies its force and influence. Additionally, Uranus squares Pluto—an influential aspect that began in 2012.

Uranus square Pluto consistently reveals the dark matter beneath the surface—the aspects of life that we’d prefer not to see. It also adds a strange, surreal energy to life. It is part of the consistent tension of life as well as the source of the continual play between darkness and light. The square challenges us to move beyond duality into new galaxies of universal relationships.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.